Skeleton Warriors

Season 1 Episode 8

Past Perfect, Future Tense

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM May 11, 1995 on CBS



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    • Ursak: Professor Janov and I, dismantle the futurescope and destroy the records. You're father was right! If the rest of the world that seen. What we ain't seen them been pandemonium.
      Justin: You? You mean that you about the Skeleton Warriors but did nothing to stop it from happening?
      Ursak: No Justin, all I could do to prepare myself and wait. I... I didn't know when would I happen. After a while, I wasn't even sure that would I happened.
      Jennifer: Tell us uncle, what else do has the future hold?
      Ursak: I only have flashes like back in my mind.
      Joshua: Maybe it's better that way. Dealing with the prescience can be talented off!

    • Ursak: Where are we?
      Justin: Look like, this is the inside of the ventilation chill shaft.
      Jennifer: Whew! That may be'll mine guess too!
      Justin: Will just climb out of here. Ready uncle?
      Ursak: Arrgh! Unghh!
      Jennifer: Haaah... How far if we come?
      Justin: Mile maybe, since like forever than though. let's hope this is only way out.
      Ursak: We're at the top of the mountain!

    • Ursak: This will help it the wind.
      Justin: Come on uncle, even you'll have to eat.
      Ursak: No thanks, I'm not hungry!
      Justin: Alright uncle, it's time to talk. What do you mean when you have said you've seen what happened here before?
      Ursak: I never wanted to burdened you with the... the horror that I carry insight.
      Jennifer: Tell us, please! We... we need help.
      Ursak: I've... I'm seeing the future. It was the beginning this life for me, who i am, the way I live, when I stand before, everything! It was the very long time and so many difficult miles ago. Be able to place like then, My mentor Prof. Augusta Janov believe me that nothing that was impossible...

    • Dr. Janov: Ursak, the remote access chip goes it on slot five. Beholds to the pupil, the future is ours!
      Ursak (Age 20): Assuming you where McClurie on time space continuing displacement is valid. Otherwise, you're futurescope will only be good for inducing migraines of the speed of light.
      Dr. Janov: Soon enough, soon enough. What else?
      Ursak (Age 20): And by reflecting light images that coaling that our individual brainwaves, the futurescope will show each of us the future!
      Dr. Janov: Not quite! Will each witness our own possible future.
      Ursak (Age 20): Possible future?
      Dr. Janov: We do have free will Ursak, the future I believe is ultimate...
      Ursak (Age 20): Whoa!

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    • Taken fron High-School Textbook About...: Past Perfect Tense and Future Tense
      Here's another option taken from the High-School Textbook in English:

      1. Past Perfect Tense - is formed by adding the helping verb had to past participate of the main verb.

      2. Future Tense - incidates action with that is yet to happen.