Skeleton Warriors

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 20, 1995 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Dagger did have the following goofs: Eating the tomatoes without the stomach and he didn't rescue Baron Dark due to the rock boulders.

  • Quotes

    • Zara: It's that you, Just...
      Baron Dark: Did you really think I didn't know about you're little tunnels my dear?
      Zara: Uuuhhhh... It didn't work! They don't have the crystal with them.
      Baron Dark: Of course not! But they can get it! I supposed you can't depends on how ill your father becomes. There moving too slowly your friends. It's time to raise the stakes
      Zara: Uuurgh... Father!
      Damas: No, Zara!
      Baron Dark: Pass the word the Legion of Lightplace. I WANT THAT CRYSTAL!!!

    • Baron Dark: Oh dear, her hearts too good to be affected.
      Justin: Leave her alone, Dark!
      Baron Dark: That gives me the chance to has an old-fashioned fun.
      Baron Dark: What's that?
      Justin: Like parking shot!

    • Joshua: Zara, I...
      Zara: Joshua, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.
      Joshua: But I don't understand. I mean, I never understood Why did you leave Lightstar
      Zara: I couldn't marry one for other. When I was in love with the other.
      Joshua: You, you loved me? If only I had known, Zara. I felt the same for you. Haaah! My life would have been so different.
      Zara: The whole world expected with me to marry him. (Sigh.) Tonight you know what I have to leave. His life is our lenders challenged enough.
      Joshua: I understand.
      Zara: Please, keep this as a memory for what might at been. You always be together in my heart, Joshua.

    • Dagger: Baron! Baron! Are you in there?
      Baron Dark: Get me out of here, now!
      Dagger: Heh! Heh! In fact sir, this could be take a minute. Ahem!

    • Zara: How could you to do this, to us!
      Jennifer: Why?
      Zara: I'm sorry, but Baron Dark took all the food, all the medicine. My father... there isn't enough power in Romney to syndicate his medication anymore, and he's sick.
      Joshua: And Baron Dark promised to hand you the medicine your father needs. With you handed us to Baron Dark.
      Jennifer: Do you think where careless enough to carry our half of the Lightstar around with us!?!?!?
      Zara: I just did what Baron Dark required. I'm only trying to save my father.
      Justin: I can't believe you have betrayed me, again!

    • Jennifer: Sarafina, we're in real trouble here.
      Baron Dark: The crystal, Now!!!
      Jennifer: Lightstar, we have to fall back here there til the many warriors coming!
      Baron Dark: As you can see it's simply a matter of time.

    • Damas: And I know the world was like this. And would how the weapons to fight with... (Coughing)

      Zara: The world wasn't like this before. Father, there's only one way to save us.

      Damas: No! Baron Dark is dangerous!

      Zara: We have no other choice. I must go.

      Damas: Please, do nothing you regret, daughter.

      Zara: I'll return soon and with your medicine.

      Justin: Identify yourself!

      Zara: Ooooohhh!!!

      Justin: Zara?

      Zara: Justin? Ooohh, well hello! This is how you ever all you know, Prince?

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