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  • I can't believe this great show was canceled.

    Recently, Skin has been shown on Saturday nights on Soapnet as part of their Dysfunctional Family Night at 10pm est. As I watch the previously unaired episodes, I can't help but think why Fox would cancel this spectacular show. This is a primetime soap at its finest. The twists and turns every week keep you on the edge of your seat and shock you. First we learn that the seeming innocent District Attourney is having an affair with his campaign manager. Then we learn that the Mayor has fathered a child with a porn star and is having the president of a major porn producing company cover it up. While all of this crazyness is going on with the adults of the show, their children are having their own drama. Adam,the son of the D.A. and Jules, the daughter of porn producer; have recently started dating and fallen in love. They have to keep their relationship under wraps because both of their fathers are swarn enemies. This is just the tip of the iceberg. As each week progresses, Skin takes the drama to a new level. This is one of the best dramas created in the past couple of years. I can't believe this fantastic show was canceled.