Season 1 Episode 2

Secrets & Lies

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 2003 on FOX

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  • Jewel and Adam make love while there parents continue to try to keep them apart.

    This epsiode was classic. Of course teenagers are going to do what they can to see each other when they are that infatuated with each other. It had pleanty of real aspects to it- someone of a lower ecomomic status not wanting to take a gift, blackmailing and trailing, teenagers engaging in sexual relations, the influence of money, young girls in the pornography industry.

    Yet another episode that touchec on so many different aspects! When Jewel's father is tracking Adam's father and manages to catch him when he wasn't cheating was amazing. It makes you really wish he does get caught soon. The set up was brilliant too- what will be the out come of it?

    Adam and Jewel continue to shine together. The tension of not seeing each other is quite real. Getting her housekeeper to get Adam out of school was a great example of the power of money even at a young age!