Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Cadie meets with her psychiatrist discussing her improvements over the past few weeks. Cadie says she isn't exactly happy. The psychiatrist says that she would love to be 17 again. They both decide that Cadie is not well enough, citing that she is depressed. Cadie heads home to where she talks to her father about the treatment. Her father seems aloof about Cadie. Her mother is not much more comforting. Cadie has collected a vast array of prescriptions, which she stores away in a cabinet in her room. Cadie starts cutting out pictures of Stanley. Her mother comes to Cadie's room to tell her that she's meeting with some television executives.

Cadie gets a call from Stanley asking her to come to Michelle's house for a hottub party. On Stanley's end, Abbud and Chris want pills so they ask Cadie to bring some. Cadie attends another session with a doctor who tries to examine some of Cadie's insecurities. Cadie has obsessive thoughts about stabbing the therapist who then says she will get Cadie some more pills. Cadie is asked by another girl who has epilepsy medication if she wants to switch. The girl has feigned seizures in order to get the pills. When Cadie gets back home, she asks her father if she can come hunting with him. Her father is reluctant but he brings her along anyway. The family has a large house and they are clearly well off. In a wooded area, Cadie talks aloud which scares several animals away. She tries to shoot something but her vision is very blurry. She aims her shotgun at a figure, and it's her dad. The next scene with a new doctor makes it seem like she has shot her father, but she is lying, she only obsesses about killing him.

This doctor is reluctant in giving Cadie more drugs. Instead, the doctor asks whether she's ever NOT taken drugs and argues that drugs don't do anything. At home later on, Cadie takes two of the epilepsy pills. Cadie appears to be insecure about her own body – she covers herself when her physically fit and model-like mother comes into her room. Cadie heads over to Michelle's house and she is clearly still on some form of prescription drugs. Cadie sees/hears animals in quick flashes. Michelle's mother is trying to be hip and parties with the teens there. When the group heads inside, Chris, Abbud, and Tony start looking at the pills Cadie has brought, but they are followed by Michelle's parents, so they keep moving.

Cadie still has some of the purple epilepsy pills, which she hides for now. A bit later, many of the group members are in the hottub. Tea is kissing another girl. Cadie finds Tony and asks where Stanley is. Tony is watching Tea and is clearly likes her. Stanley is upstairs in Michelle's room smoking, taking a look around. Stanley wants Michelle to break up with Tony. Meanwhile, Tony is in the hottub with Michelle but still has his eyes glued to Tea. Abbud makes Tea's kissing friend take off. Cadie sees Eura Synder inside the house – Eura doesn't talk much. Cadie tries to loosen up but her intrusive thoughts about animals continue. She heads to the hottub but Michelle's mother's boyfriend also hops into the tub and makes her uncomfortable. Cadie quickly jumps out and heads into the house. Meanwhile, Michelle finds Stanley upstairs in her bedroom. Stanley confesses that his relationship with Cadie is a lie.

Cadie overhears Tony talking to Tea about their feelings. Tony wants to make Tea go out with him, but Tea refuses. A bit later, Cadie runs into Michelle's mother's boyfriend again and Cadie gives him a pill. Stanley, outside in the backyard, sees Cadie close some blinds. So he gets upstairs to find Cadie topless on top of the guy. Cadie says she's just trying to have fun. Stanley says her behaviour is crazy. This doesn't do any good for Cadie. She leaves out the front door but again sees more pigeons (the most common animal she sees). Cadie's mother finds Cadie on her bed in a low mood state when the television crew has come to the house. Her mother is disappointed that Cadie isn't taking her pills, so Cadie takes a mixture of several more after her mother leaves.
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