Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

This episode focuses on Chris and the opening shots show his room as a mess. There's a bunch of pills in the corner and Chris is seen with an erection, the result of taking the pills. He heads to the bathroom where he tries to pee but it's a bit difficult so he steps into the shower where it's easier. He heads downstairs to make some breakfast and sees that his mom has left him a large bundle of cash saying she'll be back in a few days.

When Tony, Daisy, and Stanley come over they count out $1000. Abbud soon arrives as well and starts tossing bills around. Chris looks worried but Tony says they will spend the money by going to parties. It cuts to Chris having a crazy house party. Tea and Abbud talk about the erection Chris has had for about 15 hours. Tony then wants to talk to Tea alone, but Tea defers and starts dancing with Abbud instead (an exception to her no dancing with boys rule). Stanley tries to talk up some girl but she vomits on him. Cadie also shows up to the party and sees Stanley. Chris, meanwhile, notices that one of his tutors is there, Tina, so Chris puts on music that is a little slower. Chris confesses that there's no "parent-teacher" conference and that he just set it up for her to come over. Tina initially stays but soon ends up leaving.

Meanwhile, Tony and Michelle head to Chris' bedroom and start getting into bed. Michelle undresses but Stanley opens the door looking for a T-shirt, since his is soiled. After finding a T-shirt for Stanley, he leaves and Tony gets into bed with Michelle. Chris is still upset about Tina leaving the next morning. Daisy wonders where Chris' mom is but Chris says he has no idea. Cadie asks Stanley whether they can stop pretending they are having sex. Stanley says that it's okay to stop now, but he goes on about Michelle. Chris is next trying to pay for several pizzas. He's a bit short so he heads upstairs to see if there's any more cash, but he notices that all the clothes are gone from his mom's room. Chris hides in a wardrobe, but Tony and Stanley soon find him. Now the group is watching TV and the pizza delivery guy has taken a seat on the couch as well. Tea tries to expose that Cadie and Stanley are only pretending to have any sort of relationship.

Chris tries to bring a stereo he bought yesterday back to get some cash back but the clerk won't take it back. At a junkyard, he manages to get $20 for the wheel barrel Chris is using to transport the stereo. In addition, Chris gets some pills which he subsequently takes. The next morning, Chris discovers his fish are dead. Chris heads to the bathroom and tries to take a shower but someone is there and kicks him out of it. Chris, naked, tries to drag the man out but he resists and causes Chris to fall down the stairs. Once Chris gets up, the squatter ends up kicking Chris out and he has to walk to school naked to get more clothes.

Tina is there to help. And soon the group of friends shows up with some clothes. Chris heads to see his dad and Daisy goes with him. A woman answers the door and says Chris' dad is coming home soon but he's not there now. Chris feels bad about the whole thing and doesn't want to take anything. The woman continues trying to offer Chris things. Then she says they'll look at old photos of him, but Chris says there aren't any of him. The old pictures are of his brother, Peter. Daisy doesn't know of a Peter. Chris' dad comes home and starts talking to the woman but it becomes clear through the voices we hear that Chris' dad doesn't want to see him. Chris just runs and Daisy tries to follow. Chris continues running right into a cemetery and Daisy catches up to him.

There, Chris talks about how his older brother once stood up for him. Peter was well liked. Best day of his life, Chris says. At Peter's grave, Chris says his mother must still be around because she left flowers there. So his mother just left him, abandoned. Now the group has head over to Tony's house to watch TV again. When Stanley heads to the washroom, Cadie follows him and tells Stanley that they should go out on a date. Tea keeps up her end of the bargain and flashes the group since Stanley and Cadie have apparently slept together. Meanwhile, while the group has a bit of fun, Chris quietly leaves the room. He ends up at Tina's house. Tina offers him a room at her place for a while. It was decorated for her niece so it's very pink. But Chris takes the offer and even finds some pills there, which he takes.
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