Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Daisy is helping out and Busty Bocadillo, a sort of Hooters-like establishment. Abbud and Stanley are grabbing lunch. Abbud explains what's been happening the past few weeks. Nobody is talking with each other, so they ask Daisy to fix everything. After work, Daisy heads home to a messy house where she has to do more work to clear off the table. Daisy heads into her room to organize herself but her sister blasts her music too loud. Daisy checks her sister's homework but it's all wrong. She puts the R&B music back on again. But their dad soon comes home and asks them to turn it right off.

Daisy heads to bed, but really she's just waiting for her dad to head to sleep. As soon as this happens, she's out and heads out to perform on stage somewhere. It's a jazz setting. Daisy plays the trumpet and she's so good, she captures everyone's attention. It's early morning now, and Daisy is now doing her homework in the music hall. The club's owner wonders how she can do it all. Apparently, Daisy's father is an amazing piano player but he traded that in for a job at the postal service. Her dad doesn't want Daisy to audition for a performance school. Daisy heads home where she "wakes" up with the family. Her dad doesn't approve of Daisy making extra money for the rent (insisting instead that she use it for her college fund). Daisy wants to use the money to enter the Royal Conservatory of Music, but her dad disproves, thinking it will make her miserable, even though it's what Daisy wants.

They look at their mother, on the cover of an album. Daisy's sister wants to know why their mother made their father so mad. The mother has now left the scene. At school, Daisy forces Abbud and Tea to talk out their situation like a mediator. Tea says that she made a mistake that night with Tony. Tony shows up just at this time, to hear it. Tony asks why no one has ever seen that "side" of her – regarding that she's all work and no play. Daisy continues to practice the Trumpet for the club owner, who tries to encourage her. But this time, Daisy's father catches her in the act and the owner is left to try to persuade him to help Daisy. Abbud finds Daisy after calling him. They talk about strict rules (Abbud's ethnic background). Then Daisy mentions that she wants to have sex with Abbud, but casual – no relationships. Daisy leads the way but when they near the apartment, there's a huge party going on thanks to her sister.

Inside, Daisy's sister is trying to rap to music, but Daisy pulls the plug. Abbud pretends to be the police and everyone clears out. Daisy berates her sister for the party. Abbud still wants sex. But upon mentioning it, Daisy flips out at him and in turn Abbud flips out at Daisy's sister for ruining his chances. Eura is also there and she is partly responsible for turning the apartment into a pigsty. However, at the present, she is too sick to respond, and vomits on the floor. Abbud calls in reinforcements and Tony soon arrives. Stanley and Michelle show up too but Michelle and Tony clash. However, Daisy says to put this all aside for just one minute to help her out. When Daisy's dad comes home, the apartment is clean. Tonight, their dad plays their mom's CD and her voice is beautiful.

The next day, Daisy tries to help Stanley by arranging a meet with Cadie on the basketball courts. There, Cadie is playing basketball with her new boyfriend. Daisy sends Stan to play ball with the boyfriend Warren while Cadie talks to Daisy. She persuades Cadie to think differently about Warren and soon Cadie rejects Warren in favour of Stan. Later on, Daisy continues saving her money and leaves work when she gets a message from Abbud asking to meet up to continue their quest. Daisy does meet him. Abbud gets quite close this time, kissing Daisy all the way up the stairs and through the door. This time, her dad is there. He wanted to sell the piano, and now notices that it's broken. Daisy apologizes, but her dad wants the money for the audition to fix the piano now. Abbud protests and actually gives him a couple of choice words for his behaviour. Daisy's father leaves. Abbud tells Daisy not to give her father the money and to make sure, he's going to hold on to it. But they end up kissing and one thing leads to another. Once finished, Abbud abruptly leaves. Daisy is left in bed.

The club owner, Farley, takes Daisy to the audition. She heads into the audition, but quickly changes her mind and leaves. Farley waits for Daisy's dad to arrive but Daisy is long gone. When her father gets home, Daisy has repaired the piano. She gets her dad to try it out and he plays beautifully along with Daisy's trumpet.