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Parents group targets SKINS

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    [1]Jan 23, 2011
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    A powerful parents group is determined to get Skins taken off TV. This is the same group ofextremiststhat successfully got "parental advisory" warning labels put on metalCDs in the 1980s, on rap CDs in the 1990s and has been trying to makeall TV shows suitable for under-14 viewing! They want all of entertainment viewing to be similar to the Disney Channel! Here is a news article:

    MTV's Skins has had its H&R Block and General Motors ads pulled! These two are just the latest in a string of companies to pull their ads from airing during MTV's Skins. Apparently the show is proving to be too provocative for companies which are trying to stick to PG rating. What a shocker that a paper company doesn't want anything to do with a show centered around teens engaging in drug abuse, sex and other taboo things!

    Anyhow, H&R Block and GM are following in the heels of Wrigley candy and Taco Bell. MTV can thank the Patents Television Council (PTC) for getting its advertisers to drop their ads like hotcakes! The PTC basicly vowed to get Skins, which they dubbed as "the most dangerous show" on TV,taken off air. MTV is trying to stand firm behind its most buzzed about show but its only a matter or time before all companies have pulled their ads under the pressure.

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    Those guys are the Prude facist police, they are always ready to tell everyone waht they can and can't watch, real A**holes!
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