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What did you think of ep CHRIS?

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    This is really turning into my fave TV show. It is awesome! I was amazed at episode 3. I can't believe they got away with showing everything they showed because this is supposed to be a teen tv program. The explicit nudity wastotally suprising; you expect the partying & sex but not nudity on a teen oriented program. I didn't think u could show this on TV espicially with a 15 year old actor! the opening scene Chris is lying in bed with a huge erection, then you see him in the shower, then the scene in the kitchen. Finally another butt in the shower sceneand finally him walking down the street naked. More suprising is the 2 times that girls show the guys their breasts & you DON'T see it, they show the girls from the back instead. So now it's ok to show a guys butt 4 times (and his erection) but NOT show girls breasts at all? Hey MTV how is that fair to us guys lol? But seriously I thought that stuff was illegal. How did they get away with it, espicially since those scenes were so hyped inadvance?

    As far as the rest of the ep >> you had to feel really sorry for Chris. Being abandoned by his prostitute mother, having his house completely trashed by strangers, the scene in the cemetery talking about his dead brother. What got me the most is WHAT ABOUT HIS SO-CALLED "FRIENDS?" We have parties like all kids do& we would NEVER let aguys house get destroyed like that. We would NEVER let one of us have nowhere to sleep. I don't care if it's in the cellar, everyone of my friends would put me up for at least a few days & I'd do it for them too. And he had to wear girls clothes? None of his buddies could spare a T-shirt or a pair of jeans? That's totally ****** up. The only ones who tried to help him at all were Stanley & the black girl (don't know her name).

    Also how could Stanley be COMPLETELY clueless that that girl wanted to have sex with him?

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    well a minor detail critisism. Im pretty sure the asian girl did a little bit to try to help chris. I mean she went with him to his dad's house so yeah

    anyway moving on I gave up trying to seeing this show be totally realistic. Some things they just gonna do for dramatic effect and i cant really argue with it anymore.

    The chris cemetary scene was great.

    I agree i think one of the reasons this is a guilty pleasure is they are pushing the envelope and doing things in a way you dont see a lot. Its not really sticking to TV formula and i think thats what people have a problem with, its something fresh. And interesting.
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