Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Michelle and Tony are making out. Soon they head back into the main floor of the club and join the rest of the group. Daisy notices that Stan isn't around but does see Cadie dancing with a shirtless black guy. Tony eyes Tea and Abbud avoids them. Tea sees Betty dancing with Michelle and quickly takes over. Michelle heads back to Tony and they go for a drink. At the bar, Tony asks Chris if he has any pills. Daisy notices that Michelle isn't having the greatest time. Michelle confirms but she says she can't leave yet. Meanwhile, outside Chris relieves himself a couple of feet away from Abbud. Abbud asks Chris what he would do in his situation regarding Tea. Chris just says that Tea is a lesbian so don't bother. Abbud then calls the number he got off a girl inside but it turns out to be one of those fake numbers that girls give out to avoid calls.

The next morning, Michelle wakes up and Tony is lying next to her. When she walks to the kitchen, her mother is kissing her latest boy-toy (this one is called Jackson or Jason). Michelle needs to refill her birth control prescription today so she tells Tony to lock the door behind him. At the doctor's office, the doctor gives her an gynaecological exam. Michelle wonders if this is really necessary and the doctor, it turns out, has mixed up the files for Michelle and her mother. Later at school, Michelle's mother misses an appointment with a principal who informs Michelle that she's sitting at a low average even though previously she was noted as a good student by a guidance counsellor. The principal gets tough on Michelle in order to engrain a message about Michelle being too smart to be failing classes.

Michelle eventually is allowed to leave and meets up with the rest of the group in the cafeteria. Tea and Betty later join them holding hands. Michelle gets a call from the doctor who tells her that she has Chlamydia, the STD. Michelle becomes so enraged that she kicks Tony and has to be held down by Abbud and Chris. Tony won't confess who he's been messing around with but Michelle storms out. In the bathroom, Daisy tries to console Michelle. Daisy thinks that Michelle knows about Tony's cheating, but Michelle actually doesn't know and Daisy lists off several girls that Tony has been messing around with. Michelle is further infuriated that her friends knew something but didn't tell her. Daisy apologizes. Tony calls Michelle later on and apologizes for giving her the STD. Tony tries to explain but Michelle hangs up on him. Stan finds Tony, saying he was late because he slept in. Stan tires to tell Tony what to do (e.g. apologize) but Tony becomes defensive, saying Stan never had a chance with Michelle.

Meanwhile, Michelle catches her mother in the hot-tub with another man (Rick this time). Michelle tells her mother about what happened but she confesses that she's in love with Tony. Her mother says that's not true and tells her to forget about Tony. Her mother makes the guy leave, showing the control she has over men. Michelle sees Tea from her bedroom window and motions to her to come in. Tea and Michelle talk, and Tea struggles over confessing that she was with Tony as well. Tea doesn't end up mentioning it. Later, Michelle pretends to talk to Tony about their relationship while Stan looks at a picture of Michelle. Stan has a webchat with Cadie where we meet her new boy-toy Warren who we saw earlier at the club. Stan is troubled by this and quickly ends the chat.

The next day at school, Michelle tries to avoid Tony. But he calls her "nips" to which Michelle firmly tells Tony not to call her that. In the process, she spills Tea's bag and reveals that she is taking the same medication for the STD. Michelle realizes that Tea was also sleeping with Tony. Tea apologizes and runs out of the room. Betty is also in the room, hears the news, and runs out of the room. Later on, Michelle heads over to Stan's house where Stan explains his injuries. Michelle quickly takes action and gets Stan upstairs. They start kissing and undressing, Michelle taking the lead. But they don't even get too far before Stan needs to pause. They lie back on the bed and just talk. Stan confesses that he knew about Tabitha but that's it. When Michelle heads home, Tea is waiting for her. Her mother is just leaving, going on a date with the doctor we saw previously. Michelle doesn't accept Tea's explanations.

Michelle throws pictures of her and Tony into the hot-tub and then calls Tony to talk. He soon heads over where Michelle gives in and kisses Tony again. After they finish in the bedroom, Michelle explains that she really is breaking things off. She takes a stand and makes Tony get out of the bed and out of the house. Tony tries to get Michelle to change her mind, but it's no use. Later on, Betty sees Michelle waiting at the Chinatown bus terminal where the two get on a bus to Boston. It's an effort to get away, well run away for a bit. Once on board, Michelle cries while Betty tries to console her.