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  • same (storyline + characters) + new (actors + setting) = HSOHRISTE Read between the lines ;)

    I give it a 2.5 only because the writing, which came from the original show, is great. As the previous reviewer mentioned the storyline is nearly identical, however the show itself certainly is NOT. The actors make the show, and these actors were simply awful. I'll be the first to admit that I have a bias toward the original version, but even still I am open to different interpretations (or in this case simply a re-enactment). The US version of The Office is great in its own different way, but it's because the humour is different. Even though they kept the storyline the same for the first few seasons of the show, the material still somehow seemed fresh. This on the other hand is great writing turned to rubbish (I'm Canadian, I just think that's the perfect word to describe this show). Shows like Shameless and Skins are as good as they are BECAUSE of their British-ness. That combined with the fact that combined with the fact that these actors just aren't believable. They're just trying to be their British counterpart as opposed to their own character with the same story.

    I know I've repeated myself, but this upsets me. They could have done well with this had they (and I hate to say it) Americanized this more. Different storyline, different characters, but the same premise and I think it would have been much more effective.

    Plus it's made by MTV. That right there was my first clue that this was going to be garbage.
  • Confusion all over my face

    For some reason the US version attracted me i have never watched the original, but even without watching it i loved this one its just weird how people say this was horrible but i really think it was great and i wanted more to watch! im going to watch the original but i just cant get over how they might not continue the US version!
  • some people call them Skins..

    Because of all the negativity that the creators and participants of the show have had to endure, I thought it necessary to express my own opinion.

    What attracted me in this TV series? First of all these are the leading characters. More importantly, remarkable characters, that aren't yet adults but are no longer children. They're still able to think not only about themselves. They are not fairy pseudo teenagers they are real, as every of their story. They are that sort of people that they should be: sometimes lazy and sometimes restless, somewhere loyal and somewhere honest, ready to go at night to rescue a friend and keep all doubting, distrustful and stupid, distracted and infinitely kind.

    To go further, a musical accompaniment is a second thing that attached my attention. Especially, a big thank for a song "shout" in the last episode, it turned out very sensual! And of course humor, which is interwoven with the complex situations and worthy actions, which are interwoven with humor. Skins are living in difficult conditions, but they still look with eyes wide opened at the world, which only begins to amaze them.

    There are things that people like me see in this project, because to make the right emphasis is as important as a comma in the right place in the sentence. Think about it! After all, this theme will always be urgent, because the awkward age is a "crusade" of everyone: advice doesn't help and nobody can protect against mistakes everyone makes his own choice and personal conclusions. In fact, no one knows what is true and what is false.

    It would be foolish to ignore the writers' work. The TV series is not without reasonable dialogues and it's easy to admit it only if less to compare. Basically, every episode deserves such separate post. But more often it's difficult to find the right words, you either understand it or not.

    For sure, there are many things more worthy the time I spent on this scribble, but my hands, flying over the keyboard, and restless thoughts are in the power of emotions that were awakened by Skins.

    Instead of conclusion. Beyond America not many people know about this show and if I had the foresight I would be able to consider that the number of fans of the show will be growing in the foreseeable future. And there is a probability that the point was put in this story too early.

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  • On the fence...

    Since I'm Irish, I'm already a fan of the original Skins. So when I heard about a US version, I was hesitant. After watching the full season, it's only alright. I liked the first episode, the Tea episode and the finale. Other than them, it was, ok... Some of the actors were pretty crap at showing emotion and stuff. The Stanley guy was annoying, the Michelle girl was annoying, Tony was alright for a while, then he turned into a head-wrecker and Betty was shockingly bad. Abbud was ok,Daisy was good, Cadie and Chris were good. Of course my favourite was Tea. So if there IS a season 2, I'll probably watch it because of her and the others, but if there isn't a season 2, I won't loose any sleep over it.
  • Boring waste of time.

    Huge waste of time. Wooden actors just reading their lines with no character, depth, or emotion. If they were going for extremely boring with no plot, they were doing very well. I really liked the UK version and was hooked after the 1st episode, so I was very happy to see a remake. Except for the name and the clumsily carried-out remake of the 1st episode, this is not related to the UK version. Except for the pretty girls, it has given me nothing. If you're going to make a crappy program, make your own program instead of disappointing our hopes of a good remake. As much as I tried, I couldn't get through the 2nd episode.
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    This post has been edited by the owner.

    Due to this sites biased perception of moderation to a previous review, If I am unable to contribute and express free speech and opinion, then i am unwillingly to contribute my views, my '' acceptable'' views either. I choose what reflects my shared views, you do not.

    Moderating for the sake of conforming is one thing, moderating to propagate one belief, whilst silencing others that do not does nothing to provide an accurately reflection of the truth, but rather that in itself is biased, and that in itself is what truly needs moderation!.
  • A troubled start that chronicled the lives of REAL teenagers

    Upon watching this show, I learned that it was a remake of a UK show. I was a bit disappointed because it makes me question just how creative and innovative America is. It seems like every time a new series is premiering, turns out it's a remake of a successful UK series. So not only, for some people, will it have to live up to the original, but it will also have to add it's own twists to it. With stating that, the US remake was a tamed and less raunchy version of the UK's.

    The first episode of the US was the exact same as the UK version, just substituting UK slang for US slang and that was that. The acting was unbearable at times. It gave you the idea to jump into the TV and say the line for them, but this improved greatly over the series. The episode that I think starting showing improvement was Stanley's. It was a very different approach to the character in the UK, and from this point on took the series into a different direction.

    What people fail to see about this show is that it depicted REAL teens in REAL life. Not every single teenage individual, but it represented most. Their rebellious, lazy, and sexually influenced nature was all shown in this show, and it was way too much for some parents to handle. This is probably off topic but while the parents are having a fit over an honest TV show, their kids are most likely out doing the exact same things. If anything, this should have been a wake up call.

    I'm very sad to hear this show got canceled. There were a lot of open plots that could have been tied in a second season. I'm just happy I got to watch a show with potentially good actors on the rise.

  • Here's the thing...

    I am a Bryan, Texas resident. I will admit I have never watched the British version of Skins, and to be honest don't plan to because believe it or not I don't enjoy the British accents. Now for everyone out there who is more than likely British yourself and you keep playing the "We did it first card." SHUT UP! I have been thoroughly enjoying the show which is NEW to me. The actors to me are young, but are just fine. As a country are we ready to have the intensity that the British claim their Skins had? Probably not. Then again we have Nip/Tuck and there are few shows with the intensity it had in my opinion. Thats another thing. There are tons of people out there with the opinion that the show is going to overboard here in America. I can say that while yes it seems extreame for such a young cast its not like they are innocent little children. The truth is that kids their age ARE taking drugs, being abandoned, coming out, and sleeping together. Why censor that that is everyday life for the typical teen. Also there will be people out there to say that it is unrealistic to live with out consequence like these kids. Well the the same could be said for the 90210 kids, the people on Melrose Place, Nip/Tuck, and every other drama show. Its entertainment and as long as it stays entertaining it will never bother me. Makes for a good show. I look forward to each new episode of Skins. The American version may be taking ideas from the British version, but it is meant to be that way. It was labled a remake thank you very much. Like I said in the beginning I have not watched the British version, and don't plan to. It may be better, or it may not. All I know is that I am liking what I am watching now, and as long as I stay entertained I'll be just fine!
  • Skins The forgotten show In my eyes

    what ever happened to this show i watch the full season every single episodes and i never heard about it again after it came off this show gave a good look into teenage lives my favorite character was Tony the Womenizer he had that other girl she was cute to but it has been to long since i seen the show i can only recall one character this show simpl had a short life and im saddened to see some actors new actors never make a season 2 hope fully skins goes back into production this year 2013 or late 2014 because i sure as hell miss it
  • At least it can't get any worse...

    Simply put, attractive actors + bad acting + 16 year olds living like 30 something drug and sex addicts = pretty terrible show. The only saving grace is that the actors are somewhat nice to look at. However, poor acting ability and completely unbelievable storylines really hold this series back. Reminds me a little of Undressed except that was more of a dramedy which made it fun to watch. Skins is far too "adult" for a teen driven drama. The first episode was so unwatchable that I only made it through about 15 minutes of it. I don't know if it will get any better, but I have to think it couldn't get any worse.
  • Disappointing

    They knew right from the beginning that many of those, like me who had seen the original had the bar set really high. first of all who ever did the casting did a horrible job, James Newman was a terrible choice for Tony. secondly the acting seemed awkward and none of them where likable. third changing Maxxie into a girl was not a good idea.
  • A good show that will be horribly underrated JUST because its a remake.

    I dont get it. I watched the US version without seeing the original. Enjoyed it. Then I find people saying how US version is terrible and the UK version is so much better, so I proceed to watch the original. Exactly the same show with different actors. That is all they changed.I mean, that's not much the really hate a show for especially if you liked the writing, because that never changed. Its pretty obvious that fans of the original would be hostile to the remake, but COME ON, they didn't change a thing therefor nothing was exactly ruined. Now I did not like the character Tony, and that is made worse because he had such a huge role. Stanley was a great character, and Cadie seems promising too. Now this deserves more like an 8 out of 10, rather than a perfect score, but please note that it is NOT a 4 or 5. Curving the score is necessary. I think if you did not watch the original you will enjoy this alot.