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  • same (storyline + characters) + new (actors + setting) = HSOHRISTE Read between the lines ;)

    I give it a 2.5 only because the writing, which came from the original show, is great. As the previous reviewer mentioned the storyline is nearly identical, however the show itself certainly is NOT. The actors make the show, and these actors were simply awful. I'll be the first to admit that I have a bias toward the original version, but even still I am open to different interpretations (or in this case simply a re-enactment). The US version of The Office is great in its own different way, but it's because the humour is different. Even though they kept the storyline the same for the first few seasons of the show, the material still somehow seemed fresh. This on the other hand is great writing turned to rubbish (I'm Canadian, I just think that's the perfect word to describe this show). Shows like Shameless and Skins are as good as they are BECAUSE of their British-ness. That combined with the fact that combined with the fact that these actors just aren't believable. They're just trying to be their British counterpart as opposed to their own character with the same story.

    I know I've repeated myself, but this upsets me. They could have done well with this had they (and I hate to say it) Americanized this more. Different storyline, different characters, but the same premise and I think it would have been much more effective.

    Plus it's made by MTV. That right there was my first clue that this was going to be garbage.