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  • Here's the thing...

    I am a Bryan, Texas resident. I will admit I have never watched the British version of Skins, and to be honest don't plan to because believe it or not I don't enjoy the British accents. Now for everyone out there who is more than likely British yourself and you keep playing the "We did it first card." SHUT UP! I have been thoroughly enjoying the show which is NEW to me. The actors to me are young, but are just fine. As a country are we ready to have the intensity that the British claim their Skins had? Probably not. Then again we have Nip/Tuck and there are few shows with the intensity it had in my opinion. Thats another thing. There are tons of people out there with the opinion that the show is going to overboard here in America. I can say that while yes it seems extreame for such a young cast its not like they are innocent little children. The truth is that kids their age ARE taking drugs, being abandoned, coming out, and sleeping together. Why censor that that is everyday life for the typical teen. Also there will be people out there to say that it is unrealistic to live with out consequence like these kids. Well the the same could be said for the 90210 kids, the people on Melrose Place, Nip/Tuck, and every other drama show. Its entertainment and as long as it stays entertaining it will never bother me. Makes for a good show. I look forward to each new episode of Skins. The American version may be taking ideas from the British version, but it is meant to be that way. It was labled a remake thank you very much. Like I said in the beginning I have not watched the British version, and don't plan to. It may be better, or it may not. All I know is that I am liking what I am watching now, and as long as I stay entertained I'll be just fine!
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