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  • some people call them Skins..

    Because of all the negativity that the creators and participants of the show have had to endure, I thought it necessary to express my own opinion.

    What attracted me in this TV series? First of all these are the leading characters. More importantly, remarkable characters, that aren't yet adults but are no longer children. They're still able to think not only about themselves. They are not fairy pseudo teenagers they are real, as every of their story. They are that sort of people that they should be: sometimes lazy and sometimes restless, somewhere loyal and somewhere honest, ready to go at night to rescue a friend and keep all doubting, distrustful and stupid, distracted and infinitely kind.

    To go further, a musical accompaniment is a second thing that attached my attention. Especially, a big thank for a song "shout" in the last episode, it turned out very sensual! And of course humor, which is interwoven with the complex situations and worthy actions, which are interwoven with humor. Skins are living in difficult conditions, but they still look with eyes wide opened at the world, which only begins to amaze them.

    There are things that people like me see in this project, because to make the right emphasis is as important as a comma in the right place in the sentence. Think about it! After all, this theme will always be urgent, because the awkward age is a "crusade" of everyone: advice doesn't help and nobody can protect against mistakes everyone makes his own choice and personal conclusions. In fact, no one knows what is true and what is false.

    It would be foolish to ignore the writers' work. The TV series is not without reasonable dialogues and it's easy to admit it only if less to compare. Basically, every episode deserves such separate post. But more often it's difficult to find the right words, you either understand it or not.

    For sure, there are many things more worthy the time I spent on this scribble, but my hands, flying over the keyboard, and restless thoughts are in the power of emotions that were awakened by Skins.

    Instead of conclusion. Beyond America not many people know about this show and if I had the foresight I would be able to consider that the number of fans of the show will be growing in the foreseeable future. And there is a probability that the point was put in this story too early.

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