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  • A troubled start that chronicled the lives of REAL teenagers

    Upon watching this show, I learned that it was a remake of a UK show. I was a bit disappointed because it makes me question just how creative and innovative America is. It seems like every time a new series is premiering, turns out it's a remake of a successful UK series. So not only, for some people, will it have to live up to the original, but it will also have to add it's own twists to it. With stating that, the US remake was a tamed and less raunchy version of the UK's.

    The first episode of the US was the exact same as the UK version, just substituting UK slang for US slang and that was that. The acting was unbearable at times. It gave you the idea to jump into the TV and say the line for them, but this improved greatly over the series. The episode that I think starting showing improvement was Stanley's. It was a very different approach to the character in the UK, and from this point on took the series into a different direction.

    What people fail to see about this show is that it depicted REAL teens in REAL life. Not every single teenage individual, but it represented most. Their rebellious, lazy, and sexually influenced nature was all shown in this show, and it was way too much for some parents to handle. This is probably off topic but while the parents are having a fit over an honest TV show, their kids are most likely out doing the exact same things. If anything, this should have been a wake up call.

    I'm very sad to hear this show got canceled. There were a lot of open plots that could have been tied in a second season. I'm just happy I got to watch a show with potentially good actors on the rise.