Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Eura is shown coming home to her house presumably after being up all night. Tony opens his eyes in his bed as the alarm goes off. He starts by doing a few boxing exercises, followed by push-ups and sit-ups. He goes toward the window where across the street, a blonde woman undresses in front of her window. She knows he's watching and gives him a show. Eura waves at Tony from outside in order to get let back inside the house without the parents noticing. Tony turns the stereo up to maximum volume and a few seconds later, Tony's dad shouts at him to turn it down. Meanwhile, Eura has already entered her bedroom and changed clothes. She now cleans off her makeup.

Tony's dad soon leaves and therefore Tony switches the music off. Minutes later, while in the bathroom, Tony sits on the toilet reading a book while his dad angrily pulls at the door handle trying to get in as he needs to go. Tony then finishes on the toilet, brushes his teeth and with brush shill in his mouth, climbs out of the window and slides down the drainpipe, letting himself in through the front door. As his dad enters the kitchen, he sees that Tony has poured himself some cereal. Tony says that the lock is broken again. His dad says he's lucky that he has to be somewhere and can't yell at Tony some more. As soon as Tony is out of the house, he gets out his mobile and calls his best friend Stanley, who's still sleeping. Tony yells at Stanley to get up. Tony calls Daisy next who's practicing on her trumpet. Tony wants Daisy to walk over to meet him right now, but Daisy complains that it's over 6 blocks away.

Tony calls another girl next, calling her "Nips", but we soon learn that her name is really Michelle. Tony just calls her "Nips" because he's seen her nipples and they look funny. Tony says to hurry up and meet him because she has to help out with Stanley needing to loose his virginity before his birthday is over. Switching back to Daisy he says that Stanley needs to loose his virginity before his 17th birthday or he can't be Tony's friend anymore. Daisy is shocked. Chris is called next, but he's currently busy. Chris is in a tent and there's a girl there who gets up and begins kissing Chris. Meanwhile, Abbud is in the mosque when he gets the call from Tony. Abbud is quickly ushered out for answering his phone. Tony invites Abbud to the party tonight too – the party in which Stanley is supposed to loose his virginity.

Tony calls Stanley's dad and says that he's worried because Stanley has a test in about 15 minutes. Stanley's dad, now furious, rushes to Stanley's room and wakes him up in a hurry and also finding his dirty magazines lying everywhere. Tony calls Tea next, saying to meet him after psychology class. Tea is currently practicing cheerleading so can't exactly talk too long. Calling back Stanley, Tony finally explains what will happen tonight.

In class, Daisy is reading an assignment, which is apparently so moving that the teacher begin to sob. Turns out the teacher (Tina) just broke up with someone. Chris offers to say that the ex-boyfriend touched him in the shower. Outside of class, Chris offers to carry Tina's books, and then picks up her cellphone to try to fend off the ex-boyfriend from bothering Tina. Tony meets up Tea and Abbud in the cafeteria and they find Stanley sitting at a table a bit farther away. Tea wonders how Tony is going to pull this off – Stanley isn't exactly a 10 out of 10. Tony explains to Stanley that they will just get a girl "spliffed-up" and that girl will be Michelle, who Stanley just happens to have the biggest crush on. But, Michelle and Tony are actually dating, so his plan is a little more complicated than it looks. Michelle comes and kisses Tony. Michelle says that Cadie is also out of the hospital and she might be a good match for Stanley as well.

Tony says they will need drugs and gives Stanley a card with some information on it. The dealer's name is Mad Mao le Dong. Stanley quickly finds Cadie and says high. Surprisingly, even though she isn't supposed to be near knives, there's several hanging in the kitchen where she is currently cooking. Cadie says she only likes really good narcotics and tells him to only get those for the party. Tony next heads over to Edith Damp (Damp Collegiate), a prep-college for "young ladies". There he auditions for the choir where his singing talent is clearly appreciated by the girls watching. Meanwhile, Stanley heads home on the bus and watches a video of Michelle that he took. The choir piano player says they would love to have Tony in the girls choir. Afterwards, he meets Tabitha who invites Tony to her party that night. While talking to Michelle on the phone, he talks dirty and the principal overhears him.

Stanley is still looking for the drug dealer's house. Stanley is still trying to find it but he notices a vintage truck which leads him to knock on the door. When the door opens, it turns out to be a brothel house and Stanley's mother also phones at the same time. Meanwhile, back at school, Abbud, Chris, Daisy, and Tea are trying to smoke while in the washroom, using aerosol dispersant to kick the smell. They don't want to go to Tony's shindig for Stanley. But Tony shows up a minute later and they all act hyped for the party. They doubt that Tony can fix Stanley up with girl tonight. But Tony says they will also be selling pot to make some money. However, Abbud says they already have some. This leads Tony to call Stanley in order to tell him to abandon buying the pot from the brothel house he's now in. But, typical Stanley has shut off his phone. Stanley is still at the house when he notices the dealer. Stanley asks for the deal where he gets the pot now and pays later. The dealer seems upset at this request but gives Stanley 4 ounces for $900 leverage due in 48 hours. Stanley's testicles are to be used as collateral.

Later on, Tony meets up with Stanley and is shocked to learn that Stanley has not 1 but 4 ounces. Michelle soon arrives, as does Cadie. Tony says they'll sell it saying it has an added hallucinogenic to increase sales. They knock on Tabitha's door and find a room full of people. Tony offers the pot but Tabitha says that there's no smoking inside, only outside. Tony dances with Michelle while Stanley just watches. Tabitha is disappointed that Tony's attention is not on her. Cadie pops a pill. Soon after, Tea, Daisy, Abbud, and Chris show up. Cadie then heads out in the back where she jumps on the trampoline with Stanley. They kiss but Cadie notices that Stanley is in love with Michelle. Chris, obviously already drunk, decides to go shirtless and dances manically with anyone he can get close to.

Minutes later but still lying on the trampoline with Stanley, Cadie says to call for help because she's just swallowed a bunch of pills. Stanley becomes worried when Cadie becomes unresponsive. Meanwhile, Chris had brought mud on his shoes into the house, which upsets Tabitha. She tells him to take off the shoes, but Chris instead removes his pants. Things get a little rowdy after that and a brawl starts just when Stanley is carrying Cadie in from the backyard. Stanley yells to Michelle and Tony and Cadie has taken too many pills. They have to take Cadie to the hospital but they have no idea how they are going to get there. Chris pulls a key-ring out of his pocket and pressing the unlock button. The Escalade parked in the driveway beeps. That's their ride.

Tony drives erratically towards the hospital. The rest of the gang is in the back. Once they arrive at the emergency room, Cadie regains consciousness and seems fine. Cadie also has to pee so she heads outside and goes in a bush. Tony suggests they smoke a bit of the pot considering they've got so much of it left over. As they are looking for something to roll it with, Stanley accidentally knocks the car into drive causing the Escalade to drive off into the water. Slowly the gang emerges from the water. All heads are accounted for. But the weed is gone to Stanley's dismay. Cadie watches as they wade back to shore. The gang walks home all wet as the shot cuts to the water where the bag of pot floats back up to the top. Stanley rests at Tony's house when they get home. Tony remarks that it's pretty embarrassing that Stanley is still a virgin.