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  • Season 1 Episode 9: Tina

  • Filming Locations: At one point, a Mississauga transit bus can be seen in the background.

  • Chris' assignment handed in to Ms. Tina Nolan: "How I'm Going To Bone You Tonight". By Chris Collins.

  • Notable Differences from the UK Version: - Tina's storyline is interspersed between episodes in the UK version, not given a centric-episode.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Michelle

  • Stanley is late for class and misses a whole day of school later on in the episode, despite being told that he would have to repeat the year if he missed any more class in a previous episode.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Abbud

  • Notable Differences from the UK Version:
    - Tea sketches like Maxxie from the UK version, but the sketches shown are less erotic (portraits) compared to Maxxie's genital sketches.
    - Betty/Abbud seduces Tea (a gay character) just like Tony tries to seduce Maxxie (UK)

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Cadie

  • Notable Differences from the UK: Anwar in the UK version (Dev Patel) was practically hairless. Abbud has got much more body hair.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Tea

  • Tea says that her family doesn't believe her when she says she's a lesbian. This is very similar to the complaints of the character Emily in the UK version (particularly season 3) where Emily's twin sister and parents also don't believe she's a lesbian.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Tony

  • Tony performs some boxing moves when he gets up in the morning. The actor that plays Tony (James Milo Newman) actually trained and boxed in real life.

  • The mailbox outside of Tony's blonde neighbour's house reads "S SMITH". This is a little hidden tribute to the director Scott Smith.

  • Tony sees the blond neighbor getting her mail from a curbside mailbox. This is clearly an out of place prop because most urban areas (as in Toronto) use large community postal boxes, in addition to still being hand-delivered in some areas.

  • Notable Differences from the UK Version: - Instead of starting with Tony Snyder waking up (UK), the episode opens Eura Snyder outside her house
    - Tony's bed sheets have spiders on then whereas in the UK version there were naked bodies - Tony doesn't play music as he exercises while in the UK version, Tony played music quietly
    - Tony's boxers are black and white while in the UK version they were plain white
    - The lady across the street is dark haired in the UK version but blond in the US version - Just 3 (bleeped) f-words while the UK version has no shortage of swears
    - Daisy is the substitute character for Jal of the UK version; their instrument interests have changed as well: Daisy plays the trumpet, but Jal plays the clarinet
    - On the bus, Stanley watches a video of Michelle while Sid (UK) only had pictures (technology has helped a bit here)
    - Cadie is the substitute character for Cassie (UK)
    - Tea is the substitute character for Maxxie (UK)
    - Abbud's name is slightly altered from Anwar (UK)
    - Cadie pees in the bush after the ordeal instead of Anwar (UK)
    - Chris doesn't end up getting left behind when the car goes into the water while in the UK version, Chris and his girlfriend from the house party get left behind
    - Many of the actual scenes of the US version are very similar to the UK version but they are arranged in a different order

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