Skins (UK)

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on E4
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We are introduced to Alex, who is in the process of deciding whether to obey or disobey his father's order regarding putting his grandmother in a home. Initially Alex is shunned by the gang. However, Liv ends up taking a liking to him. The group continues to react to the death of someone they knew.


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  • This series is so much better than last already!

    This season is so much stronger than the last one already and this was another good episode. We were introduced to Alex, the new guy who befriends Liv. Overall, I liked his character and he seems like a nice edition to the gang. His dice, and outlook on life was interesting and pretty funny. Punching Alo because the numbers told him to was a highlight. I liked how he treated his Gran, who was funny in her own way. His Dad was a complete tool, typical Skins there.

    What was most interesting was how Alex tried to help the gang get over Grace's death. He befriended Liv and at the very least distracted her from her friends death. It was entertaining to see Liv fancying him, and us knowing he was gay. But I do like this friendship and hope it's continued throughout. Plus I would like to see more gay stuff from Alex - his scene with that random hookup was funny but also didn't tell much about how comfortable he is with his sexuality.

    Liv and Mini's friendship was bound to be tested with Grace dead - and it was difficult to watch. Mini especially seems to have taken the death badly and seems pretty down and rebellious. I did enjoy the memorial scene when Liv smashed the keyboard, and Franky gave that annoying boy a piece of her mind. Best thing she's ever done. Then there was the emotional boat scene - Alex's grandmother died and he wanted to put her where she wanted to be. In doing so, he helped the gang mourn for Grace in an emotional scene where they all get teary. Mini telling Liv that she can't talk to her without Grace there was pretty heart-breaking BUT I did love how she screamed for Alo when they found the body. She's falling for him. Aw. Oh, and Alex is on to them. Oh dear.

    Then Liv and Alex say goodbye to his grandmother in the sea and that's it for another week of Skins. No Rich here - wonder how he's coping without Grace. This series is remaining strong and Franky's episode next week looks like it's gonna be intense. I just hope she can act her way through it.moreless
  • New guy

    Well they haven't cast a gay guy for a while, so I guess our new character Alex will be somewhat interesting in the current season. I like how they brought Alex in. I liked his character: the dice, the gambler of actions and consequences. I liked his storyline: his father, his grandmother. He definitely captured the attention of Liv and I thought they were going to make Liv and Alex have some sort of relationship, but that was twisted near the middle of the episode. Rich was undoubtedly missed this episode. But even one-man down, I thought the gang had a really odd rhythm to it. I hope they bring Matty back soon. Or is he gone for good? He doesn't have an episode listed for him. Grace is gone too. So it seems we were down quite a few cast members in this episode. It felt just a bit empty. However, the addition of Alex was welcomed and I hope it leads to some interesting new arcs. I think they need another female. Maybe someone new for Nick? Alo-Mini is clearly going around this season. Franky and Luke seems to be happening next episode. How does Nick not get any action? He is in fact on the rugby team. I give it an 8.5 for effort.moreless

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    • Alex's action cards:

      1. Streak in a public place.

      2. Punch the next person to walk in.

      3. Kiss the person next to you.

      4. Do everything backwards.

      5. Have a wank. NOW!

      6. Run away.

      1. Break and enter.

      2. Steal a car.

      3. Incite a riot.

      4. Start a fire.

      5. Fight a teacher.

      6. Run away.

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      Mike Simonetti - The Third Of The Storms (feat. Sam Sparro)
      The Secret Sisters - The One I Love Is Gone
      Mariachi El Bronx - My Love
      Bonnie Prince Billy - Is It The Sea?
      Segal - Headroll Federal Deal
      Segal - Punishing Cake
      Segal - Big Sky
      Nguzunguzu - Mirage
      Soft Moon - Tiny Spiders
      Jack Blanchard - Lonely Bell
      S. Carey - Broken
      Council Estate Supermodels - Keep Smiling
      Death in Vegas - Your Loft My Acid (Fearless Transhouse Mix)
      Akron/Family - One Spring Morning
      The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love?