Skins (UK)

Season 6 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2012 on E4
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Alo connects with a girl that is just as odd and funny as him. They spend days on end together. Mini isn't exactly pleased when she learns about her and debates telling Alo about being pregnant.

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  • Alo! (SPOILERS)

    Perhaps a little bit of a filler episode, but really good none the less. Alo has always been a strong character, and so he holds up an episode pretty well. So, what went on?

    Alo can't handle Mini being a bitch and pushing him away, he has no idea that she's pregnant and so wants to move on. Completely fair really. So in comes Poppy, a vaguely interesting girl who takes an interest in Alo. She was quite funny, and I did like their scenes together (the dance was especially funny). Even Alo's realization that Poppy was under-age was quite funny. I guess the plot was mainly their to make Alo grow up - and to show him how much he really loves Mini.

    I really do like them as a couple, and while it's irritating to see Mini push him away it's true to her character, and I like that. Their various interactions - the pen in the class room, Alo breaking into her room, and the ending scene all proved how great they are together. Such a brilliant move by the writers. BUT I really wish she had told him about the baby. She nearly did, but fucking Poppy had to ring Alo and ruin it. I hope she does tell him, and they work out somehow. But I'm guessing it's gonna end badly somehow.

    Alo's friendship with Rich was shown once again, and I really liked their scenes. It's good to see Rich a little happier than he has been, and he was somewhat comic relief at parts. I hope he doesn't die - or something over the top. Franky really has invested herself in this pregnancy storyline! She's telling Alo to get Mini back, and hiding in the latter's closet (helping her out I guess). So yeah, entertaining but not enough happened for it to be the best of the season. Next week, there's another story. Liv has been in the background for a while, and it looks like she's not coping with life well at all. Cannot wait to see her downward spiral, confrontation with Franky and fight with Mini. Looks like it's gonna be an intense last three episodes.

    (Predictions? Grace is still alive, but Rich dies before she returns? Mini has a miscarriage? Matty returns and Franky picks neither him nor Nick.)moreless

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    • Officer 1: I'm just waiting to hear you to say it… We've got all day.
      Officer 2: Smithie, we've got squash at 7.
      Officer 1: We've got 'til six. Minus an hour for lunch, so you better start talking boyo.

    • Alo: I love you and I know you love me too. And when you're ready to admit that you come and find me, because I'll be f***ing waiting. However long it takes.

    • Mini: You look like shit.
      Alo: Yeah, well you should see the other guy…. He's totally fine.

    • Alo: (To Mini) Okay in hindsight, the whole breaking and entering thing seems kind of excessive, but I did knock. And you didn't answer, which is kind of rude because you're home!

    • Alo: (To Rich) Na, that was her dad. Wants to bite my dick off and rape me with it. So you know, no biggie.

    • Alo: It's not you okay, it's me. Actually, it's kind of all you, but that's okay! We can still be mates.

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      Martin Solvieg - Boys and Girls (Laid Back Luke Remix)
      Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Bournemouth
      Yousef - Legacy
      Bottom of the Hudson - Fantastic Hawk
      Segal - Like A Lark
      Tom Rosenthal - Forgets Slowly
      Segal - Flaggy and Moyd
      Martin Solveig - Hello
      Chris De Burgh - Lady in Red
      Lady ft. Fella - I Need
      Christopher Willits - Intend-Evolve
      Tom Rosenthal - Lights On But Nobodys Home
      Segal - Caro
      Pandit - Pack Your Bags
      Cave Painting - Rio
      Segal - Gookie
      Segal - Elsewhere
      Tom Rosenthal - Take Care