Skins (UK)

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2008 on E4
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After suffering a Subarachnoid haemorrhage, Chris is looked after by Jal and the others. Cassie goes for her Philosophy exam, but ends up dancing with the headmistress. Michelle and Tony become friends as she goes to university in York and he to Cardiff. Jal tells Chris about the baby. Later, he has another haemorrhage, and dies in front of Cassie. She flees to New York and meets Adam, but he soon leaves her.moreless

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  • Chris Dies! WTF!!!!!

    I really hated this episode, it was so sad. When chris came back from the surgery and he was ok i thought that he would live, but NO they had to go and kill off my favorite character this season. He was so funny and him and Jal really loved each other they were the best couple ever. He should live and they should have the baby so that for once Chris can be truly happy. It made no sense for him to die, it was way too depressing for this show. Chris was unhappy his entire life and as soon as he finds love and happiness he dies, it doesn't make sense, he was my favorite character they have ruined everything. They have ruined it for me, now everyone is going to be even more depressed and unhappy than ever! oh and his death was so horrible to watch, WTF! This entire season has sucked.moreless
  • OK so I though i would hate this episode after reading other reviwes but I LOVED IT!!!!

    OK so yeah it wasnt skins as we know it and it was a bit random in places but WOW!! what an episode! I usually hate cassie but she was great in this one, yeah she is boing childish and not letting go but she does it with such style! Sid is heartbreaking throughtout the whole thing and chris's death is horrid, nothing 'arty' about his final scene. Cassie running off to New York is silly but hey she find herself a very yummy friend to stay with and a nice apartment so why the hell shouldnt she? It was random, sad, devestatingly funny, and kinda sureal all at the same time. What more could you want?...moreless
  • Cassie

    Definitely my favorite installment of Skins, we just got an amazing episode here with so much emotion and heartbreak. I really don't understand the reaction this episode got, yes it was sad, but it's like the fans completely forgot what show they were watching. Its Skins, it's not supposed to be happy, all the time.

    You'd think the episode would end in cliffhanger fashion after Chris' death, but it continued, and definitely left us wondering what will happen next. Cassie runs away to New York and meets Adam who eventually ends up leaving her too.

    The final scene was just as powerful as the scene with Chris' death, and the dinner scene between Cassie/Sid/Michelle was just fantastic and definitely awkward. Favorite episode of Skins, definitely made Cassie my all-time favorite Skins character.moreless
  • It's funny how some people react to this episode.

    The thing is, this is Skins. It is a cutting-edge drama, not a comedy, not a fairy-tale. It is the best show I know of at exploring the difficulties each one of us has to deal with. Sometimes that means difficulties at home. Sometimes it means relationships going to **** Sometimes it is anorexia, depression, etc. Sometimes it is getting hit by a bus or dying from a genetic disease. The main message I take from this show is that life is often **** up and painful, but you have to find a group of people you love and find a way to make some of it beautiful. But nothing lasts forever.

    I find it rather amusing that some people, rather than feeling extremely sad, get absolutely furious about Chris' death. Maybe they just can't handle feeling the sadness, I don't know. But for me, it was probably the highlight of the series. Sure, it sucks that he died. I loved Chris as much as the next fan. But that buildup of getting to know his character made it that much more devastating when he unexpectedly died. When I watch a drama, that is what I am looking for. To FEEL something. And not on the cheesy level most tear-jerkers reduce themselves to. When the episode was done, I felt like I had lost a friend. Then I remembered it is television, and I was just grateful that the writers were able to make me care so much about the characters. I suspect the fans that are outraged at this episode take the show a bit too seriously and are in the anger stage of grieving.

    I actually really liked the Adam part. It was one of my favorite scenes of the episode, despite being random and not really fitting well with anything else. I liked that he was kind but not just to get laid. It fit that he too was grieving the loss of someone (though probably not due to death). Personally, I loved it. I laughed, I cried, and I cried some more.moreless
  • terrible

    This episode was painful to watch. Cassie is the most infuriating character of any tv show ever invented. It is because of her that I will no longer be watching skins. Nice one writers... not! This show used to be cool but I've actually died a little bit inside more and more after every episode of this season and actually think that if I continue to watch any future episodes then it may actually send me on an anger rampage because no other show and/ or set of characters infuriate me more than skins. Except for Chris... he rocks! Peace out.moreless
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Victoria Wicks

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Giles Thomas


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Annie Hulley

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    • Final appearance of Chris and Kenneth.

    • Effy, Sketch and Pandora do not appear in this episode.

    • Music In This Episode: "Don't Let Me Down" by James Yorkston (Opening track) "Jenny Jones" by Paper Heroes (Chris Wakes up) "The World Is Gone" by Various Production (Cassie walking into Sid's room) "Pills Won't Help" by Chemical Brothers (Fade out to end of Part One) "You Are Could I" by King Creosote (Playing on Chris' stereo at the beginning of Part 2) "Funky Town" by Lipps Inc (Disco song everyone's dancing to) "Great Release" by LCD Soundsystem (Cassie handing in exam/stealing Chris a t-shirt) "The Expert" by True Ingredients (Playing whilst Sid is cooking) "Take Love Easy" by Ella Fitzgerald (Dinner party music) "Be Good Or Be Gone" by Fionn Regan (After Cassie drops the milk) "Monkey On My Back" by Clinic (Sid and Cassie have sex) "I Want To Be A Little Fishy" by Thomas Fehlmann (Chris and Cassie getting stoned) "Floating" by Jape (Playing on Chris' stereo) "Rhino Jockey" by Amon Tobin (Cassie panicking) "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by Stooges (Cassie going to New York) "L'Absent" by Yann Tiersen (Cassie in the taxi) "Space and Time" by Wu Tang Clan (Playing in the diner) "New York I Love You" by LCD Soundsystem (Cassie in bed) "In All Nothing" by Telemen (Opening track in the club) "Hummingbird" by Born Ruffians (Band in the club) "Anann" by Fat Segal (Piano leading to Cassie getting into bed) "Hometown Glory" byAdele (Cassie crying/running/end credits)


    • Cassie refers to Adam Sandler.

      Adam Richard Sandler is an American comedian, a Golden Globe-nominated actor, musician, screenwriter, and film producer.

    • Cassie refers to Simply Red.

      Simply Red is an English pop band. Their style draws influences from pop, rock, jazz, lovers rock, and blue-eyed soul.