Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on E4

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  • Tony's epsoide.

    The pilot , Great start , begining with Tony the leader the main charctor , starting by meeting his morning and taking care of his sister who returns from a night out of home , next we can see how Tony like to piece off his dad , later we meet his friends and his girl friend .

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • 102

    I was really looking forward to this episode of Skins just because I found the character, Cassie, so intriguing, and we sure got a lot of development with her character here. I'm really liking the Sid/Cassie friendship, and it was just nice to see their little moments.

    The fact that Cassie was imagining the whole thing - the messages, everything was quite unexpected. Throughout the entire episode, I wondered who it was, we got a great ending with Cassie taking the bite of the burger, it just wrapped up the episode quite nicely.

    I'm also liking the interactions between Angie & Chris, other than that, not a lot going on here. It definitely wasn't as fast paced as the first episode of the series, but the interactions were better here. Good installment.
  • EAT!

    Cassie. I know it's only the second episode but I have to declare Cassie as my favorite character, I always pick my favorites early and quickly and Cassie seems to have a very interesting storyline. I don't know whether to laugh or cry when she enters the room, an eating disorder is very serious but she's always smiling that weird Cassie smile that makes me want to smile too. I'd like to see her end up with Sid and most of all end up happy but it's too soon to tell and with this kind of drama nothing ever comes easy.
  • First episode that left a great impression on me

    It's pretty easy for writers of a teen-oriented tv show to throw in a couple cliched 'after school special'-type problems (drug use, peer pressure, pregnancy, etc.), but in a lot of ways 'Skins' is better than that. While it does address those kinds of issues, it does so without the need to be shocking or preachy. In "Cassie", it tackles eating disorders, but without the usual melodrama. Instead of focusing on an anorexic girl who happens to be a teenager, it looks at Cassie as a teenage girl who happens to have anorexia.

    Cassie is all at once charming and broken and optimistic, and we get to see her as more than one dimensional-- as something more than her eating disorder; something a lot of sensationalized teen dramas seem to forget.
  • Wow! An interesting character to learn about second up.

    When first meeting Cassie in the first episode, I thought she would be a character that would only appear in the show occasionally and would never be taken seriously. In this episode though we come to the conclusion that Cassie is one of the main characters in the show. We learn that Cassie has two sex obsessed parents who clearly do not care much about Cassie at all. Cassie also has a eating disorder and is very tricky as she tries to prove to people that care about her that she has cured, even though she obviously hasn't. We also learn at the very start of this episode that Cassie and Sid have a attraction to each other, which is shown at the start of the episode when Cassie kisses Sid while he is sleeping. Then later on in the episode, Sid admits that he cares about Cassie while he is eating and she is pretending to eat. Not the best episode, but still entertaining to watch.
  • The first episode was what got me watching this show. I thought it was amazing. This episode is just is good.

    This episode is focused on the Character Cassie. In this episode, it tackles eating disorders but instead of focusing on an anorexic girl who happens to be a teenager, it looks at Cassie as a teenage girl who happens to have anorexia. Cassie is a very interesting but messed up character. In this Episode Cassie's family are in their own world and are not paying attention that their daughter has a problem. No one is paying attention except Sid. But Sid also has a problem with not being able to pay Mad, the dealer. Now Mad is the supply teacher at the school looking for Sid, his money and revenge. It is a great episode.
  • By far one of the seasons best, Cassie rocks!

    This is definately one of my faves of the season and this is because of Cassie. When I watched the pilot I thought she could be my fave character and in this episode she did. I loved the whole "eat" text mesage thing ansd her thinking it was Sifd, that was cool. I liked the scenes at her rehab centre, the water girl was funny and Abigails mothers face was hilarious when Cassie kissed her on the cheek. Cassie pushing that drink on Tony was great, Sid is so stupid to not like her. Maddison in the rehab place was funny and again Cassies face was great when she saw the ID. I loved this episode and I think it just shows how great Skins is!
  • EAT!

    Just like I expected. this show DOES have heart.

    Cassie, for me, is easily the most interesting, most depthful character of the show, she's hurting a lot and having trouble eating.
    It hurts me to watch her, it really does, I wish I could just go to her and help her somehow which proves how much this show is getting to me with only two episodes.

    Cassie has a screwed up family who only have sex all the time and barely even see her, nobody actually does, except for Sid but he isn't interested in her like she wishes to. The ending of the episode really touched me as her lovely taxie driver, who is a little creepy but in a nice way, tells her to eat and she does.
    So all the EAT messages she got weren't really there? it was all in her head?
    well, that's, beautiful.

    The rest of the episode was about Sid having trouble escaping from that weirdo Mad, he's funny though but I'm not too crazy about their storyline.
    Also, Sid is a little, I don't know, constantly discrated but at least he has a heart. I liked his scene in the cafetaria with Cassie whe that prick of a friend is making fun of him but then Cassie throws something on Tony which makes it look as if he peed himself.

    And unlike in the first episode, I did like the Angie character, she made me laugh quite a lot, what a weird teacher. A truly memorable episode that completely sucked me into the show. more of these please!
  • A Girl Who Can Fool Everyone Written by Bryan Elsley Directed by Paul Gay

    Cassie - She's my favourite character and this episode definitely showed that Hannah Murray is an excellent performer. Cassie doesn't really have people fooled, it's just that most of them are ignoring her problem with eating so it appears that she's pulling the wool over her parents, classmates and the clinic. Sid wasn't fooled and her method of distracting people as she pretended to eat failed to work on Alan as well. I also loved her for getting one up on Tony.

    Alan/Cassie's parents/clinic - The lady at the clinic was the mother of the girl whose house the gang trashed in the first episode? I hated her immensely I admit. Cassie's parents are weird but they're not ogres but they are a little too self-obsessed so it's easy to see why Cassie feels that they don't care about her even if they probably do. Alan on the otherhand - he confronts her but does it in a genuinely concerned manner and Cassie seems to be able to talk to him after the disappointment with Sid.

    Sid/Mad **** - Aww, Sid's got an admirer and he's not even really aware because he's too busy wanting Michelle and being in deep doodoo with Mad ****. His conversations with both Cassie and Angie definitely endear him a lot but the guy needs to stand up to Tony in a big way. Mad **** makes me laugh a lot, the guy certainly knows how to take thing quite personally.

    Tony - Can I personally give Cassie a pat on the back for making Tony look like he wet himself. The guy was acting way too smug and vicious around Sid so he deserved the smackdown all that bit more.

    Michelle/her mother/Malcolm - Um Nips needs more of a personality because aside from being nice to Sid, there's not much of real interest in this girl. Trashing the place with food was very funny but her mother and Danny Dyer's usual performances didn't make much of an impression.

    Chris/Angie - So when are supposed to bet that Chris gets his way with Angie? She's certainly not the most professional of teachers and it was a bit too obvious that she dug Chris leering at her in the nude.

    Jal/Maxxie/Kenny/Anwar - Not as vocalised as last week although I loved Anwar/Cassie's god and pills discussion and Kenny making an eejit out of himself. Jal and Maxxie had barely anything to really do.

    A superb episode IMO,
  • Cassie vouches for the series!

    After seing this wonderful episode, in many ways better than the pilot, I understood that even if the series goes completelt awry, I will continue to watch it, if only for the marvelous character that is Cassie.

    In this episode we come face to face, in a wonderfuly painful way, with the character, and her many disorders which are all connected and provinient from each other. Her family dismisses her eating disorders and neglect her as a child, her supposed friends don't care (or are too much into themselves, like most teenagers are) enough to notice, the health clinic personnel has more or as much psychological problems as Cassie. Amidst all this, Cassie is left to deal with her demons alone .

    The episode's bittersweet ending sees her call the cab driver who took her to the restoring clinic after she'd been imagining that she was receiving text messages saying 'Eat!'. We then see that he does really care for her, and not even her distracting techniques work on him as she finally takes a bite of food, for the first time in two episodes.

    The choice of this disorder as one of the characters' problems might have been called clichéd, had it not been far too true in real life, and that they managed to make this episode so good is a very good achievement!

    Don't miss this one, don't miss this series!
  • cassie the reason for watching the show

    cassie the reason for watching the show

    Cassie is fab she is so crazy and totally on another planet. The little things she does are crazy and her parents are not as crazy but hey dont think they could be. She is totally smitten with sid and he is just too blind and daft to see well he does have other things on his mind. Blood Tony getting him into it in first place and not even helping him out of it ahhhhhhhhhhh got to say he is only guy dont like find the others brillant or funny or just daft
  • Cassie!

    How cool is Cassie! I decided last week that I really liked her characer and now I like her even more. I only worry that as they've focused on two of the main characters that it could go downhill, after two very strong eisodes I'm worried that they'll run out of thinghs tokeep us interested. But still Skins is great, I seem to be the onl yone who likes Tony, and I wish that all of these women that seem to be undressing here there and everywhere didn't have to be so over-30 for a show aimed at teenagers.

    It was a great episode and I was pleased to learn her story.
  • Was pretty good...focused around Cassie and her family life mostly!

    Well... Cassie's story is pretty angsty teenage stuff isn't it? I really want to know who has been sending her the texts and notes... the taxi driver was really sweet! AND Cassie ate!!!!

    Also, Mad Tw*tter is scary! I love how Sid is getting really scared about the whole 'I will cut off your balls' thing!

    I don't really like Toni... he's quite annoying... and I also don't like Cassie's parents... they are really... weird and freakish...

    Can't wait till next episode... I hear it is on Jal who ever that is.... skins is really living up to the expectations!!! Go on!