Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on E4

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    Great installment of Skins, and it possibly is the best one yet. We got a lot of character development, and character interactions. I've decided that my favorite character is Sid, he just goes well with every single character, and his chemistry with Cassie is just fantastic, I'm liking their slow-moving development, episode by episode. I still don't know how I feel about the Chris/Angie relationship, but all I can say is that teacher must be pretty stupid to go to an out of control high school party and stick around, it's obvious she likes Chris.

    We've got a lot of funny scenes like Chris getting in a fight with the man in his bathtub which resulted in him having to walk around in the street naked. The running scene with Jal & Chris was intense, and it was just perfect build up for Chris' confession about his dead brother, you really feel for him. So far, all these characters are likable, and I'm looking forward to the Sid-centric episode.
  • Definatly my favourite so far!

    aww man i fell in love with chirs in this ep!

    i always like dhis character to but to know more about him like this really made for good tv. knowing his backround with his mother and a bit about his father and learning about peter, twas really good!

    i loved the comedy and shock in skins! the partying is so funny to watcha nd the guy int he bath that was pricelss!

    so much has made me really warm to this show! im totally gonna keep watching! cos i cant get enugh!

    here's to chris! what a guy!
  • A entertaining character to find out about.

    Chris is one of the more entertaining and funny characters of the Skins bunch and it is very entertaining to learn about him in this episode. So far in the season Chris appears to be the most upbeat character in Skins, even though he is the one that has the least out of all of them. We learn a lot about Chris in the episode. His mother left him and with a father that has shut him out of his life, he has no home of his own. Yet he always looks up and doesn't want people feeling sorry for him. In this episode we notice that Jal has a connection with Chris, as she tries to help him get back with his father. Chris also tells Jal about his past which broke up his family. Also Cassie makes her move on Sid, asking him out on a date which he accepts.
  • Tries too hard to impress...

    Skins is based on a great idea. A 18+ show about teenagers. Right.

    But unfortunately, the writers try way too hard. I mean look at this episode. What a mess.

    I'm not against nudity or anything, but it can be quite disturbing after a certain amount. Also, what's with the over the top and really ridicilious drama? How can I feel sorry for Chris after taking so much drugs he managed to kill his own fish? How can I feel sorry for him after his mother left him when it's clear he gives a crap about everything in life?

    I can't. So 90% of the episode was a waste, because the writers constantly tried to make us care. I , for one, didn't.
  • This episode focuses on the character Chris. This is what I think is the weirdest episode of Skins.

    The episode starts with Chris naked as usual but high on Viagra in a very funny scene of his never ending boner and Chris feeding his fish some kind of drug. Then we find out Chris's mother left home and disappeared, but have given £1,000 to cover bills before she left. Chris blows all the money on drugs and partying. After losing all the money, getting kicked out of this own house by a homeless man when he was naked and then having to walk to the college naked he realizes he needs to do something. In this episode we find out Chris has a father, Graham. We also meet his stepmom, Mary and half brother. Sammy. When Mary is looking for baby Pictures of Chris to show Jal, She finds a picture of Peter. Peter we find out is Chris dead older brother.
  • Good episode!

    Começo foi nojentooo .... o Chris não sabe nada sobre higiene!!
    fiquei com pena dele com o negocio da mãe e do pai ... e oq será q aconteceu com o irmão dele?
    A angie podia ficar com ele...é moralmente errado mas qm liga??
    Sei lá mais oq comenta...sou iniciante aqui então não sei se é permitido escrever em português ... vou tentar utilizar meu precário inglês lol ---
    Disgusting beginning!! Chris knows nothing about being clean! lol
    I felt sorry for him ... his mom and dad ... and what happended with his brother?
    Angie could date him! its morally wrong but, who cares??
    My english sucks!!
  • naked Sid

    It starts off quite confusing when you see Chris naked as usual but high on viagra in a very funny scene of his never ending boner. But the laughing stops when you find out Chris's mum has just left him with a wee note and a grand in cash. You would think he would do something sensible with the money like his dear friend Sid suggested to save it in a tax free bank account (or whatever). But he starts off terribly by hosting a couple of wild parties which were painful to watch. Soon he has spent all the money and is desperate for some more but dishes out on drugs with whatever he has left. He soon has nothing left and Jal helps him find his dad in which he suffers a terrible and emotional blast from his past. Meanwhile all of Chris' worries is put to aside for a couple of minutes to acknowledge stupid and sexually frustrated Sid the virgin. The whole episode is entertaining, and very good. And you can decide for yourself if it is a happy ending but most definitely the first step of the process to have a better life. A lesson for all of us.
  • Naked Chris, and, more naked Chris

    Another so-so episode, but a little better than the previous, and not a complete lost.

    What I think is a shame about the show is that it has so much potential, I actually really like Chris now, but there were too many unfunny stuff in this episode that just brought it down too much, the writing could really improve if you ask me.
    I really hate the lack of Cassie, she is still my favorite character but she hardly gets screentime, I officially don't care for the Cassie/Sid relationship anymore, he doesn't even notice her and can only think about Michelle, booo-ring.

    Anyway, so this episode is about Chris, who's been abandonned by his mother for who knows why. The whole viagra storyline was a bit lame, but I am surprised with the amount of nudity, I give the guy probs for that as he was nude in about 50% of the episode. And if you look closely, you can even see his manly-hood.

    I also like Jal, she's a good friend, nobody else seems to care about Chris anyway.

    So besides the Chris nudity, and a little of his background, and his moments with Jal. It is quite skipable i'm afraid.
  • Chris's mother has gone and left him with 1000 ponuds what will he do with it - have a big party!

    This show is great. 1000 pounds to spend and chris uses it all on a party. I think him and angie should just get together. That child at the party was funny to. we finally learned that there is more to chris then drugs,sex and drink. I am sensing something between him and jal but maybe thats just me.
  • Abandoned Written by Jack Thorne Directed by Adam Smith

    Chris - Wow, what a pretty twisted childhood this lad has had in his 17 years of existence. His storyline was a lot darker than I was anticipating it to be and all the more sympathetic too. I like that we don't know the circumstances surrounding his mother's disappearance and brother's death but I did find the ending rather sad as this guy completely broke down.

    Mary - I don't what to make of her. Not exactly the stepmom of the year and more than a bit insensitive with a dire performance from Sarah Lancaster to boot.The baby dropping freaked me out though.

    Jal - I love her, everyone should have a friend like Jal and her compassionate support for Chris further endears her as a character IMO.

    Angi - It was strange that she wasn't suspicious of the party invite but she was great for Chris in the last half of the episode and that counts.

    Sid/Cassie - I like these two together and the latter's attempts of getting a date were reasonably amusing but Sid wasn't neccessarily thrilled either was he?

    Maxxie/Anwar - Do something with these two besides drinking contests about nipples.

    Tony/Michelle - I continue to like these two less and less and I did want Chris to bop Tony one over his insensitive behaviour. Michelle stop using Sid to make Tony jealous - it doesn't work, especially when Tony has you wrapped around his little finger for good measure.
  • Chris is home alone and goes mental.

    The stuff about his brother made me cry, and the stuff with his Dad was nasty, and the stuff with the tramp in the bath was funny.... and the baby dropping - 'wow' as Cassie would say. And I didn't guess, but it kind of made sense for Chris. He's a bit of a loser I suppose. But I know loads of people like him - and I really like all those people. And I reckon he will get with Angie...totally. I just loved it. Laughing and crying is a good thing. Should happen on TV loads more than it does.
  • What a let down!

    The pilot of Skins was fantastic, however as the series progresses it seems to be getting more and more ludicrous. I never expected gritty realism but this episode was plain stupid, not to mention the previous episode, with Jal, and the most unconvincing black characters I've ever seen. Back to this episode. I know no 16/17yr olds who live like this (or even close) and so its so difficult to empathise/even like the characters when they're living in this Topshop world. I've been watching this from the US (I'm out here for a few months from UK) and from now on I won't be so bothered about catching the next episode. Bring back Sugar Rush!
  • ...

    I didn't like Chris before this episode, and I wasn't looking forward to this ep, but the second half of the episode really made all the difference. It's not because he's suffered such tragedy that I've changed my position on the character, but more because we really started to understand who he is, and why he spends his life partying.

    There was strong comedy in this episode. The bit with the Captain Jack Sparrow look-a-like was quite funny - mostly because of that character, not Chris. I enjoyed the irony of the situation, more that the silly naked fighting comedy. It surprised me that I so enjoyed that scene.

    I HATED the party/drugs scenes this episode. They were really really poor IMO. Skins tried to do something many other programs can get away with, but failed miserably in its pictorial symbolism of Chris' high.

    I quite enjoyed the scene with Chris' step-mum, just because her behaviour was so insane and yet so realistic. The bit about his brother was a bit sudden and maybe slightly too much, but it worked ok.

    Surprised to see Jal being the one who was there for Chris. Well, not so shocking as she's the kind of person who does care about her friends, but I never would have guessed they were close in the first place. I guess that just says more about the others' lack of interest, than Jal's positive role.

    I am sick of this Angie/Chris thing. I wish they'd given Chris a semi-plot other than fancying a teacher. I find the whole thing a bit ridiculous, the way she relates to him. I mean, with the shower a couple of episodes ago, and going to the party this episode...

    I'm disliking Anwar more every episode. At first he seemed like he'd be quite interesting but his constant leering at women today got me really bored, and he doesn't pull a pretty face when doing it ;)
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