Skins (UK)

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2010 on E4
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After failing to reign in his jealousy of Freddie and Effy's reunion and hospitalising the kid he beat up in a room full of witnesses, Cook finds himself in prison. When released on bail, he is forced to live with his mother due to the terms of his electronic tag. His mum is a successful artist who owns a mansion, but it's no holiday for Cook; he and his mum clash again and again. With few people to talk to, Cook is helped by an unlikely ally and begins to question his actions.moreless

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  • Trying to like Cook has been a downhill battle for so long, that all changed...

    Cook is trying to cope with his no to so perfect life in the most outrageous ways. This gets him arrested on the account of way too many felonies. He hits JJ. Freddie has Effy, and then tells him he's slept with his mother, and Naomi, well Naomi gives him a few kisses. He finally owns up to being involved in Sophia's death.

    I congratulate the actor playing Cooke for putting on such a powerful performance. I especially liked his scene with Naomi. I'm a huge Naomily fan, but I wouldn't mind the Cook/Naomi pairing.moreless
  • best episode of the season and probablly one of the best with the new cast

    now this is how you introduce a character. last season cook's episode was the worst. he acted like an annoying prick for no apparent reason. but on this one we got to see the inside part and i have to agree it was one of the best episodes of skins. just amazing. the actor that plays cook was flawless. he acted crazy at times and at the end brought an incredible amount of depth and sadness. the music was amazing as usual on this show. this episode made me realize how much im gonna miss this cast too. happed to me with the first cast. and now i've grown to love this guys too. it sucks that they change it. i hope they can find a new one that rises to the level the last two have set. can't wait for Katie's episode. she looks like suck a bad ass! plus she's lost some weight and looks amazing. just perfect.moreless
  • So much better than Cook's episode last series.

    I'm not going to say it was my favourite episode of the season because it's not but it was really good. The writers managed to get me to dislike Cook a lot less which was a great achievement on their part because I hated Cook last season.

    We saw a lot more emotion in Cook which meant I could actually feel for him. I hated his mother and so we see another reason why Cook is how he is. To be honest I thought the mother was a weak character probably due to the weak actress playing her. She just wasn't convincing.

    While I didn't like his brother Paddy it was a very clever way of showing how Cook needs to change. Even Cook seemed shocked about this behaviour. The Naomi/Cook friendship is interesting and I liked how they seemed to bond. But I thought the kiss was a little unnecessary. The ending made the episode as Cook takes full blame for giving the Sophia drugs, letting Naomi off the hook and the love triangle comes to a conclusion. We all knew it had to end and I'm thankful it did. Cook asking if JJ knew was a nice touch, showing he cares.

    Who knows what will be going on with Cook in the next few episodes after he's put away but next week looks brilliant. I can't wait to see Katie take centre stage and I definitely won't be complaining about more of the Fitch family.moreless
  • Definitely one of the best episode with the new cast.

    I am a big fan of any series that decides to move in a new direction. And I was a huge fan of skins during the first two series. I loved the idea of a new cast of characters for the opportunity to incorporate new stories into an already diverse world. The character of Cook is an amazingly complex character who at the beginning of the third series was a bravado and devil may care attitude; but as the show progessed he character was fleshed out. This in depth look into his character reminded me a lot of Tony around the end of the first series. They both had to go through dramatic change to become better people. I loved this episode very much. I don't think this will be the last time we'll be seeing Cook.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • As Cook and Paddy play fight, Paddy grabs Cook's right nipple, but after he lets go, Cook rubs his left one.

    • Cook's phone reveals several of the cast's telephones numbers; Freddie is 07759844017, Emily is 07759844030 and Effy is 07759844027.

    • The phone numbers for Freddie, Emily and Effy visible on Cook's phone are unusually close together. They only differ by 13 (a range between 844017 and 844030).

    • When Cook's mum is playing Rock Band, the TV behind her shows that she has failed the song but the music is still playing.

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    • Music In This Episode:
      Health - Die Slow
      The Clash - Police and Thieves
      Motor Head - Ace of Spades
      Segal - One Word
      The Deadly Syndrome - Emily Paints
      The Drums - Let's Go Surfing
      Francois & The Atlas Mountain - Royan
      Skallywags - Paint Old Street Blac
      Segal - Relentless
      Norah Jones - Come Away
      Thin Lizzy - The Boys are Back in Town
      Segal - Century
      Simon Says No - Shiver
      Segal - Ethering Bridges
      UNKLE - Heavy Drug Surrender Sound Remix
      Buff Medways - Troubled Mind