Skins (UK)

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 24, 2008 on E4

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  • Effy

    A fantastic episode of Skins and definitely the best episode of the entire season by far. I was looking forward to delving in to life of Effy Stonem especially since in the last Effy-centric episode, she said only about 2 words, and I definitely was not disappointed.

    A lot of eventful happenings from Sid & Cassie getting back together in the very end which was the best scene of the episode by the way to Effy sending Michelle back the watch and Tony thinking she sold it.

    Things tied in quite perfectly at the end there, and we just got a lot of great interactions between the characters. Effy breaking the fourth wall in the end was quite hilarious, as was her scheming throughout the episode. Overall, very enjoyable installment, exceeded my expectations.
  • Backdoor pilot for the next series?

    Great episode with some new character,possibly for the 3rd season.

    I liked Effy alot this episode and I actually understood her character more in this episode than in her season 1 one. She's still a "bit" freaky, but oh well!

    It was quite funny and feel-good, alot of things worked out for our beloved characters.

    Tony and Michelle found themselves once again, along with Sid and Cassie. ...Because of Effy. I liked her new "friend", i miss sidekicks from this show. Season 1 had alot of Chris/Anwar being sidekick, but this season lacks that. Oh well.

    Great episode all around, more comedy and feel good this time around.
  • Effy deals with her mum's depression, her mad art teacher, a teenage boy desperate to have sex with her, Tony and Sid's love lives and oh yeah all the while trying to make some money selling pills in a club!

    One of my favourite episodes of the series so far I think. Effy is a delightful character and so different from the usual teenage stereotypes on TV today. The different storyline elements were bound together nicely here, making for one of the most coherent episodes of this series.
    I was shocked to see the Stonem house in such disrepair and even more so when it has been caused by the depression of Effy and Tony's mother. Effy deals with her mothers depression wonderfully- few teenagers could deal with something like that so calmly.

    Things I liked:

    -Effy- some great acting from Kaya Scodalaro I loved the way she sorted out everybody elses problems without too much effort on her part.
    -Pandora- a hilarious foil to Effy, she was completely dippy but in a nice and non malicious way. Her crush and tony was so funny
    -The art teacher- hilarious, I loved her sexual tales
    -Tony and Effy's interactions- They really act like brother and sister and its sweet to see
    -Effy washing all the clothes and turning them pink- I don't know why I just really liked this bit
    -Sid's rant at Cassie and the two of them getting back together- it was nice to see -Sid show some balls for once but if I'm at all honest after Cassie's behaviour this series, I'm not totally sold on them as a couple any more
    -Sid and Tony's 'handshake'- priceless
    -The lack of the other characters- sounds odd but the episode worked better not trying to do so much.
    -Tony trying to win back Michelle- his attempts were valiant and sweet

    Things I didn't like

    -The Sleeping Beauty end between the Stonem parents- corny
    -Cassie's promiscuous antics throughout the episode- made her quite unlikeable
    -Effy's friend Jake- typical slimy boy only very posh
    -Michelle being so pissed off at Tony, I'm not entirely sure why she is exactly.
  • Better than I expected!

    I was with low expectations for Effy's episode....I mean, she didnt even talk in season 1!!
    They should have exlain that by the way!

    Knowing Effy better, I think I can relate to her a little (not for selling drugs lol!)...this feelings thing...I'm a bit like her!
    She solved Sid's soap opera! It's good to see them together again! And I hope Cassie stop beginning such a whore! (she was already in season 1, but now she's bi??)
    Cassie is still in Chris' house...where's her family? seems him and Michelle will get back together...but I dont think will be so simple, it never is!

    I didnt like the new characters...that Jake is the worst! I didnt quite understand what was his function in the episode! (besides making the reconciliation between Sid and Cassie, but it could be any boy)

    The others characters didnt show up! (or just for a few seconds like Chelle and Chris). I miss Maxxie and I'm dying of curiosity to see Jal's episode and the pregnancy thing...I thing she'll have an abortion but I dont agree with this! Well, we're gonna have to wait to see!
  • Another great dose of Skins!

    As usual this was a really good episode, it was funny, interesting, revealing and Cassie and Sid finally got back together. I really like Effy as a character and though she wasn't as funny as she usually is, she was still entertaining to watch. It was weird seeing Anthea (Tony and Effys mom) all depressed because we've seen her angry but this was a new extreme. Her gag was quite amusing.

    I thought Effy's new 'friend' Pandora was very funny at times, my favourite bit being when she told the club guy that she was thirty two. The art teacher was amusing as well. Tony moping was interesting and the whole text thing was funny, the end was good, the voice message of Michelle saying "I Love you too!" Glad to see Tony becoming a bit .. happier. I do like his relationship with Effy, it's interesting and believable.

    As for the Cassie thing, I was glad that they didn't make her a lesbian, both her lines about what to tell Sid she was doing were very funny "Tell him I'm on the way to dick city and I'm loving it" or something like that, I just like Cassie and everything she does. The last scene when Sid arrived and finally they spoke to each other, probaly my favourite part of the episode. It was very emotional but done very well, very Skins. I'm very glad there together again. It was exactly what I would hope for in a confrontation between them.

    I liked how it basically turned out that Effy fixed everything, she is a great character and this was another great episode. I was a bit disappointed that Jal, Anwar, Sketch and Chris (Other than the small part at the end, which was very funny) weren't in it, but next weeks looks brilliant, I am really starting to like Jal, we'll finally get answers about her pregnancy and it looks like its a sort of follow up from her episode in season 1, we get to see her father, brothers ... and perhaps others!
  • Your Future Written by Lucy Kirkwood Directed by Simon Massey

    Apart from "Tony And Maxxie" and "Sid", this was the strongest episode we've had this season. In fact after such a lull, this felt like a welcome jolt.

    Maybe it's me but I don't think Effy has lost any of her mystique now that she talks. Realistically that was something that could've only been maintained for a small while anyway.

    Things certainly seem to have gotten bad. I know Tony's state of being can take its toll on the family too but I admit to being surprised to seeing Anthea that depressed while Jim left for Paris.

    Effy is the only one in her family sort of keeping it together while dealing with college and having. Thank God, I've never had to deal with so much at 15. I don't think I would've coped.

    The art stuff was a fun twist. Jan Ravens was great as Madame Deluca and even if she was a little harsh with Effy, she didn't go over the top really. Her advice at the end sunk with the way Effy was looking at the camera too.

    Friends wise, Jake was a waste of space. Like Anwar, except even more dimwitted and I didn't think that was possible. Liked Effy managing to evade sleeping with him, even if it meant using Cassie.

    Pandora was okay but the writers did seem to egg her stupidity on a bit to maybe make Effy look cooler or something. The other stuff was fine. I liked Tony and Sid having it out without the violence and I even felt a little bad for Michelle. Does that mean her and Tony are getting back together? Not sure how I feel about that.

    Sid and Cassie, I won't lie, I am glad to see them get back together. Yes, they need more than Sid's outburst and Cassie abandoning her promiscuous ways but I do enjoy their scenes together.

    Chris only had a brief scene and while I didn't mind the lack of Maxxie and Anwar, I did miss Jal. Then again, there is always next week.
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