Skins (UK)

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on E4
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Effy's life is not what it used to be. Her status has quickly fallen and she is dismayed to discover Katie is the new Queen Bee. But when a party in the forest takes a dramatically dark turn, no one is safe as gun shots are heard.moreless

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  • The eponymus episode by excellence !

    I enjoyed every inch of that episode ! It was satisfying at every corner. Nothing much more to say , except brilliant plot.
  • The most anticipated episode of the season did not disappoint.

    This episode felt very much like a drug. It was satisiying but left me lost, and confused. Confused about Effy. How to feel about her. There's always a certain hangover with Effy's character. I try to hate her, I really do, but then I end up caring for her, and regretting it later. This time however, I just let go. Everyone has to love Effy. It's a rule, and I'm embracing it. Her manipulative, deceptive structure is something I usually dislike, but Effy's delivery of it makes it so inspiring. We all know it's pain that drives Effy to act this way. We all know she finds it difficult to give love or let it in. She needs attention and craves destruction. This isn't new to t.v characters though. It's actually turned into quite a cliche for most dramas. Marrissa Cooper, Edie Britt, Cordelia Chase, Damon Salvatore, Naomi Clark..this list of beautiful people with the inability to love goes on and on in the world of television. Even in the first couple of seasons, it was Tony that filled that position, but Effy, Effy takes it to a whole other level.

    I've waited for this episode patiently. Effy's previous episodes on the show were always so thrilling. Theres this mysterious allure going for her which compliments her undeniable beauty that makes her so irresistable to watch.

    The direction was spectacular. The Freddie/Effy love scene, again, I am loving the usage of nature. The Effy/Katie standoff, jawdropping. I felt just as lost as Effy. The Effy/mother scenes with Florence And The Machine In the background, tearworthy.

    The fact that everyone was in this episode. We had drama shooting off in all directions. Other then the Freddie/Effy/Cooke/Katie quadrangle, there was also a Pandora/Thomas brawl and some cute Emily/Naomy scenes.

    Again, the season failed to disappoint providing a splendidly directed, well written, nicely planned, suspenseful episode.moreless
  • Into The Woods Written by Lucy Kirkwood Directed by Charles Martin

    That's all we needed, an episode set in the woods. Effy's episodes have been diamonds in the past and this was another one.

    The opening scene where she was vying for attention but Anthea was too interested in male celebrity slamming was a little heartbreaking. No wonder she wants to go off the rails. Then there was seeing Katie and Freddie, er loved up. I know Freddie doesn't actually love Katie and Effy did treat him pretty badly but I still felt a little for her there. Katie seemed a little too happy to rub it in Effy's face.

    Not inviting Cook to the woods drew parallels to Tony being uninvited for a basic hangout in Effy's Season 1 episode. But I liked Tony (mostly) and Cook just irritates me.

    Okay so the gateau cake comment was funny (as was Anthea snatching it out of his hands) but Cook really showed his true colours by making everyone else miserable.

    Thomas is a better man for not punching Cook but Pandora was fairly unsympathetic to a degree. I like her punching Cook but I could never understand why she kept sleeping with him after Thomas came back. This episode didn't go anywhere to explain that either.

    Katie varied in this episode. I hated her trying to flaunt her relationship with Freddie in Effy's face because it was both childish and it quickly revealed how insecure she is about being with Freddie.

    The scene at the petrol station though was creepy and I did feel bad for her. I even felt bad when she was the only one not partaking in the shrooms but there was the attack on Effy.

    Katie did start the whole thing, she seemingly played on Effy's tripped out state and then physically assaulted. Effy was after all, defending herself. However Effy should've told the truth, more for Emily rather than Freddie.

    JJ, Emily and Naomi in one tent. I was wondering if he was going to reveal whether or not he slept with Emily but he didn't.

    I'm really looking forward to the twins episodes all the more now. The season is definitely getting better and better.moreless
  • While I select 'Painful to watch' as the classification for this episode, I mean it in a good way.

    When I first saw Cook having 'carnal relations' (to borrow J.J.'s terminology) with Effy, I didn't think the storyline of Series 3 could divert away from the frivolous, and often overused or desperately used, phenomenon known as teenage sex.

    But one after another, this bunch of kids have shown that they deserve to have some teenage angst, I mean, I simply find it hard to believe how heavy their lives are. Thomas, an immigrant from the Congo, steps into life in the UK, featuring twins and lesbians, autistics and skateboarders, party boy Cook and the enigmatic and elusive Effy, and this lovely girl who's just dangerously fragile as Pandora's box. Welcome Thomas!

    This episode was just so painful to watch, seriously. I didn't smile once, not even when Effy dropped the vase at the beginning, not even when they were dancing around the fire tripping, not even when Effy found Cook in the end. Only because I know of Effy and Tony Stonem's difficult familial situation, the heartache Effy suffers from not being with Cook, and because of how ridiculously unpopular Cook is, that Effy has to resort to him in the end just for someone's attention.

    Poor Effy, but not a poor Cook. I really loved it right before Cook showed up in the forest.moreless
  • Enter the real Effy

    I loved Effy from the first two series because she was this girl who managed to "fix" everyone's lives and always seem so in control over everything around her. I love Effy from this series even more. How true is it that we can always fix other people's lives and not our own. Effy proves that. Everything she wants, everything actually connected to her, turns to crap.

    I have to say that I was nervous about the shroom scene, but feel it was pretty well done. This episode did a lot to advance the plot (though I'm upset that Effy is being vilified for hitting Emily when Emily was the aggressor - no one who's ever taken a psychedelic would blame Effy for freaking out over being choked and told she had bugs in her hair) and show just how screwed up Effy is. And now that things are so messed up, I'm really excited to see them start putting it all back together.

    By the way, as much as I hate Cook, I have to say, the story would be nothing without him.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The mushroom found and eaten in the forest is the Psilocybe semilanceata species, commonly known as 'The Liberty Cap' or simply 'Magic Mushroom' and is frequently found growing wild in forests and grassland in the UK.

    • As the gang is being chased by the maniacs with the gun, the Land Rover stops in the road ahead of Effy's car at a slight angle in the road, but when the camera cuts away and back again, the Land Rover is clearly at a different angle, almost sideways in the road.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Effy: Hit me.
      Freddie: What?
      Effy: Just once. I want to feel something. Hit me! I dare you.

    • Freddie: What is your fucking problem?!
      Cook: Come on then, Rambo. What do you want, my fucking blood? You've fucking taken everything else. You've taken fucking JJ, and now you're nicking her off me as well! (on Freddie's blank look) She hasn't told you, has she? Fuck me, I'm so glad I didn't miss this.
      Katie: What's going on?
      Cook: Effy doesn't want me anymore. Do you, princess?
      Effy: No.
      Katie: So... why should we care? Freddie's with me now. Right, Freddie? Freddie? Freddie?!

    • Thomas: (to Pandora): I've given you so many chances and you've lied to me. It's too late now. I fell in love with this girl... she was good, she was honest and donuts and now she's gone and this new one, I don't like her. She makes my heart hurt.

    • Cook: I was trying to freak you out.
      Freddie: Why?
      Cook: Because I thought it would be funny and it totally was. Ooh, turn off the lights! Ooh we're gonna die!

    • Pandora: I mean relationships just can't stay the same, can they? It can't always be lovely and lush and not full of weird silences all the time. People can't always be perfect because that's not real, is it? It's not real because things change, don't they?
      Effy: (while looking at Freddie and Katie): Yeah, they do. But you can tell me. If something's up, I can help you.
      Pandora: Everything's great. I love Thomas, he loves me. Everything's just tickety boo.

    • Cook: It's you and me babe. It's always going to be you and me. It's ALWAYS you and me.

    • Cook: Sorry slugger, I don't think you heard. Me... fucked... your girlfriend like... multiple times.
      Thomas: What do you want me to say?
      Cook: I don't want you to say anything... hit me!
      (Cook offers his cheek for Thomas to hit)
      Cook: C'MON... c'mon hit me!
      Thomas: You're such a sad little boy.

  • NOTES (2)