Skins (UK)

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2010 on E4
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Effy feels strong enough to leave the psychiatric hospital and is reunited with Freddie and her friends - but it's not easy.

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  • Shocking. (SPOILERS)

    Effy's better. Thanks to her therapist, she's better. Effy's laughing, she's laughing. Thanks to her therapist, she's laughing. Effy's blocking the dark thoughts out and living happily through a scheduele, thanks to her therapist. Effy's blocking everybody out, and burning everything that belongs to her pre-suicide attempt life, thanks to her therapist. Effy dosen't know who she is, thanks to her therapist. The love of Effy's life is gone, thanks to her therapist.

    A brilliant performance by Kayla, in an intense, heavy, explosion of events, that could very well qualifiy as a horror-thriller. The ending was unnecessary. I would have enjoyed it alot more if Freddie fought for his life and survived killing the therapist in the process, but now I know things won't end happily.

  • Did that really just happen?


    I understand that the writers want to shock the viewers, but really? I LOVE Freddie, he was a good boyfriend and everything but this isn't right. There is way too much drama right now and I just miss the old skins when I don't really expect there to be a murder, suicide or a trip to the psych ward. Now when I watch skins, I will be thinking, "oh great, who are they going to kill off now?" I'm really disappointed in this episode only because of the writers killing off Freddie. Like i said before, i really miss the old Skins, it was lighter and more funnier. I don't like what this show is becoming, which is being so over the top dramatic.moreless
  • And skins does it again with the shocking turn around.

    I was sacred about the prospect of this episode because effy is one of my favorite characters. However this episode kept up the twists and turns to the very last second. First off Effy was trying to get better, which was interesting to watch because a very large part of her is forever damaged. Then there was her new out look in life, and when shes at school and actually laughs out loud at one of Pandora's jokes you know somethings different. Then theres the creepy therapist who makes her stop being friends with everyone. Then her break-up with Freddie and soon after her memory loss about Cook and her entire life. However, after a near death experiences she remembers everything, especailly loving Freddie. Than for the final shocker, Freddie goes to see the therapist and ...


    The therapist kills Freddie because he's in love with effy. He tells Freddie that effy really does love him and then proceeds to beat him to death with a baseball bat.

    If you want to talk about dramatic and sad this tops all the other storylines by far. Unfortunately this may be the end of me watching Skins. While I understnad not being able to put Cassie and Sid together at the end of season 2, they at least left it open. To just end the Freddie and Effy relationship (which I've loved ever since the beginning of season 3) is just heartbreaking.moreless
  • The end left me completely shocked. Spoilers.

    I still can't believe how this episode ended. As it was happening I was in total shock. I never expected them to end it like this. Freddie dead!? I mean WTF!?

    Unlike a lot of people, I've not suddenly decided to hate the show because of this twist in the story. I don't know if I loved it...or think it was too crazy...but it was a good shock. And it should make the finale an emotional ride.

    I loved the rest of the episode. Effy is a brilliant character and this one proves it. Seeing her go up and down - fighting her mental torture was really dark but really, really great. From her talking about Tony, getting the A-level results to the journey with Cook I just loved it all.

    It is kind of a shame that the ending sticks in my head cos the whole episode was powerful. I cannot wait for the finale. R.I.P. Freddie (Never thought I'd do that...)moreless
  • Did that really just happen?

    I think the writers are starting to run out of ideas for the show. They seem to just be going for a shock and awe effect. It wasn't that bad of and episode til the end. You could kind of tell what was going on though, the shrink was mind washing her pretty much the whole episode. The only reason this is getting a 4.5 is because the acting was still solid and it was still skins after all. They better make it up for next week especially with it being the last episode, because I don't to have a bad taste in my mouth when series 5 begins next year. I honestly have no idea what the writers were thinking...just I dunno...terrible...worst episode of skins to date.moreless

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    • Effy: (to John) There's a bus coming... Tony doesn't see it... he's distracted... it hits him, runs him over... he's in the gutter and he's bleeding. He looks dead.

    • John: Please go on Elizabeth.
      Effy: The boy's crying, and his mother, and his little sister. He doesn't want him to go.
      John: What happens next?
      Effy: And then... ET says (points to her head) "I'll be right here". And then he gets on a spaceship and flies away.

    • Freddie: Why didn't you let me see you Eff?
      Effy: Because of the treatment John gave me. He didn't want me to see anyone.
      Freddie: John?
      Effy: John Foster. My counsellor. He's the one that helped me.
      Freddie: And what could he do that's so special?
      Effy: Took all my bad memories and bad them good.
      Freddie: And some of those memories where about me, right?
      Effy: Only a few.
      Freddie: So if I'd have visited you, it would have fucked up John's treatment? Is that what you're saying?
      Effy: Yeah. I'm sorry. Freddie, I'm sorry.
      Freddie: Bad memories about me. You don't like... feel them any more?
      Effy: No. They're gone. He took them away. But you know what's left? Love. All I feel for you now is love. Nothing else.

    • Mr. Blood: It's been a good year here at Roundview, Elizabeth. Every single student recieved A to C grades.
      Effy: Really?
      Mr. Blood: Well, we had a lot of people doing Media Studies. Nevertheless, our targets were met. Except by you. You failed everything.
      Effy: Yeah, I know. I didn't even sit the exam.
      Mr. Blood: Which brings down the college average and affects the funding scenario. Do you see my dilemma?
      Effy: I can retake, right?
      Mr. Blood: It wouldn't make a difference. Let me level with you, Elizabeth. Here are your old results (shreds the paper) And, here are your new results. (passes Effy the envelope) Please act as such.
      Effy: (opening the envelope to see she has three As) Three As?
      Mr. Blood: An excellent result, considering your circumstances.
      Effy: You want me to tell people I got three As?

    • JJ: The exam results party planning commitee have decreed that all our results be read out in quick succession, so ready... A, A, B.
      (everyone cheers)
      Naomi: A, A, A.
      (everyone cheers)
      Emily: B, B, C.
      (everyone cheers)
      Pandora: C in Philosophy.
      (everyone cheers)
      Katie: B, C, C.
      (everyone cheers)
      Freddie: A, C, C.
      (everyone cheers)
      Thomas: I got expelled.
      (everyone cheers)
      Pandora: Eff?
      Effy: It doesn't matter what I got. None of this matters. It's just numbers on a page. It's not real, not to me anyway. You're all great, all great people, but I think, I think I'm finished. I've had enough.

    • Cook: Hey, princess.
      Effy: Aren't you supposed to be in prison or something?
      Cook: Aren't you supposed to be in the loony bin?
      Effy: I did my time. You should have done yours.
      Cook: I did enough. Surely Effy Stonem's not abandoning a party?
      Effy: I don't belong in there.
      Cook: Neither do I. We've got a lot in common, me and you.
      Effy: Not anymore.
      Cook: Both stood in the rain. Both miserable.
      Effy: You're no good for me Cook. You never were.
      Cook: If this was us meeting for the first time, I'd do it all again. Everything, the fucks, fuck ups, everything, I'd do it all again.
      Effy: What's that supposed to mean?
      Cook: It means I still love you.
      Effy: Piss off.

    • Freddie: Do you know what you've done to me, just dumping me with no reason at all?
      Effy: I had reasons.
      Freddie: If the urge to tell me any of them occurs, please let me know. Or did John steal your soul as well as your past?
      Anthea: Tea and biscuits?
      Effy: Mum.
      Freddie: The night before you dumped me, you told me that you loved me.
      Effy: I know.
      Freddie: So look me in the eye, and tell me that you don't love me now.
      (Effy can't do it, so Freddie kisses her)
      Effy: Don't do that! I went crazy when I was with you. I can't let that happen again. Love's not supposed to do that. You made me go mad.
      Freddie: You're making me mad now, Effy. And that's exactly what love's supposed to do.

    • Naomi: Afternoon.
      Effy: How's the real world?
      Naomi: Fine. Well, I don't know, actually. Me and Emily... we're all... since... the, you know... and I don't know what we're doing. If we're okay, or if we're about to break up. Sometimes I think she can read my mind. I seriously do. I mean, is that normal? Is that what you... Eff?
      Effy: You think you're going mad, so you came to see me to see what a mad person looks like.
      Naomi: No! No. Nooo. Yes.
      Effy: Listen to me very carefully Naomi. You need to get a message to the Dog Lord of Azerbaijan. He's got my toilet ticket.
      (both start laughing)
      Naomi: Oh god, what are they giving you? Can I have some?

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