Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 15, 2007 on E4
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Tony's sister Effy is led into trouble by a vengeful Josh. Sid tells Tony that no-one likes him anymore and goes to meet up with Cassie. They kiss, but Sid decides he must help Tony find Effy. Finding her drugged, Tony is almost forced into sex with her by Josh, but he backs down. AT the hospital, Tony's parents blame him for what happened, but he and Sid make up.moreless

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  • Effy

    So, in this episode we witness Tony's downfall, and it was quite sad too see. You never would have thought Tony would end up here only 8 episodes later after the pilot episode. It's amazing how well all of these characters developed over a short period of time. The search for Effy was entertaining, as was the spat between Sid & Tony. Tony was just getting what he deserved though, so I guess it's fair.

    I really like Effy, she's mysterious and intriguing. She doesn't speak and she parties all night on top of all of that. Wow, I did not expect to see Josh again after the last episode, I really was surprised to see how everything tied in. Josh being unstable and asking Tony to have sex with his sister, that was twisted. Also the scene between Sid & Cassie was nice, I'm really rooting for them.

    This really is like no other teen drama, it has the perfect balance of humor and drama, and it can pull off being unrealistic and ridiculous, because it's just so entertaining. Great episode of Skins tonight.moreless
  • Bizarre, but good.

    The whole episode was just so out there. But the writers were clever this time around and used this really bizarre setting to redeem Tony's character. Success.

    Even though the episode title suggests that the centric is hi sister, Effy, but in reality, I don't think so.For starters, she doesn't speak at all. All we find out about her is that she has some kind of. . . issue. Pyromaniac? Very possible. But not very important as far as the plot goes. It just ensured the bizarre atmosphere.

    If anything, this episode cleverly fleshed out Tony's and Sid's friendship. The scene where Tony is trying to save his sister is the topping of the episode . Unfortunately it's pure adult material, so Ican't qoute any dialouge from there, but let's just say it was truly shocking.

    So why not higher rating? Simple reason: the first 15 minutes or so were really slow. But overall, Effy's trip into the awfully dark and bizarre places and Tony's struggle made it the second best episode of the series so far.moreless
  • The story line really heats up.

    This is probably my favourite episode of the entire first season. We learn more about the sister of Tony, Effy in this episode. We all ready had a idea that she wasn't a good daddy's little girl as her father thinks she is. She goes out after hours to a warehouse and later takes drugs with her new found friends. Tony, who is hated still by all his friends, gets a mysterious phone call been told to meet under a bridge where he will get picked up. Sid decides to go with him despite still being angry at him. When they get to the destination, they start fighting again and Tony punches Sid in the face. Sid drives off, leaving Tony to be taking by a biker to a sports club. Sid in the other hand drives to a Diner, where he meets up with Cassie. Tony gets taken to a strange sports club, with loud music and a lot of strange people. He walks into a pool room, to find Josh and Effy, who is unconcious due to drug overdose. Concerned about the health of his little sister, Tony tries to call the Ambulance, however Josh won't let him unless he has sex with Effy. Josh is clearly doing this to get back at Tony for sending pictures of Abigail from Joshs phone to Michelle. Tony begs for forgivness and Josh lets Tony and Effy free. Meanwhile Sid is making progress with Cassie at the Diner, until Michelle calls him telling him to go to the sports club because she thinks Tony is in trouble. Sid leaves Cassie, who is clearly upset with Sid yet again. Sid finds Tony and Effy and takes them to the hospital. In the hospital Sid sticks up for Tony as he is being blamed by his parents for giving Effy they overdose of drugs, showing that Sid still cares about Tony and wants to be his friend.moreless
  • Tony is forced to care for someone other than himself when his sister's life is suddenly turned upside down as she goes missing.

    A great episode, which is filled with excitement and despair as Tony searches for his sister in the early hours of the morning, after she is seen leaving town with a friend preparing for a night of partying.

    Tony and Sid's friendship is put to the test, as are the relatiobships of both Sid and Cassie, and Tony and Michelle as the two boys go on a desperate search for Effy in the fear that she may be in trouble. The night of partying and drugs for Effy turns back into a personal vendetta against Tony. Josh confronts Tony for the first time since the incident with Michelle and uses Tony's love for Effy as leverage to get revenge.

    Having never been a fan of Tony, this episode really changed my opinion on him. The love he showed through his sister really shed light on another side of him. The way he treated Sid was a little unfair, but it was nice to see Sid standing up to himself.

    This episode was a very good way to lead up epsiode to next week's finale.moreless
  • This is a great show. I Love it.

    Things get dark this week. This Episode is centered on Tony's little sister Effy. She never utters a word and she sneaks out at night. During the last episodes you have learned Tony doesn't give a damn about anybody or anything. In this episode you that he doesn't give a damn about anybody or anything except his little sister. In this episode Effy, goes missing. Desperate to find Effy, Tony has to figure out if he can rely on his old mates, or have they all shunned him forever. Effie, becomes a pawn in a dastardly revenge plot against Tony. This is because Michelle's goes out with Josh and Tony gets jealous. So he pays somebody to steal Josh's phone and makes it seem like Josh send naked pictures of his sister Abigail to Michelle. So she broke up with him. For Revenge Josh drugs Effy. Then when Tony comes he tries to make Tony sleep with Effy. This is my second favorite episode. I love it. It is weird but I still Like it. Amother great episode.moreless

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Tony: Sid, you better not be crying.
      Sid: I'm not crying cause you punched me.
      Tony: Oh, crying for the kids in Africa?

    • Tony: Effy's different, I sort of own her, 'cause she's my sister. But with you... I just really wanted you there. Then you were, in the car.
      Sid: Thing is, Tony, you sort of own me too. Mostly in a good way.

    • Tony: God, I sound like fucking Lionel Richie.
      Sid: I quite like Lionel Richie.

    • Sid: Hang on, you want to nick my dad's car? Why can't we nick your dad's instead?
      Tony: Because Sid, my dad has central locking, sophisticated alarm system, and probably thinks a spell in prison would do me good. Whereas your dad has a 20 year-old car, Neighbourhood Watch, and won't prosecute.

    • Spencer: (referring to the sports club Josh hangs out at) This is where the rich kids come to die.

    • Tony: You made the divorce terms pretty clear.
      Michelle: Please don't be a bastard.

    • Spencer: I've heard a lot about you Effy and not all of it good.

    • Tony: You'd be surprised, you can do a lot with thighs.
      Jim: That's not true.

    • Effy: Sometimes I think I was born backwards, you know came out my mum the wrong way. I hear words go past me backwards. The people I should love I hate, and the people I hate...

  • NOTES (3)

    • Music In This Episode:
      "For Lovers" by Pete Doherty and Wolfman.
      "Keep Loving Me" by The Draytones.
      "0800 Dub" by Skream.
      "Knife" by Grizzly Bear (band).
      "On A Neck, On A Spit" by Grizzly Bear (band).
      "Reprise" by Grizzly Bear (band).
      "Dragonfly" by M. Craft.
      "Tapped" by Skream.
      "Ancient Delay" by Wolf Eyes.
      "Under Me Sensi" by Barrington Levy.

    • As the title suggests, the main character focus in this episode should be Effy as each episode of the season focuses on a different character. However, despite being titled "Effy" this episode features far more heavily on Tony and his relationships with Sid and Michelle.

    • Maxxie, Abigail and Kenneth do not appear in this episode.