Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 15, 2007 on E4

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  • Effy

    So, in this episode we witness Tony's downfall, and it was quite sad too see. You never would have thought Tony would end up here only 8 episodes later after the pilot episode. It's amazing how well all of these characters developed over a short period of time. The search for Effy was entertaining, as was the spat between Sid & Tony. Tony was just getting what he deserved though, so I guess it's fair.

    I really like Effy, she's mysterious and intriguing. She doesn't speak and she parties all night on top of all of that. Wow, I did not expect to see Josh again after the last episode, I really was surprised to see how everything tied in. Josh being unstable and asking Tony to have sex with his sister, that was twisted. Also the scene between Sid & Cassie was nice, I'm really rooting for them.

    This really is like no other teen drama, it has the perfect balance of humor and drama, and it can pull off being unrealistic and ridiculous, because it's just so entertaining. Great episode of Skins tonight.
  • Bizarre, but good.

    The whole episode was just so out there. But the writers were clever this time around and used this really bizarre setting to redeem Tony's character. Success.

    Even though the episode title suggests that the centric is hi sister, Effy, but in reality, I don't think so.For starters, she doesn't speak at all. All we find out about her is that she has some kind of. . . issue. Pyromaniac? Very possible. But not very important as far as the plot goes. It just ensured the bizarre atmosphere.

    If anything, this episode cleverly fleshed out Tony's and Sid's friendship. The scene where Tony is trying to save his sister is the topping of the episode . Unfortunately it's pure adult material, so Ican't qoute any dialouge from there, but let's just say it was truly shocking.

    So why not higher rating? Simple reason: the first 15 minutes or so were really slow. But overall, Effy's trip into the awfully dark and bizarre places and Tony's struggle made it the second best episode of the series so far.
  • The story line really heats up.

    This is probably my favourite episode of the entire first season. We learn more about the sister of Tony, Effy in this episode. We all ready had a idea that she wasn't a good daddy's little girl as her father thinks she is. She goes out after hours to a warehouse and later takes drugs with her new found friends. Tony, who is hated still by all his friends, gets a mysterious phone call been told to meet under a bridge where he will get picked up. Sid decides to go with him despite still being angry at him. When they get to the destination, they start fighting again and Tony punches Sid in the face. Sid drives off, leaving Tony to be taking by a biker to a sports club. Sid in the other hand drives to a Diner, where he meets up with Cassie. Tony gets taken to a strange sports club, with loud music and a lot of strange people. He walks into a pool room, to find Josh and Effy, who is unconcious due to drug overdose. Concerned about the health of his little sister, Tony tries to call the Ambulance, however Josh won't let him unless he has sex with Effy. Josh is clearly doing this to get back at Tony for sending pictures of Abigail from Joshs phone to Michelle. Tony begs for forgivness and Josh lets Tony and Effy free. Meanwhile Sid is making progress with Cassie at the Diner, until Michelle calls him telling him to go to the sports club because she thinks Tony is in trouble. Sid leaves Cassie, who is clearly upset with Sid yet again. Sid finds Tony and Effy and takes them to the hospital. In the hospital Sid sticks up for Tony as he is being blamed by his parents for giving Effy they overdose of drugs, showing that Sid still cares about Tony and wants to be his friend.
  • Tony is forced to care for someone other than himself when his sister's life is suddenly turned upside down as she goes missing.

    A great episode, which is filled with excitement and despair as Tony searches for his sister in the early hours of the morning, after she is seen leaving town with a friend preparing for a night of partying.

    Tony and Sid's friendship is put to the test, as are the relatiobships of both Sid and Cassie, and Tony and Michelle as the two boys go on a desperate search for Effy in the fear that she may be in trouble. The night of partying and drugs for Effy turns back into a personal vendetta against Tony. Josh confronts Tony for the first time since the incident with Michelle and uses Tony's love for Effy as leverage to get revenge.

    Having never been a fan of Tony, this episode really changed my opinion on him. The love he showed through his sister really shed light on another side of him. The way he treated Sid was a little unfair, but it was nice to see Sid standing up to himself.

    This episode was a very good way to lead up epsiode to next week's finale.
  • This is a great show. I Love it.

    Things get dark this week. This Episode is centered on Tony's little sister Effy. She never utters a word and she sneaks out at night. During the last episodes you have learned Tony doesn't give a damn about anybody or anything. In this episode you that he doesn't give a damn about anybody or anything except his little sister. In this episode Effy, goes missing. Desperate to find Effy, Tony has to figure out if he can rely on his old mates, or have they all shunned him forever. Effie, becomes a pawn in a dastardly revenge plot against Tony. This is because Michelle's goes out with Josh and Tony gets jealous. So he pays somebody to steal Josh's phone and makes it seem like Josh send naked pictures of his sister Abigail to Michelle. So she broke up with him. For Revenge Josh drugs Effy. Then when Tony comes he tries to make Tony sleep with Effy. This is my second favorite episode. I love it. It is weird but I still Like it. Amother great episode.
  • Skins gets incredibly strange - and quite scary - in one of the weirdest but most satisfying episodes yet.

    Episode 8 sees Skins take an ultra-bizarre turn as Tony pursues his enigmatic little sister Effie through a shadowy underworld. Everything goes a bit daft here: Effie, who never ever talks, becomes a pawn in a dastardly revenge plot against Tony. And Tony himself is revealed as almost a psychopath, satisfyingly giving the lie to his fabricated cheeky chappie/Ferris Bueller-lite self image. This is a deft bit of characterisation, and whilst bits of it strain the bounds of believability, Skins in surreal mode is more of a pleasure than the crushing banality shown in some of the earlier episodes. The episode also benefits from an extended appearance by Harry Enfield as Tony's dad - in common with all the kids' parents, his perfomance is a highlight. In choosing a 'classification' for this episode I was in two minds about whether to say it is silly/jumping the shark or calling it pivotal. As the writing in Skins has been a bit clunky so far anyway, I'm inclined to see this as a sign that it's about to hit its stride. To come into its own, the show needs to keep working on the characterisation (and do something about the woefully two dimensional peripheral characters), drop the pretence of being 100% realistic and give up on some of the sub par attempts at humour.
  • Tony is worried about effy.

    Yet another brillant episode of skins. this showed a new side to the show and tony. He finally relies what an idiot he is. sid standing up to tony was great, cassie and sid kissing was great to but i can tell theyll be drama there.
    Michelle not taking tony back was great. Skins is my fave show, can't wait for next weeks episode(the finale i think)
  • Exellent episode of Skins

    What can I say, I was hooked on this show ever since the pilot.

    This episode was great, got us to know Tony's sister, Effy a little better, and the tables turned when Tony was an outcast, (breaking the sugarcube thing)

    Tony is probably really tramuatised after the ending, and now he has learned his the worst possible way. I loved this episode, definitley recomend it. Next episode is the season finale, ah...

    But skins will be back for S2. And I'm looking forward to it. I give this episode a... 8.2. My favourie still is the Sid- centric one .
  • Oh My GOD!


    Effy is the best and I was very glad she didn't die because I really thought she was going to and is the hottest female on the show.
    I really like Tony (even though I know everyone else hates him) and I was gad he was the main focus.
    I like the Sid/Tony relationship and I'm glad Sid stood up to him and I although UI liwed her episode, I don't ereally like Jal. And I suppose Tony was a bit of an idiot when he knocked over the sugar tower.
    Cassie actually annoyed me. After they kissed and he had to go I wanted him to tell her why he was going and it annoyed me that she got annoyed.

    Effy rules and is my new favourite character. And shes soooooo hot!
  • Definetely the best episode so far

    Things get dark this week as Tony's silent little sister, Effy, goes missing bringing out a different side to Tony. Desperate to find Effy he calls Sid for help but after a few home truths dished out by them both Sid leaves Tony in the lurch. The darkness of this episode was Effy only had 5 lines in the whole episode, the pictures of her on the pillars in the car park and the masked people. Seeing a different caring side of Tony was long overdue and Sid eventually came through for him in the end which was a sign that they were still best friends regardless.

    Also Sid and Cassie finally kiss and the others were just minor characters in this episode but still a good episode.
  • Little Sister Written by Jack Thorne Directed by Adam Smith

    Well this is certainly a strange one. Why you might ask? Well let's consider that technically Effy is not a main character and has so far appeared in less episodes than either the predictably absent Kenneth and Abigail and also while this may be her episode, it's feels more like Tony's in a way too.

    So what do we know about Effy in her appearances in Episodes 1 and 3? Um, that she hardly says anything and Tony actually gives a damn about her and doesn't mind covering for her when she sneaks out which seems to be a pretty frequent thing.

    This week, there is a rather dull birthday for Tony and Effy's caustic father Jim and after some dull games and duller jokes involving birds, Effy slopes off for some mischief while Tony being ostracised from his mates covers for her.

    The Effy we see then is shockingly like a lot of 14 years old girls have become. Her clothing is more funky but somewhat too revealing for her age and she doesn't mind baiting an old man on the train by stroking her talkative friend Julie's thigh.

    Then Effy and Julie meet up with an idiotic security and his more dangerous band of mates lead by Spencer who takes a shine to Effy. It seems TOny isn't the only one who gets around as Effy has a reputation and while it's not directly specified what her reputation you can hazard a few guesses.

    So Effy smokes, takes drugs, burns things and says very little? Again, this is like most teenagers. After Effy is bailed out of jail (her and her new friends got busted by the cops in the warehouse), Spencer takes her to a place "where the rich kids come to die". Sounds very appealing.

    Actually this is the first episode that talks directly how the affluent background Tony as even a bloke Tony wants to have a beer with out of desperation is told by the guy that him "the posh lad" being around him affects him selling magazines in the middle of the night.

    Proving that he has something vaguely resembling a conscience, Tony becomes worried for his sister after he goes down the police station and realises that she's bailed by someone posing as her brother.

    This spurs him locating his friends, all except Maxxie who doesn't feature. Already excluded from a get together, Tony gatecrashes and accidently destroys a sugar cube tower made by Chris and Anwar while getting snippy with Michelle.

    Although Sid doesn't want to, Jal forced him into seeing what Tony wanted and despite his better judgement and constantly seeing Cassie from afar, Sid helps Tony with looking for Effy.

    When Sid did meet up with Cassie and they finally kissed it was Michelle asking Sid to find Tony that made Cassie reject Sid. Also can people please stop blaming him for Cassie trying to kill herself. It's not Sid's fault!

    Of course when things don't go successfully Tony oversteps the mark again and insults who retaliates by deservedly telling Tony how his antics have driven everyone away from him. What did Tony expect, that people would forever be enamoured with his smug behaviour?

    This week Tony learned in a gruesome manner that they are certain people you can't tick off and one of them is Josh who not only drugs Effy but even callously suggested that Tony sleep with her. Tony deserved a smackdown over the Abigail debacle but not at Effy's expense so I have to admit for feeling bad for him there and worrying for Effy, who uttered her only sentence before being severly drugged.

    The ending was interesting for the episode but I would've prefered if the conversation Sid and Tony had had over the latter's treatment of people had actually included Effy. In some ways her character got a bit shafted as she spent the second half of the episode unconscious.

    As a prelude to the finale, it's an interesting episode, one that improves rapidly on second viewing but still a strange. Well as long as the quality in writing and acting is being maintained and it was here, I guess I can't complain too much.
  • Tony's younger sister Effy goes on a wild night with a friend and finds herself in too deep. Outcast by most of his friends he recruits Sid for help, but with Josh hellbent on revenge he finds himself in the thick of it all.

    I just loved this episode, easily the best one of the series for me. Previous episodes tend to make you dislike Tony, well not dislike just think of him as a guy who just doesn't care about anyone but himself. This episode gives him some much needed good character development. The thing with Josh setting the Effy thing up was a little overboard I'll admit, especially with the pics plastered on the wall before Tony gets picked up and taken to the party. Overall i think its set up good for the series finally next week, i just wish there weren't so few episodes for the season.
  • What a stunning episode! The major tony his relationship with his friends all comes to a conclusion in this episode

    Stunning episode... well acted, well written, just all round brilliance. Tony has annoyed neraly everyone and is getting the silent treatment from them all. However, when his sister is kidnapped by Josh in retaliation for Tony's attempt at breaking him and Michelle up, Tony needs support and finds out who his true friends are... despite everything he's put them through, two of them come through in the clinch! The scene where Josh is getting his revenge is disturbing to say the least where he forces Tony to shag his sister but thankfully Tony starts crying and Josh releases him before anything happens!!

    In addition, Sid and cassie finally get it on but Sid runs out on her when he receives a distressing call from michelle about Tony.

    Overall, a brilliant episode and on a psychological level there are some permanent power shifts and plot development that will impact on the rest of the series.