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Skins (UK)

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2010 on E4
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Episode Summary

Emily and Naomi return home but are called in for questioning by the police. Emily discovers that Naomi was dealing drugs and that Sophia was pretending to be friends with them. Cook and Freddie try to keep away from Effy but neither can resist for long resulting in a fight. Emily finds a Naomi shrine in Sophia's locker.moreless

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  • Emily never dissapoints..

    Probably the best character of Skins history. It's more Emily's show to me than it is Effy's. She's so likeable. Everything about her screams cute.

    Her we dig deeper into Sophia's death. How was Naomi linked to Sophia? Why was Sophia stalking her? Should she stay with Naomi even after she finds out the truth?

    Well directed final scenes. Great plot.
  • Nothing like last season

    Skins has gone boring! Such a disappointment and a major let down compared to the last series. No real excitement or real enjoyment to be had now. No edge of your seat, how will the next one go etc . etc. More like waiting for it to finish. This DEFINATELY wasn't the case in Series 3. Just seems like they've failed in writing this one, trying to be too serious and focussing on an in depth story line on one character that isn't particularly interesting. I really hope that the rest of the series is much better, after the episode on Thomas being the most boring.moreless
  • Kathryn Prescott, I could watch you for three straight hours doing absolutely nothing.

    I really could. She, of course, stars as Emily the centric character in this episode of Skins. Her face, eyes, skin, lips, hair look so great... bravo to the crew! Each frame is like a work of art or better yet a new wallpaper for my computer. The lingering stench of the plot from the last episode wraps on here and spreads its gangrene of unbelievability. Noami after trying so hard to get Emily to come out with her(the closet) now she feels trapped because Emily wants to go to Mexico for a summer break. So Noami hooks up with an army brat who feels trapped by her father and makes out with her on a train. Then sells her MDMH. Then the army brat commits suicide. I dunno... its bad. Shares the same theme as the last episode. Thomas scores with an unrealistic character tells Pandora about it Pandora breaks up with Thomas. Except, this time Emily forgives Noami because of a pep talk from daddy( afterall they only made out and the army brat was the one that got weird). Personally, I see more deception and underhandedness from Noami. She is a control freak( not good enough for my angel ;_; ). I give it fair marks for superficial reason listed above.moreless
  • Drama, witty one-liners and fantastic acting. This is what Skins is all about.

    First of all. Wow. Lily Loveless and Kat Prescott really pulled out all the stops in this episode. I though Merv Lukeba's performance would be a tough one to top after the first episode, but they managed it. They have a lot more confidence this series and are just amazing to watch.

    Throughout the episode, there were plenty of times where my heart actually ached for Emily. I truly felt the raw emotion that was being put across in this episode. It was also very clever how the plot gradually unfolded, at just the right pace, climaxing on the rooftop scene and then slowing right down at the end, leaving you with a glimmer of hope for Emily and Naomi.

    Lots of people I know are criticizing this episode because Naomi and Emily aren't shown as the perfect couple like everyone wanted. But think about it, how boring would it be to just watch them all loved up for an hour, not progressing their relationship in any way. Not that I would complain, I just love drama so this makes it a lot more interesting in my opinion.

    Also, the quotability of this episode is off the scale. So many hilarious one liners such as "you're very stalkable", "dance? muff monkey?", "eat your flan." and "he's gay as a window!". The witty banter is one of the things I love most about the way Skins is written.

    In conclusion, yes, it's heartbreaking, but it keeps you wanting more, which is the formula to any successful TV show. Bravo!moreless
  • Intense and emotional - brilliant episode.

    Last season Emily was probably my favourite character so I was glad she got her own episode so early on. She's a likable character and you can understand everything she feels. The whole storyline between her and Naomi was intriguing, intense and emotional. I love Naomi too but she gives a lot of mixed singles, doesn't she!?

    I do get that she might feel trapped as we saw how independent she likes to be in the last series but sometimes she's too snappy - I mean telling Emily 'to mind your own business' after lying to the police is little stupid. I liked how throughout we did see them happy like at there house in the Mexican outfits and at the start with the goggles.

    The writers did a great job with the whole mystery aspect to the episode and the conclusion was really intense. The scene on top of the roof was painful to watch but in a good way. Kinda heart breaking. The reveal about Naomi cheating with Sophia was cleverly done with the drawings.

    The aftermath was full of excellent acting by Kat and Lily who were completely believable. I like Naomi but I'm finding it hard not to doubt her now...especially since she's kissing Cook in the 'next time'. The Fitch family stuff was very entertaining. The mum and dad were hilarious with there dinner table antics.

    I liked how Rob (the dad) talked to Emily about going back to Naomi, that was a good moment between them. Weirdly I didn't notice the whole James/Dress situation at the table...wtf? Katie hasn't changed that much...she's either being totally smug or being needy with Emily. I also like the Effy/Freddie conversation and the end (please god I hope so) of the love triangle. If I'm honest, the next episode doesn't look that great. Cook had the worst episode last season...hopefully I'll be surprised but I doubt it somehow. So yeah, Skins S4 is off to a brilliant start.moreless
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Richard Southgate


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Joel Dommett

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Redd Smith

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Emily's and Katie's "twin language" was actually invented by Kathryn and Megan Prescott when they were younger.

    • Apparently Naomi is living alone now, but in the Skins Novel she still lives with her mother and her mother's boyfriend.

    • In the close ups of the Naomi shrine in Sophia's locker, Naomi's old toothbrush is shown laying facing outwards, but as Emily reaches in for the bracelet, it has turned to face inwards.

    • Naomi has apparently moved house. It seems she has her own flat now, instead of living with her mother, although this is unclear.

    • The suicide note that Sophia left her brother had a typed message that read: 'Once I had a love and it was a gas. Soon turned out she had a heart of glass.' Underneath was handwritten: 'So sorry. I love you.'

    • The note that Cook steals from the policeman's briefcase reads: 'I "detect" that you will have a great day!'

    • While talking to her mother in the kitchen, Emily takes her helmet off and puts it on the counter next to the sink. When she leaves the room, she clearly doesn't take it with her but in the next shot outside, she's putting it on.

      Emily did actually have the helmet when she left, it was just by her side and not in the shot. You can tell that she is carrying it, and even see her reach for it before walking away.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Cook: (to Emily) We could just go out there in a blaze of glory. Dance, muff monkey?

    • Cook: (to Emily in the bathroom) What's up Emilio man? Why you hiding in the pisser?

    • Cook: I could turn you, deffo.
      Emily: Fuck off.
      Cook: No, I'm serious. Probably been a while as well, init, since you seen one of these? (indicates his cock) But mine is totally outstanding man.

    • JJ: Panda's giving someone a dose of the ol' "look at me" routine. You know how it is. Letting your ex's know that you're out there, that other people find you attractive, that everything you thought you had together, they can do without it. That they don't need you. (Emily storms off) I merely observed!

    • Naomi: (to Emily, who's lost in the crowd) Stay alive! I will find you!

    • Naomi: Fuck it! It's rubbish! Let's just go back to ours.
      Emily: Where?
      Naomi: ...Ours.

    • Naomi: (to Emily) You need to do something about your moustache.

    • Naomi: Okay. Although in many ways it's sort of a violation. But, fuck it, it's okay.
      Emily: Really?
      Naomi: Really. It'll be great. You can be my pajamas.

    • Emily: I'm moving in.
      Naomi: Where?
      Emily: Here.
      Naomi: Er... isn't that the sort of thing people usually discuss?

    • Emily: This whole family is fake.
      Katie: I'm not fake!
      Emily: Fake tan. Fake boyfriend. Fake concern.
      Katie: I am concerned! Bitch! And for your information I was in the sun for five hours today! And as for my boyfriend; he may be little, but for your further information he's sweet, trustworthy and totally hung, okay!?

    • James: I want to fuck Naomi. (everyone is silent) What? I do. Get over it.
      Jenna: Rob! Did you just hear what he said!?
      Rob: Well, she is attractive love.

    • Emily: She was gonna bribe me not to go travelling with Naomi.
      Jenna: It's not a bribe, it's just money I promised my daughter.
      Katie: Yeah? Well where's my money!?

    • Emily: Why is he here?
      Katie: Er, because he's my new boyfriend? Eat your flan.

    • Naomi: She stalked me...
      Emily: You're very stalkable.

    • Freddie: (to Emily) So what is it? Is it my food or my winning personality today?

    • Effy: How was your summer?
      Freddie: Not bad. Got chlamydia.
      Effy: Wow. Exotic.
      Freddie: That's what I said. But then I realised Cook had it as well, and it didn't feel quite so special.
      Effy: I bet it liked you more.

    • Emily: (to Jenna) Shove it up your tits!

    • Emily: You told Graham I was straight!?
      Jenna: Well he's known you since you were a little girl!
      Emily: He's as gay as a window!

    • Graham: Now, if he's cheated on you love; the thing to remember about young boys is that most of them would fuck a snake if you put make-up on it. You can't take it personally.

    • Sophia's Mum: Did she ever talk to you about me?
      Emily: Yeah. Yeah, she really... loved you.
      Sophia's Mum: You're lying to me. It's kind of you.

    • Emily: (pushing Cook up against the lockers) Why did you give them our names!?
      Cook: Course I didn't man, chillax. They ain't got nothing on us.
      Emily: Oh, and you know that do you?
      Cook: I nicked the fella's briefcase. He's a fucking Bristol Rovers fan, his mum leaves him notes in his sandwiches, look at that. (shows her the note)

    • Naomi: (to Jenna, who is standing at the door scowling) Morning Jenna! You're looking very beautiful today.

    • Emily: You're supposed to be planning us a route across Mexico.
      Naomi: Sorry, I got bored waiting for my Garibaldis.

    • Emily: (shocked) Your postman just looked at my tits!
      Naomi: Yeah, he does that.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music in the episode:
      Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
      Tiny Masters of Today - Skeletons
      Black - Wonderful Life
      6 Day Riot - Sky Father
      Segal - Whitecap Widow 1
      The Hundred in the Hands - Dressed in Dresden
      Max Richter - Organum
      John and Jehn - Fear, Fear, Fear
      Andrew Davie - No More Flowers
      Segal - Whitecap Widow 2
      Marchsfield Band - Our Director
      Segal - Stereo Panic
      Segal - Whitecap Widow 4
      Segal - Whitecap Widow 5
      Dinosaur Jr. - Said The People


    • The suicide note that Sophia left Matt reads: "Once I had a love and it was a gas, soon turned out she had a heart of glass". These are lyrics from the Blondie song "Heart of Glass".