Skins (UK)

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on E4
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As the one remaining link from Seasons 1 and 2, Effy starts her first day at Roundview College with a new gang.

We are introduced to Cook, JJ, Freddie, Katie and Emily (the twins), Naomi and Pandora.

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  • Generation 2 Begins!

    I was worried at first about how I'd take Tony and the other cast members (minus Effy) off of the serious and bringing in fresh faces. I was extremely skeptical because it was a risky move, but althought they're not the originals, this cast did pretty well as a whole for their first episode. However, I didn't like the fact that this episode made the series seem more comical than dramatic like it's previous season. It was weird and it didn't even feel like the same show, and yes I understand that people can say it's not the same because of the new cast, but you don't need to change the genre of the series from drama to comedy, it can still have the same darker elements it used to. However the screaming teacher was very entertaining in this episode, especially at the end when she overhears Effy and Cook hooking up lol.moreless
  • Alot more crowded and colorful than the first two.

    When I first heard there was going to be a new generation for the third season, I was appalled! I needed to know what happened with the cast of the first generation. I needed to see Sid find Cassie! So, this whole new generation idea didn't sit well with me.

    Then I heard it would star Effie. That made it a little more appealing. I decided to give it a chance, and I'm glad I did.

    Just like the first couple of seasons it revolves around mishap creating teens who love nothing more than drugs and sex. We get Freddie, the sweet boy who instantly, along with party boy Cook and eccentric JJ, fall for the mysteriously sexy Effy. Effy is best friends with innocent Pandora. Unlike the previous seasons, we get twins! Total opposites Emily and Naomi. And last but not least, my favorite, Naomi. What I like about Naomi is how aware she seems. It feels like she's putting up this tough girl front but something in her eyes tells you she's everything but.

    In this episode Effy sets Cooke and Freddie a task, the winner gets to "get to know her better."

    Extremely entertaining. Can't wait for more!moreless
  • Its not the same, the writters have lost it.

    First two seasons where fantastic drama - this is way to over ther top with stupidness. The cast is way to big for one thing - the smaller the better as you can get to know the characters more.

    Everyone seems to have something wrong with them - these aren't character you can love or even love to hate these are just characters you dont want to watch.

    Theres nothing new here, nothing origional nothing worth watching, its not even the same as it was before - if it was it would be good.

    Don't watch it, hope the show is canceled. Sorry to be so negative, it really was that bad.moreless
  • Best friends JJ, Cook, and Freddie fall for the mysterious and beautiful Effy who sets them a task. Whoever breaks all the college rules first "gets to know her better"

    A truly unappreciated cast, who pull off an amazing episode. Before I start on my own opinions of this episode, I would like to point out some stupidities in people's negative opinions of the new characters who frankly I love already.

    People have been saying the cast is way too big, though it's technically the exact same size as the series one gang. Eight newbies, and eight originals. So that's a load of bull.

    The objection that new characters are clones of the original characters are in some ways true, but considering the first gang had been created as such a varied mixture, it would be practically impossible to make them nothing like their predecessors. Are you people seriously saying only one person can be of a certain personality?

    A great start to what I forsee as a spectacular season. That is my opinion. Although this is obviously not the best episode of the new season, due to the obvious obstacle of having to fit 8 characters into 45 minutes of programme, but despite this the opening episode of this season still surpassed one or two episodes from the original two seasons. And if this is one of the less impressive episodes, I am highly anticipating the oncoming episodes.

    And now the character analysis. No need to discuss Effy, as we all know of her incredible presence, and very briefly I have to say how wonderful Pandora was. She may have only appeared in three, maybe four, scenes and yet she basically stole the episode with her random little ways.

    Freddie and Cook. Or as I shall call them Sweet and Sour. One's way too sweet, the other way too sour. Freddie so easily falling for Effy and his declaration of love in class was a little ott. and Cook came off as a little annoying being the bad-boy. Yet I still greatly enjoyed the introductions to these characters, ofcourse they need fleshed out, but I'm already enjoying their presence. And after the Effy/Cook encounter, I'm eagerly awaiting the cracks forming on Sweet and Sour's friendhsip.

    Katie, I'm somewhat on the fence about. She makes me want to like her, but so far there's nothing there to interest me. Except her boyfriend, who was just awesome. He just struck me as a Bristol Ali G. Emily is interesting to me, for some reason. She seemed so outspoken at home, which is why until the two twins were finally seen together I thought Emily was Katie. And then when she gets to school she goes to complete silence, barely speaking over three lines.

    Naomi, I know I'll like. I don't know why yet as she was one of the least shown characters, but already there's something there. And I just have a nagging feeling that the Naomi/Emily kiss was not initiated by Naomi. Though I guess I could be wrong. Though I would like to see Ms Campbell and Effy trade words, the two would certainly have an interesting encounter. Other than Naomi, JJ was the only character not to share words with Effy, which I like. The idea of them all forming into one tight group in only one day, which I was expecting, would not have sat well with me. JJ was just top class. I could honestly have spent the whole hour watching his magic tricks.

    The one thing I hope to see less of, is the teachers. I just found them a waste of screentime, that could have been spent on the incredible new cast. Other than that I loved this opening, to what is clearly going to remain a spectacular show.

    And with my closing statement, this series has potential. It's Pregnant!moreless
  • Sex, Drugs and Magic Tricks - What more do you need

    Well, the wait is finally over, skins 3 is here YAY!!!

    First impressions



    Same as ever really, but effy seems less mysterious in this rpisode, as she has become the lead role. She was fairly good, but nowhere near the quality which she displayed in the first two series's. I had a real problem with pandora, as the writerss seemed to have exaggerated her from her original preformance, making her too childish and inocent, and frankly seriously annoying


    Loads of people have said that cook is just a carbon copy of chris, which is total rubbish. For eexample



    You get the picture...

    Despite this, I actually quite liked cook, although there is something quite sinister about him, and he seems as if he cant be trusted and is very unpredictable

    Freddie on the other hand is very predictable, and downright boring in this episode, with cook getting most of the focus

    JJ is quite interesting, looks like he has OCD or something, and i think he could develop into a sort of Sketch/Sid mixture later in the series


    Emily suprisingly had quite a lot of focus and was the more sypathetic of the twins: immediately i felt for her and hated katie, who was very one dimensional. The only thing that annoyed me about this storyline was the perving little brother... WTF

    Naomi was interesting like JJ, and i can see some sort of lesbian relationship developing between her and emily. Things I didnt like

    -lack of a decent plot

    -exxagerated characters


    -Slapstick - policeman with icecream on his crotch

    All in all, a good episode, not ther best but certainly better than some others:

    1:03 Jal

    2:01 tony and Maxxie

    2:02 Sketch

    2:04 Michelle

    2:10 Finalemoreless
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Ardal O'Hanlon


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    • Cook: I've got so much cock hair, I could backcomb it and use it like a lure.
      Naomi: (sarcastically) Nice.
      Cook: Like a porcupine.
      Naomi: Right. You're all prick.
      Cook: Hey, Naomi. Now I get it. You've got anger management issues.
      Naomi: Only when I talk to wankers.
      Katie: (talking about Naomi to Effy) Yeah, like, don't talk to her. She tried to snog my sister at middle school. Pervy, don't you think, Ef?
      Naomi: (from behind her) Watch out, Katie. I might get confused and fuck you with my great big strap-on by mistake.
      Cook: It's got potential, this day. It's pregnant.

  • NOTES (3)

    • First appearance of Freddie, Cook, JJ, Emily, Katie and Naomi.

    • Music In This Episode:
      Fucked Up - Son the Father
      Fat Segal - Freddie Theme
      Fat Segal - Cook Theme
      Asobi Seksu - Lions and Tigers
      Timothy Victor - Lady Belles
      Beyonce - Ring the Alarm
      Britney Spears - Womanizer
      Wu-Tang Clan - Shame on a Nigga
      Method Man - Release Yo'Delf
      Eugene McGuinness - Monsters Under My Bed
      Timothy Victor - Roundview College
      Wilco - I'm The Man Who Loves You
      Fat Segal - Freddie Theme
      Santogold - Shove It
      Fat Segal - Cook Theme
      Liquid Liquid - Optimo
      Soeur Sourire - Mets Tons/ Dominique
      Fat Segal - Freddie theme/ Cook theme and Drums
      Klaxons - Magick
      Asobi Seksu - Nefi and Girly.

    • This episode ended with a notice reading "In memory of Max Preece 1987-2008".