Skins (UK)

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2010 on E4
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With A-level results in for most of the gang, thoughts about the past and the future are on their minds. Slowly the gang end up in the one place that makes sense. In their final moments, they are reunited once more and anything could happen. But one thing's for sure, it will be eventful, and for some, there's no going back.moreless

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  • Season 4 Series 8

    great series, just needed closures for the characters. Totally disappointed.
  • Mixed emotions.

    The second generation has it's final onscreen party at Naomi's. There Naomi and Emily, and Panda and Thomas, finally put an end to their problems. Karen and Effy need to find Freddie. Cook makes a shocking discovery linking him to John Foster resulting in a one on one brawl that had no conclusion. Katie, all we know is that she's grown a sudden interest in Thomas.

    Honestly, as a farewell episode, it was great. Naomi's speech to Emily was so heartwarming, and the scenes of them partying and having fun felt like the perfect goodbye to this brilliant generation, but the way it ended wasn't good at all. Cooke's speech was powerful, yes, but we already don't know how the others would have reacted to Freddie's death, do we really need to wonder wether Cooke survived?

    I liked the second generation more than the first. They were more entertaining and their storylines were alot more realistic, but the first generation had a much better finale.

    Well, I guess this is my final second generation review which saddens me.

    Top 3 second generation characters : 3. JJ


    1. Emily

    Favorite moments : - Pretty much all the Naomily scenes.

    - JJ and Lara Lloyd making up thanks to the song he made.

    - Effy's blue eyes looking stunning in her season 3 episode.

    - Freddie/Effy kiss in Freddie's season 3 episode.

    Well, this is it. Great season, great characters, loved it!moreless
  • Brilliant finish to an underrated series. "I'M F*%^ING COOK!"

    Contains Spoilers obviously...

    So for one reason or another it seems a lot of fans of Skins are divided on the second generation of characters, how they wrapped that generation up, and particularly the character of Cook. I constantly see reviews on this website and fansites from people who despise Cook, think he's a terrible character, and were totally crushed when Freddie was killed this season. I on the other hand loved Cook from the moment he showed up on screen as the reckless and crazy but full of heart and love anti-hero that he is, he was by far the most interesting and engaging character of the second generation, and I was always rooting for him and Effy to be together because of the simple fact that Cook needed Effy, and Freddie never really needed her, he was okay on his own as we saw before during their break ups. So when this episode ends with Cook and John Foster confronting each other over Foster's murder of Freddie, alot of people seemed to dislike that. I on the other hand, loved it. The pulsing punk rock in the background, the amazing acting from Jack O'Connell as Cook, the speech he gives and the final line of this generation being him screaming "Do you know who I am? I'm FUCKING COOK!" and pouncing on Foster like a demon out of hell ready to totally annihilate this man for killing his best friend, it was utterly gripping and thrilling. We also had good wrap-ups to the Naomi/Emily and Tomas/Pandora love stories and even if we didn't get to see the group as a whole react to the news of Freddie's death, did we really need to? The last images we have of the gang apart from Cook are of them partying in celebration of Freddie's birthday in his shed even though he's still missing, drinking and laughing and dancing and kissing and having the time of their lives. That's really the core essence of what this show is about, mixing the absolutely awful times (friends being murdered, relationship woes, drug addiction, mental illness, other deaths) with the best of times (all of the parties and falling in love and friendship), and these last two seasons here with this second generation of characters managed to convey that message just as well if not even better than the first generation did. I'm glad that once again the writers decided to leave some things up to the imagination in the finish, leave it a bit open ended, because that's really the best way to go about things sometimes because it makes you think and react as a viewer, and in a way you get to choose your own ending, whatever it is that you wanted out of it. Many shows, films, and books have used this trick in the past and it works again here.

    All in all, a marvelous episode to end a marvelous generation. Sorely, sorely underrated because of people's unfair expectations, but utterly brilliant, bittersweet, and thrilling. Bravo.moreless
  • No conclusion

    I did love the ending. Cook really does have nothing to live for at all. He really wouldn't care if he lived or died. If anything, the only thing he had was his friend Freddie, and John took that away from him. So if there is one thing I think Cook did, its kill John for it. Brilliant ending for his charactor; it was always going to end bad for Cook and killing the man who killed his best friend is very good. Of course, John may have killed Cook, but I don't think so. If anything, I doubt we will ever know what happened.

    And thats the problem. Ambiguity is good but we know we'll probably never hear from any of these charactors again. The biggest problem with this episode can be summed up with lack of Effy.

    She's the only origonal member and I'm left feeling like this is no ending for her. What happenes now? Does she go mental after finding out about Freddie? Does she go to Uni? Will her brother actually care his sister has been institutionalized and come back from Cardiff Uni? Hers was the longest story and it wasn't finished. We know she's not back next year. She deserved a better ending than that.

    The rest of the cast did get some sembleance of ending, kind of. I assume Naomi and Emily are back together for good now? Tommo and Panda also. JJ gets to live happily ever after with his single mum and Katie is erm.... what is Katie doing? All in all this was a rushed ending, probably made so by the reduce in episodes this year (thanks E4). When series 2 ended, it was bittersweet because we knew that all of Tony's friends storys had come to an end. This didn't really feel like an ending. I kept checking the time, wondering how on Earth it would be a good ending with 10 minites to go. It wasn't. Overall this series has had its moments and the acting and writing have been pretty steller. I'm excited about where else they will take it next year with a fresh bunch, although I definately think we should be told what happened to Cook and Effy.moreless
  • pretty dissapointed with this end to the series if im honest, ive been hooked right from the start but it didnt really seem finished to me?... **spoiler alert**

    In my opinion skins have and could of done so much better, right from the start of this episode i knew i was going to be dissapointed as i thought that the rest of the gang would find out about freddie's death, and there would at least be some kind of mourning? but all we got of that plot was that effy thought he had got scared off and ran away and then in the final 3 minuites cook figured it all out and the last thing we saw was cook shouting'im james f**king cook' and then it ended? seriously? what does that mean, did cook then die?did john foster die?(i really hope so), but as it was the last one in the series, and its a completely differnt group of people in the next series they should of given it some kind of closure, even an extra 5 minuites so at least effy found out he had died and maybe ended with her crying with cook or something like that? it just seemed a bit of a joke,and after 2 whole series and the last 2 epsiodes about freddie and effy being really serious, it didnt seem right! i loveed this series and will definately whatch the next but hope there will be improvements made as if its another final like that i think i might end up in a nut house like effy!


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    • Naomi: (to Emily) I've loved you from the first time I saw you. I think I was twelve. It took me three years to pluck up the courage to speak to you. And I was so scared of the way I felt, y'know, loving a girl, that I learned how to become a sarcastic bitch just to make it feel normal. I screwed guys, to make it go away, but it didn't work. When we got together it scared the shit out of me because, you were the one person who could ruin my life. I pushed you away and made you think things were your fault but, really I was just terrified of pain. I screwed that girl Sophia to kind of spite you for having that hold on me. And I'm a total fucking coward because, I got these... these tickets to Goa for us three months ago. But I, I couldn't stand... I didn't want to be a slave to the way I feel about you. Can you understand? You were trying to punish me back and it's horrible. It's so horrible because, really, I'd die for you. I love you. I love you so much it is killing me.

    • Emily: I love you.
      Naomi: Don't lie.

    • Karen: But I like all the wrong things.
      Thomas: Like?
      Karen: Y'know, Gossip Girl, Davina, Dick Van Dyke, Lady and the Tramp, Hannah Montana, monster trucks, Dancing on Ice, mojitos, Rio Ferdinand, Masala Zone, Pop Tarts, Jude Law's accent in Cold Mountain, hair straighteners, Love Actually, Kylie, Whitney, Britney, Robbie, Brucie, L'oreal, Wild At Heart, milk, Comic Relief, ponies, Posh, Becks, pecs, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and heavy petting. God, I fucking love that.

    • Pandora: (trying to use her Tenori-on) I wrote you a song, I just can't get the hang of... titting pisswit instructions were in Japanese! Oh, fuck me up the arse three ways! Come on, you donkey cunt!
      Katie: Language!
      Pandora: Great init, I've been practising.

    • Naomi: (to Emily) You wanna do breakfast? I can fry you, poach you, scramble you... Do you any way you like. But, shower though, 'cause Ems, you smell of something, and it ain't roses.

    • Naomi: (to Emily) Hi. I got eggs. We can have eggs, yeah? And Red Bull's, and pain au chocolat, and I got Heat! What?

    • Cook: What have you done?
      John: Don't be stupid Cook. She told me all about you too. There was much to correct in that girl. I almost managed it. Perhaps I still can.
      Cook: You? You did something to my friend?
      John: This is wasting time. Would you kneel down please?
      Cook: Mr. Foster...
      John: Dr. Foster, actually. Kneel down please...
      (Cook shakes his head, Dr. Foster hits him in the stomach)
      Cook: I don't think you know what I am mate.
      John: I think I do. You're nothing. You don't deserve that girl. And you know I do.
      Cook: I'm a fucking waste of space. I'm just a stupid kid. I got no sense. A criminal. I'm no fucking use mate. I am nothing. So please, please. Get it into your, you know, into your bonce. That you killed my friend. And, I'm Cook. I'M COOK!
      (Cook lunges at John)

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