Skins (UK)

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 2011 on E4
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Rich and Grace are getting married, but they have to make sure they don't get discovered by David Blood. And to make matters worse, Alo's van breaks down and the group has to find their own way to the church.

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  • Not that exciting...for a finale.

    A lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. But again, not a whole pile actually happened. Anyway, I'll start with what I liked.

    Even though it's completely out of the blue and random, I do quite like that Mini has a crush on Franky. What it means, I don't know but it was nice seeing her being so protective. I like her character and her lines are entertaining and convincing. Alo and Nick provided much needed humour, I hope their friendship will be developed in series 6.

    the Franky/Liv/Matty triangle is just really odd. I have no investment in any of the relationships, I don't see how any of them are in love and while it was intense I didn't particular get why Franky had to nearly fall off some cliff. I was glad that Rich and Grace didn't actually get married but it did make things a little pointless. Blood was quite funny, but crazy in how he tracked Grace...her mother is pretty pathetic. Music was good.

    Ending the episode with a hug between Franky and Matty? Why? I don't care...

    This series has lacked any real storyline and I had little investment. My least favourite season of skins...but I know I'll watch the next one, cos it's still good enough TV.moreless
  • A less than stellar ending to a season that was enjoyable at best.

    This episode focused on the whole gang as all skins finales do. It was about Grace & Rich getting married to rebel against society. All of them drive in Alo's truck to a little church in a little town far outside of Bristol. Then, Alo runs into car troubles and so do the rest of the gang. Throughout the episode they all re-group in the end and meet in the church, however Grace and Rich decide to just be Boyfriend and girlfriend and not get married.

    Wow, really? This kind of reminds me of the season 3 finale, although season 3 was a much better and more entertaining season. Season 3 has had some good moments and some good episodes, however the writing has really disappointed me this time round. The fact that they have 1 whole year to write just 8 simple episodes blows my mind at how mediocre most of the episodes were. Some of These characters are actually quite good and have lots of potential. What disappointed me about this episode was the fact that it was really unrealistic, and parts of it didn't make much sense and didn't contribute to the story. The part were Franky breaks into that wedding and trips out while Nick plays piano and Liv starts to make some lesbian thing happen? Wtf was the point of that, even more so that Franky randomly trips out before about to have sex and nearly falls of a cliff. Very lame indeed. To be fair, the very end scene was fairly good and gave us a few questions about what'll happen next year. And another thing, this entire episode they're trying to get married, although correct me if I'm wrong but didn't they just not do it in the end? Even more pointless. The only episode i really thought stood out that resembled original brilliance of skins was Nicks. Nick's episode had love, comedy, drama, betrayal, drinking, drugs and friendship. Which is what skins was about and what it should always be about. I like the fact that this season it wasn't primarily based on sex, drugs and alcohol and the teens family's weren't all stuffed up and lived in pretty middle class families, which was a nice change all i can say is that i sincerely hope that next season is a step above the last two.

    Overall episode - 6/10

    Overall season - 7/10moreless
  • Weak finale and a little slow, but some great moments in between. Series six has potential and will still be interesting to watch.

    Let's start of with Grace & Rich, which is certainly the best and strongest storyline of the season. I don't mind that Blood is her father and it's interesting to watch Blood interact more often with the students. I loved Rich's haircut, and I just generally like the two together. However, the rest of the gang is simply a slew of interconnectedness. Nick added absolutely nothing to this episode. I guess Nick and Mini are truly over. Alo at least showed how his farm skills can help you in every day life. Franky's storyline was an interesting mess. I really didn't understand what's going on but the character of Franky has so much potential. Her infatuation with Matty is odd, yet intriguing, and Matty's stone-walled expression whenever he sees Franky is becoming a bore. I was quite confused by Liv and Mini's interactions with Franky in this episode - they seem to push the sexuality theme but never quite get there. Again, odd. I didn't understand Liv in the church. I didn't understand the time wasted on chasing each other through the woods. Their triangle is weird and now it includes Mini as well. Despite these downfalls, the character development has been stellar this season. The actual storylines, not so much, save for Rich and Grace. But much more work is needed to turn this season's plunders around. Very different from past seasons, this season has been slower out of the gate and much tamer with respect to its controversial elements. Harder, more elicit drugs for some reason (Liv, Matty, Franky). However, I'm sure series 6 will still be interesting to watch.moreless
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    • The SKINS writing team for Series 5: Bola Agbaje, Jamie Brittain, Jess Brittain, Sean Buckley, Geoff Bussetil, Josh Cooper, Neil Duncan, Stacey Gregg, John Griffin, Ed Hime, Laura Hunter, Bryan Elsley, Georgia Lester, Daniel Lovett, Ella Mitchell, Mishia Pouponne-Hall, Anya Reiss, Matt Strevens, Chloe Tucker, Toby Welsh, Tom Wells, Adam Woodhall, Lilah Vandenburgh, Paven Virk.