Skins (UK)

Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 23, 2012 on E4

Episode Recap


Mini, Alo, Nick, and Liv ride motorbikes across a desert area. They eventually stop for a minute to look at their map, but they are brilliantly lost. But then they see a plane go by and they reorient themselves. Meanwhile, Grace and Rich are at the airport. Rich is oddly dressed, because his luggage went missing. Rich and Grace, who have arrived to the holiday late, kiss and are soon greeted by their friends on the motorbikes.

Now the gang grabs a truck and head off to a villa along with a driver. They are smoking, Liv saying they found the pot in the unfinished house. The teens rejoice for the holiday. When they get there, Alo mentions that the bedrooms were assigned democratically and the only place left to sleep is the roof. Rich is not amused. Another teen we know is there, Rider, and he gets ready to fill the pool. Mini isn't impressed with Rider and looks to Nick who is supposed to control him.

They are soon smoking up a storm and taking pills. Franky shows up next with Matt, but they are in the midst of a huge argument. The rest of the gang stares in awe. Their road trip in from Tunisia was apparently a long one. Franky heads off and the girls soon greet her in private where she cheers up. Franky asks where the shower is, so they head to the pool where Alo is getting watered off. The "shower" consists of someone standing on a ladder pouring water out of a water bottle. Mini says she needs to go next. But Franky announces she is sorry to Matt but not in the nicest way – she basically says she is happy that they can talk to other people.

Later on in the evening, Rich complains about no electricity or running water and their lack of a bedroom. But Grace says that none of that matters and shows tries to get Rich to notice her. Now, Rich is happy again. They start hearing some beats in the distance. They jump in the car and try to find the place but it proves difficult with no lights on the roads. Franky opens the door and sees a boy named Luke. The house party is out of control. This pool is actually full of water, so people are jumping in and out. Dancing, drinking, staring (Luke at Franky). Matty tries to talk to Franky alone. Inside, Matty now apologizes, and Franky complains that the relationship just got boring, even with all the sex. Franky heads to the roof where she finally meets Luke alone. Franky mentions where they are staying. They soon start dancing together.

The next day, Mini awakes back at their villa. Nick lies naked across from them and Liv and Franky are also asleep. In a simple but really funny scene she walks outside near the pool and uncovers a lever that turns on the electricity and water. She says to herself how the guys are idiots for trying for hours to figure it out and she did it in ten seconds. Mini then goes over to Alo's room in just a towel. Soon they are getting frisky in Alo's bed. Rich and Grace lie in the waking sun as well. Matty stares at Franky from the opposite end of the pool while the other boys play. Nick finally talks to Matty and the latter thinks that Franky just can't be in a relationship with someone. Liv asks where Franky was last night. Nothing happens, says Franky. Luke pops by to the villa. He says the pot is actually his and they have been stashing it there. The gang says to take it but leave a bit. Luke says to com to the beach party happening soon.

So there they are, at the beach party, full of more young people. Music is blaring so they dance. Matty is the only that leaves. Luke is on the phone with someone and it shows more young men arriving at the gang's villa. This time they retrieve what looks like harder drugs from under someone's bed. Liv meets someone she fancies. Franky takes a break and Luke meets her again to talk. Luke tries to get Franky to come with him. She does follow him. Mini finds Alo to repeat that Alo can't mention what they did that morning. This is going to be hard for Alo. Meanwhile, Luke's buddy talks to Matty telling him to go after Franky and Luke.

Liv's new friend explains that Luke is a wealthy drug dealer and is very bad. Liv see Franky walking with Luke to his convertible. Matty is already ready to follow in the jeep. Grace and Liv get in the car and Matty puts the jeep into drive. Matty is not accustomed to driving this vehicle so after a while Matty loses control and flips the jeep. Just then, Rich feels something back on the beach that he can't place. Matty runs back for help but the entire scene dissolves.

The teens are now back at school. Grace is noticeably absent. Soon after lunch, Doug reads a letter from Principal David Blood about Grace's prolonged recovery. In the announcement, he notes that the students can't visit her just yet. The gang is saddened by this news. Nick says that Matty is missing and that he is wanted for drug smuggling, since the drugs were in the jeep. But Nick knows they weren't his. Mini tries to cheer Nick up. Franky is still visibly upset about the whole situation. Now Matty calls and Nick doesn't know whether to pick it up. Rich heads to the music teacher and tries to hand in Grace's music assignment. The teacher doesn't accept it because Grace did not actually do it. At the hospital, the nurse consoles Rich and says that David Blood will not let him see Grace. The nurse takes the flowers and assignment for Grace and plays the music for her. Grace lies in the hospital bed.

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