Skins (UK)

Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 23, 2012 on E4

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  • Good premier - seems better than last series already.

    So another year, another series of Skins. I watched this episode a week before it aired on TV, on 4od. What did I think? I actually quite enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect - the acting is still sub-bar compared to the previous two generations, it does feel less like Skins in a way and I like less characters. BUT it was entertaining, a bit crazy and funny. So...

    Overview. The gang in Morocco was funny, and I especially thought Mini was at her best. Punching Ryder, her chemistry with Alo and just her as a character really stood out. Franky meeting Luke and then him causing the gang endless amounts of drama isn't my favourite plot point but it did what it needed to do. The episode ends with a car crash - where Matty legs it, Liv barely escapes and Grace suffers devastating injury. I kind of saw this coming but liked how it was done - it was still quite shocking. Then suddenly, the gang are back at Roundview and it's three weeks later. Grace is in a coma, Matty is still on the run and the gang are in turmoil. Talk about a set up for the season. Now, what did each character get up to?

    Franky. Christ has she changed. The once shy, messed up girl who dressed like a boy is no more. Yes, she's still messed up but she's definitely reached into her feminine, slutty side. She and Matty were a couple (off-screen) in Tunsia but now Franky is bored. I don't know if the writers are trying to make her character unlikable but she really was horrible throughout the episode. I don't even like Matty and I felt sorry for him when she told him that she didn't want just talking, and fucking etc. What the fuck does she want? Then she goes off and meets Luke, who she puts far too much trust in. She snaps at the girls when they suggest she makes up with Matty. What the fuck is up with her? Seriously, she was so bitchy it's untrue. Then she randomly decides to jet off with Luke (yet again, complete random) and ends up causing the accident (well Luke did, but she was involved). I do get that the writers were trying to say that she wants excitement and she's different to other people, but I completely understand why everyone was glaring and sneering at her back at Roundview. She deserves it. Last series, I didn't mind her character but thought the actress playing her wasn't doing the character justice. This series already, her acting is okay but the character is horrible. Strange choice...Franky will either spend the rest of the season trying to make it up to the gang or plunging further into horribleness. I'm interested to see which path she takes, I guess.

    Mini. I'm glad the writers have realised what a good character Mini is, because she was bloody brilliant in this opener. She has endless witty one liners, she punched foul-mouthed Ryder and slept with Alo. YES. Brilliant job writers - putting the best two actors on the show together is a genius idea and one that's been hinted at since Alo's episode last series. It may have been sudden, but I don't think it was. I loved that she didn't want anyone to know, but then basically agreed to continue sleeping with him. Classic line when she says 'I preferred her (Franky) when she might have been a lesbian.' Mini was great in one of the last scenes when she talks to Nick about the crash, and Matty being on the run. Shows a lot of growth in her character that she comforted him. I'm really excited to see where they take Mini from here. How will she deal with Grace's state? Where will her and Alo's new found relationship end up?

    Alo. Likewise, brilliant characters. He was hilarious throughout the episode. The whole shower scene with the washing up liquid was great, and him jumping in an empty pool was pretty funny. Getting together with Mini was really good too. But judging from certain looks he gave her - is he falling for the ex-queen bee? I guess he'll have to deal with Rich's grief. Definitely interested to see where he ends up this season.

    Grace and Rich. They're in love - and clearly very happy together. For me, Rich has improved greatly as a character since early last season. I found he and Grace sweet for the most part - but that scene on the roof where she sang to him was pretty cringe worthy. Mainly due to her awful acting. But they were funny together and I enjoyed their scenes. I knew Grace was gonna be hurt in some way and it is sad to see her in a coma after the car crash in Morocco. Rich somehow knowing something wrong and getting upset at the party was ridiculous but I got what they were trying to put across. I guess Rich is in for a rough ride with Grace in hospital - here's hoping his episode next week is better than last year. The 'Next time' looked pretty promising.

    Nick. Not in it a whole pile - was enjoying Morocco and tried to talk to Matty about Franky, but didn't help much. He does however become quite prominent after Grace is out in hospital and Matty runs from the car crash because of the drugs. Again, it's nice development to see Nick really care about where his brother is, and why he'd run away. He smiled at Franky too - he may be the only one to sympathise with her? Could be a good storyline. Oh, and Matty was ringing him at the end - but he wasn't picking up. The trailers show he's quite involved with Franky and Luke - hmm.

    Liv. Didn't do a whole pile in the opener really. She realised that Luke was dangerous and started off the dangerous car chase. She seemed pretty uninjured from the crash herself - but will likely be guilty about that now that Grace is in a coma. Oh, and she randomly kissed their driver from Morocco but I think that was probably a plot device...

    Matty. I've never been a massive fan of Matty, and while I thought Franky was unfair to him, I still think he's my least favourite of the bunch. Again, he's involved in the crash and runs away cos of the drugs stashed in the van. Basically, now just hate him a little more for running away and not trying to help Grace. Don't know where his character goes from here, I do wonder when he'll resurface again though.

    That was the Skins series 6 premier. The trailers look pretty gruesome and I hope it's as good as they make it out to be