Skins (UK)

Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2012 on E4

Episode Recap

Mini is in the hospital again. Franky returns home and calls for one of her dads. They aren't home, so she runs to their room and finds her adoption papers. She finds her a caregiver's name: Mavis Williams and she lives near East Birmingham. She escapes the room before her dads come home and hitches a ride with a trucker. Meanwhile, Liv reads a magazine to Mini. Franky's ride makes small talk. The truck driver thinks things happen for a reason. They light up some pot. He wonders where she is heading.

Nick tries leaving a message the next morning and when she doesn't answer, Matty agrees that Franky is in trouble. They talk about Franky again, Matty saying that Franky has only been having sex with Nick – there's a difference. Nick has been tracking Franky's phone, so they take a car and head to East Birmingham. Franky finds her old social worker, Mavis Williams and asks her how to find her mother. Mavis says it's against the rules. But Mavis indirectly gives in, telling Franky to find them herself in the cabinet while she heads to the bathroom. Franky finds a letter from when she was young from someone named Maria, living in Birmingham. She takes the letter and heads out. Liv continues her watch on Mini. Alo comes to visit. He brings magazines. Liz wonders how she can apologize, when Mini won't even talk to her.

Franky heads to the address on the letter and knocks on the door. Long shot, but she does see a way in. She rips off a piece of plywood and takes a look around. It's dark and it looks like no one is living there. She lights a candle. Meanwhile, Nick and Matty are on their way to Birmingham, still about 15 miles out. Nick starts to wonder what the hell they are doing. Back at the Birmingham house, someone comes home but it's not Franky's mother. It's a younger woman and it turns out to be her sister. When her sister was eight, Franky was put up for adoption. Her sister says her mom is dead. It happened a while ago. Franky is obviously shaken. Her sister takes Franky to her place. Franky hesitates before crossing the threshold. It's a nice apartment with good furniture, a nice view, and a large kitchen. Franky wonders why her sister never came to find her. Franky wants to know more about her mother, but her sister paints a nasty picture of a drug and alcohol binging mother.

Her sister becomes upset and leaves for work. Franky doesn't want her to go, but Clara leaves anyway, leaving her in the apartment. Franky finds an engagement ring on Clara's sink. She heads out to the balcony and then all of a sudden sees Nick and Matty on the ground looking for her. Franky calls Nick and wonders why they came to get her. She drops down low and hides, sobbing. She finds the same truck driver that took her to Birmingham and heads home. The driver passes a sign that says Bristol and Franky is so upset about heading there that she jumps out of the truck onto the side of the road. The truck driver gets her back into the truck. Franky has only minor injuries. Franky heads to see Mini the next day at the hospital. Liv is there again and immediately berates Franky for her actions. Franky sobs as Mini pipes in, saying that it doesn't matter anymore. Grace's death is in the past. Mini hugs Franky and tells her to get her life together before they their lives change again.

Alex heads home after another night out. When he gets home, Liv is there. Alex tries to find out what's wrong with her. Liv confesses that she won't know what to do without Alex when he leaves for Thailand. Alex says he can't stay. Liv is upset about this and starts packing up her clothes. She says she doesn't belong anywhere. Alex says Liv will get into college. Liv says she will not come to the epic party tonight for Alex's sendoff. Liv is still worried but Alex says it will be okay. They snuggle up in bed. Rich gets his letter from university and it says he has a conditional offer. He's excited and starts rocking out with an air guitar. We haven't seen much of Rich this season, but this is definitely like his usual self. Nick comes by and brings Rich beer. Nick needs a favor and asks Rich to take Matty in for some time. Rich's parents are around this week so it should be fine. Alo also pops by, dropping off a ticket for Alex's party. Alo says Mini is fine but they can't come because they are pregnant and both of them are out of commission. Matty grabs a ticket as well and Nick protests but it's clear both of them are coming anyway.

Matty thanks Rich for staying. He apologizes about Grace, saying that he should have stayed with Grace. Rich says that Grace has forgiven him. Mini and Franky watch a horror flick and paint their nails instead of heading to the party. Alo sneaks up behind them and tells them that Mini is allowed to go to the party for an hour of fun. Franky is still wearing Clara's ring. Alo has brought dresses. Franky is now easily persuaded as well.

At the party, Alex deejays while people play around in the pool and alongside of it. Nick arrives and finds Mini and Alo kissing. He heads toward Franky instead. Franky doesn't immediately avoid him but Matty is also there looking onwards. They both start running after Franky and she tries to run. She jumps in the pool to get away. Runs down a hall, then up some stairs, and into a room full of chairs. She's now stuck. But the spirit of Grace is there once more and Grace says to stop running away from it. Franky asks what she needs to do. Grace says not to run away. Stop being crazy, Grace says. Tell the truth and everything will be okay. Nick and Matty burst through the door and find her. She says she loves them both. Franky says everything is coming to an end and she hates it but she can't be with either of them. They're both crushed but Matty says he loves Nick, a brother always.

Rich spots Grace across the pool. Rich jumps in and meets her in the middle. They kiss but it's all an imagination. She's gone the next minute. He's left alone. Franky gets ready to leave. She spots Clara across the way. Franky asks why her mother gave Franky up. "What is it that's wrong with me?" Clara hugs her, saying that everything is going to be all right. The next morning, Rich and Alo recap their year and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Nick brings more champagne for breakfast. Mini and Liv are still there too. Mini admits she is terrified. Liv says she is not going anywhere. Mini starts getting her contractions. The boys head out to help. They get to the hospital. Clara brings Franky to see her mother, saying she is in fact, not dead.

Matty and Nick forgive each other. Matty turns him self into the police. Alex gets ready to board a bus, but he considers texting Liv. Liv and the rest of the gang wait at the hospital. Franky, Clara, and one of her dads heads to the place where her mother is. Mini goes into labor. Franky's mother greets her and Franky instantaneously has a weight of pain lifted off of her. Mini's pain is almost over too. The baby is born, a girl. Rich smiles up to the heavens and says "bye". A salute to the audience as well, ending the show in a spectacular sense.