Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 22, 2007 on E4

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  • What i thought to be the perfect series finale.

    This season finale didn't close any doors at all, in fact it opened plenty up to keep the fans excited for the next season. A lot of things happen in this episode. Anwur and Maxxie realize thanks to Anwurs dad that just because Maxxie is gay doesn't mean he is not a good person and they should remain friends, which they do. Chris finds out that the teacher he is in love with and has seen many time is actually married to a Australian bloke, who is back in town. Chris however won't give up.

    Sid on the other hand is trying to convince Cassie that he loves her, and writes a not that he plans to give to her, to convince her not to go to Scotland. However Sid forgets the note, and Tony who came past to visit Sid picks up the letter and takes it. Sid who can't find Cassie anyway runs into the rest of the Skins crew at Anwurs party. Tony who just arrives at the party finds Cassie and tells her Sid loves her and gives her the note. He then rings up Michelle and tells her that he loves her before he is hit by a bus. Very good ending to a great first season.
  • Everyone

    I was incredibly skeptical about this show at first but the finale proved to everyone how great this show can really be. I mean this is as good as this show is going to get. You really have to commend the writers for this wonderful series, and seeing all these characters progress over the course of nine 45 minute episodes. Everyone had their own complex story line, and I hadn't even realized it until this episode.

    I really did not expect the ending of the episode. Tony getting hit by a bus right after he confesses his love for Michelle with Effy standing by to witness the whole thing? That was intense, and I wonder how this is going to affect Effy come season 2. I was definitely rooting for Cassie and Sid throughout the entire episode, and they finally found each other, I was so relieved, and the musical number was surprising but still great.

    Anwar's story line this season wrapped up quite nicely when his father finds out about Maxxie. The whole Chris & Angie thing sort of wraps up too but leaves things open for speculation. So we got a couple of things to look forward too next season. Can't wait for it.
  • Not only a brilliant way to end the season but one of the best episodes ever.

    This was a great way to end the series .Tony finally starts realising that playing his friends off against each other has consequences as he attempts to reconcile with michelle. Sid tries to find the words(fails miserably and hilariously) to express his love for Cassie resulting in her leaving for Scotland and him locked up in a mental home(unrealistic but enjoyable). Chris finds out Angie is engaged resulting in a big brawl at Anwar's birthday. Anwar struggles to tell his strict father that Maxxie is gay which ends on a high note though.I'd have to say my highlight of the episode was Anwar's uncle-that guy was hilarious. The episode then ends with a cliffhanger leaving the audience desperate for the next season to begin while the main characters do an homage to 'Wild World'.
  • Australian?

    not a bad episode, but one of the worst portrayals of an Australian that I have EVER seen (most UK and US TV does a pretty poor job with Australians, but this was just pathetic). I mean this guy was using words and terms that I've never heard of (and yes I am Australian), and in the end it was as laughable as the Simpsons go to Australia episode, but that was MEANT to be funny, this was just a wanker in a pink shirt making it up as he went along. With any luck this character will be gone by season 2.
  • Oh My Gosh!!!!

    In this Episode: it's Anwar's 17th birthday and his mother throws him a party and Maxxie wont show up unless Anwar tell his parent's he's gay Meanwhile, Sid has finally sorted out his priorities and goes in search of Cassie. While he is doing so he gets locked up at the hospital and tony has to rescue him. Cassie meanwhile has left the Hospital for one more look at the town. Cassie is moving to Scotland. Chris has found out about Angie' Fiancée and goes all weird. Tony Finally realizes he loves Michelle and tells her then promptly gets by a bus.

    I loved this episode. I thought it was amazing. It was defiantly made you want more and to find out what happened to Tony. What happened to Sid and Cassie? What happened to Chris and Angie? What happened to Michelle, Maxxie, Anwar and Kenny? I know Tony wasn't a very good person but didn't he suffer enough with the Effy/Josh incident. I love the song at the end.
  • anwar reveals to his father that his bestfriend, maxxie, is gay

    what a wonderful ending for this show's first season. alot happened. you'd really be excited about the next installment...

    what stuck on me the most is the revelation of maxxie's sexual preference. i'm pretty sure it was very hard for anwar to let his family know that his bestfriend is gay because indeed, muslim's doesn't really recognize homosexuality. however, anwar's dad gave the best reaction one should have in knowing something that is against one's beliefs.

    i've been living here in qatar for half a year now and 99% of the people i work with are muslims. they do have very different beliefs (i'm catholic) and the best way to live peacefully with them is to recognize those beliefs (even if they differ from yours) and respect it.

    as anwar's dad said (i'm paraphrasing), its a f**king stupid messed up world. some things we just can't work out so we should leave them be, even if we think they are wrong...
  • Great season finale.

    Surprisingly good season finale, on par with the best episodes of the season.

    While I know that alot of people love the dramatic aspect of ththe show, I'm not a big fan of that. It feels a bit too much oout there. But the comedy is alot of fun, for the most.

    IThis episode was spot on as far as comedy goes, and even the drama was executed surprisingly well. Wasn't a big fan of the whole Cas+Sid thing. I just don't feel the chemistry...

    Anwar's birthday party was hilarious on the other hand. The portrayal of muslims is just as stereotypical and over the top as most of the things on this show, but it's not really an issue because it's all there for the comic relief.

    The best part of the episode was the ending, Tony getting hit by a truck all of sudden. This was by far the most shocking thing on this show to date, and it was very well done also. The musical ending was superb too. Bit cheesy but definitely served it's purpose.
  • A hugely entertaining episode to end this fantastic first series of Skins. A strong yet little cheesy ending with an excellent cliffhanger to boot. All in all a brilliant episode.

    Excellent teenage drama is not 3 words that are normally heard together in a sentence but this show definitely deserves them.
    With all the episodes named after a character, this episode like the last is a little difficult to do that with. With the arrival of his family and the dealings with his parents indicate that this is Anwar’s episode though the end of the title credits which each week at the end change according to whose episode it is, show a shot of the boys running away from Michelle’s party in the second episode… perhaps its about all the boys with them all facing up to their troubles or issues in this episode.

    Tony and Michelle
    Tony is obviously suffering due to the events of the last couple of episodes and quite deservedly too. He does redeem himself with helping Sid to chase Cassie and also on the advice of a few choice words from Effy (“W**ker”) we see him finally try to properly redeem himself with Michelle. This has consequences with him getting run over by a bus but I highly doubt that he is dead, as this is not really the type of show to deal with such matters. Still it gives a wonderful cliffhanger for the nest series of the show.

    Sid and Cassie
    Their ‘just missing’ each other thing was quite funny but a little tiresome in my opinion. I did appreciate though as it gave a very nice simple ending with the two of them holding hands on the hill.

    Kenneth and Jal
    Quite a sweet development between the two characters, Jal is obviously sceptical of Kenneth’s advances but I think the two would make a sweet couples. I would love to see the two of them develop their relationship over the next series.

    Chris and Angie
    The arrival of Angie’s poncey, Australian gay fiancée was bound t spell doom for this unstable relationship, which is a shame. I did enjoy the face of between him and Chris though. It was rather clichéd it happening at the party but its one of my favourite parts of the episode so I enjoyed it. The Chris Angie relationship is unsolved so hopefully we will get to see some resolution between the two in the next series.

    Anwar and Maxxie
    First of all I loved Anwar’s family scenes and the scenes at the party. It was fitting that he got given an episode to himself and it was a most enjoyable outing too. I also liked that he managed to pull at the end with his sister’s friend though I would be a bit dubious that they weren’t setting him up for a fall. Anyway at least for a bit he is happy.
    The Maxxie storyline however didn’t fit quite as well into the episode. Though I understand Maxxie’s frustration at Anwar, I don’t see how telling Anwars family that Maxxie was gay would help Anwar change his opinions about gays as that is what Maxxie originally had a problem with. Plus I don’t think it was fair of Maxxie to pressure his friend into telling his deeply religious family as although it didn’t in the end, it was more likely to cause even more trouble than its worth. Despite my reservations about the storyline, I did enjoy the conclusion with Anwar’s father showing tolerance in spite beliefs therefore almost validating the slightly crooked plot line that led up to it.

    Overall a brilliant episode, both laugh-out-loud funny and incredibly sweet, showing why this show is well deserving of a follow up series.
  • Loved it or hated it, I can't decide


    Tony has always been my favourite character and so I found the ending very bad. I never go mushy or enotional at tv shows but when he said i love you i went "ahhh".
    And then he got hit by a truck!
    And so i sat for the next 5 minutes gawping at what was happening, and the singing was really a terrible idea. It wasn't funny it was just weird and sad. But i didi like the different stories going on in this episode. i liked Anwars homestory and his strange dad. I've never been mad about Maxxie but i suppose he helped make this episode what it was. It was quite annoying when Cassie walked straight past the letter. I like Chris and i think Merve or whatever his name is is stupid.
    And Jal's just hanging around as usual.
    And i liked Effy talking.

    So it was either brilliant or terrible... you decide
  • Ooh, baby, baby - it's a wild world!

    I'm left with questions at the end of this episode. The obvious questions: is Tony alive? and Why was this episode called Abigail, when it was totally Anwar's (Abi didn't even feature in it!)? - then, was it the cast singing? will it be released? So many questions...

    The brilliance of the actors who play these characters amazes me - and the writing behind each character is so strong. This episode did everything a season finale should do - it tied up the loose ends, and gave us both a sad & happy ending - at once shocking, yet totally satisfying.

    The surreal musical ending struck me as cheesy at first, on second watch, I couldn't think of anything more fitting. The Skins kids are living in a Wild World - and it's a world I'll continue to visit once a week through season 2.
  • You Can't Miss The Bus Written by Bryan Elsley Directed by Adam Smith

    First off, this episode is clearly Anwar's and not Abigail's because she's the only regular who isn't in this episode, not that she's deeply missed or anything.

    I've been on the fence with Anwar since the series has started and for weeks i've been bored with him constantly leering at girls or not being friends with Maxxie for being gay This episode made me like him. Go figure!

    Turning 17 wasn't a big deal for me but it is for Anwar and mercilessly getting the piss taken out of you by your sisters isn't pleasant as well as having a spoiling mother and an idiotic uncle with some of the worst time humour to go on.

    Let's just say some of Anwar's other family behaviour made me kind of understand his father's a bit more. His dad is a little harsh with Anwar but he does seem to care about him and that was greatly proved when he asked about Anwar's fight with Maxxie.

    Maxxie was right to no want to come to Anwar's party if his best mate couldn't tell his parents that Maxxie was gay I loved Ishtack's reaction to Maxxie's sexuality. He admitted to not understanding it but didn't feel the need to persecute Maxxie over something like this anyway. He could see that Maxxie was a good friend to Anwar and ran with that.

    Anwar's party was pretty funny but I would've had his uncle committted for some of the atrocious music on site. I absolutely detest Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" and this episode won't make me like it in a hurry anytime soon.

    Anyways beside Anwar finally pulling a girl his own age that seemed to genuinely like him, every party needs a decent scrap and Merve bringing his mates to sort Chris out was pretty funny. I didn't know Anwar had moves like that and who would be stupid enough to even think of hurting Jal?

    Now Chris and Angie - even I am going off this reklationship because neither of them are stable enough in their own lives to have a healthy one. Angie is pretty immature and Chris is deeply troubled while Merve is as gay as Christmas and should go back to Australia and never return.

    At least everyone copped off at the party right? Anwar with Seeta, Maxxie with one of Merve's muscles and Jal and Kenneth? Now the latter would be a very interesting relationship to see unfold in the next season. Both of them need to be given more to do that they're getting.

    Also I love that this episode was seeped into so much continuity from last week especially with Effy being sent to a school where you even have to attend on a Saturday. Michelle wins huge points for her conversation with Effy and asking why she doesn't speak? You would've thought that Tony and her folks would've asked that question by now.

    As for Tony, I really liked him a lot in this episode. All of the mess he has created is his own doing but I felt bad for him when he was looking at an old film with him and Michelle and I liked how he was determined to help Sid get his girl after the callous things he said to him last week.

    I also really liked him and Effy sparring when she uttered a few unfavourable but right comments in his direction. Even when she abuses him, Tony still is putty in his little sister's hand.

    The getting hit by a bus thing I could kind of see when he went out the road to get a better reception when talking to Michelle. This is the third series i've watched in the last six months when we've had something like that happen, the others being Nip/Tuck and Lost. Only I definitely don't think Tony is dead and I actually hope he isn't either. Like him or loathe him, he's an effective character and effective characters make programs like Skins.

    Sid's storyline this week was a joy, with the whole star crossed lovers antics between him and Cassie. She wanted a clean break, he wanted her a lot! Running out in the house in mixed gear and getting himself almost committed in Restoration was a riot.

    That clinic is pretty inept because how many times has Cassie managed to sneak out? This time she did it with Water Girl from Episode 2, who was also a joy to watch. I noticed that their scrabble was all associated with food and Water Girl really looks unwell in parts as well. Her and Cassie are a blast to watch.

    Cassie telling Tony to say goodbye to Sid for her saw Tony do the best thing and get them together when they met up on that hill at the end. Just the two of them saying a simple "hi" was sweet and very well done.

    As for the musical number ending - er guys, Shameless did that as well only Skins picked a much better song, it's just a pity that none of the cast actually sang but hey, what a way to end the hugely enjoyable first season.
  • B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T

    Just brilliant, wow, I thought my favourite episode was Sid's but this episode tops it by far! Cassie was plannig on going to Scotland...Sid fought, and I think got her back. Anwar is 17.. not 18. Tony hit by a bus whilst talking to Michell! What a bloody cliffhanger, I'm really looking forward to seeason 2. Oh and if you want to be a part of it, head over to

    Oh, and Effy FINALLY talks, olny to say ****** After seeing her brother get hit by a bus

    The edning was cool, with the singing on each of the characters. Funny

    This episode was a classic, and bring on Season 2!
  • Wow! That ending was amazing! Great!

    I loved this episode. It really ened the shows first season in a good way. Cassie and Sid's stories were great and funny. Tony was better then usual but the end was shocking, i actually couldn't believe it. anwars story was funny and it was good that it ened with him and maxxie friends again. The ending was weird,funny but yet brillant. The ending with sid and cassie both saying hi was great. Can't wait for next season and dvd boxset!!!!!!!!
  • Brilliant!!! (Spoilers)

    I loved every minute of this finale. The singing at the end was the cherry on top of a great sundae! There were some shocking bits in this episode too especially Tony getting hit by the bus! I did not see that coming. Sid and Cassie together at last lol. I can't wait for season 2!
  • Two Words : Loved It!

    I love this show cos' it's actually what teenagers are like in britain @ that age, well obviously not that extreme but they are like that. The swearing, the fighting the everything!! I love maxxie he's my favourite but why was this episode called Abigail she wasn't even in it?!!!! I just finished watchin it!