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Journalism article - help needed. Topic- US remakes of Brit shows

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    Hey guys, would really like some opinions on this topic to quote in my article.

    For my final journalism piece I am writing a feature on the recent increase in US remakes of British shows, so Being Human, Skins and Shameless to name a few.Why do you think US networks opt for the remake instead of airing the Brit original? Is it to do with format of seasons being different (UK seasons are 6 episodes vs US 22 episodes) Or is it about them wanting the show to be more culturally relevant for theiraudience. (familiar dialect, slang, locations, actors)

    If this is the case why is it so uncommon for US shows to be remade this side of the Atlantic?

    Do you reckon the US viewers would actually prefer to watch the remake over the original?

    Other opinions you will add to my article would also be fabulouso!Also anyone with any opinions about the success of US version of The Office would also be grand.

    Actually taking the idea and developing it into a new show, withoriginalideas is fine, but shows like BH and Skins where they just ship the script over and replace Brit slang with American is an absolute waste of time.

    Do they so little of their viewers that they think they can't understand English?

    Thanks for your time


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