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Submission Guidelines

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    Okay, here are some rough guidelines to submissions now that the new series has started.

    Firstly, I am not accepting new episodes in the guide greatly in advance, as there is no point in having a guide full of empty episodes. I will only have two unaired episodes in the guide at any singular point in time, and if you submit an episode when there are already two in the guide I will reject the sub rather than keep it in my queue.

    I will check all material e.g. episode summaries, to see if they have been copied and pasted so please do not try submitting copyright information, or just copying and pasting, as this will mean instant rejection.

    I require sources where possible with submissions, so that I can verify the information.

    Don't try editing episode summaries before the episode has aired, as that is pointless, it is better to wait until you have seen the episode first-hand and can write a far more knowledgeable summary.

    Obviously I have multiple submissions for things like summaries, so I will accept the best one in my queue regardless of the time of submission or individual submitter.

    These are just some basic rules for now. If you have any questions feel free to PM me and ask.

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