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The season 5 cast

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    [1]Feb 11, 2011
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    What do you make of the season 5 cast then?

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    [2]Feb 11, 2011
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    I've always been one to accept a new cast, like season 3. Everyone was like oh no they suck bring back the originals, but i thought the season 3/4 cast were great! Not as good as the first but i think the shows writing contributes a lot too it.

    Season 5 so far has been a massive disappointment for me. The characters are so soulless and un-charasmatic. I have sympathy for Gracie and maybe Allo as they seem to be fairly interesting. Franky is okay, but not as good (so far) as the previous protagonists (Tony & Effy). Gracie seems like the most entertaining character at the moment, Allo (the red head) seems like he has some potential and the mysterious guy who says to franky ''you're beautiful'' he seems like there's a future for him.

    The first episode of season 5 was interesting, i thought a change from excessive drinking, smoking and a new kind of main character could liven the show up from a mediocre season 4, however by the second episode it seems to be going downhill. Rich's episode sucked, and Mini's was worse =/

    I seriously don't no why it's so hard for them to have good stories, i mean they have all year to write just 8 simple episodes? 8 - that's it. I'm 17 and i'm just starting to detest skins, this season seemed like it could've been interesting and it just isn't.

    Although, who knows i could change my mind eventually. Liv (The girl who looks like Jal) episode is coming up and maybe things will improve, but too answer your question as i've probably repeated myself - i do not like the new cast.

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    I'm actually annoyed they're focusing so much on their school lives. I mean, I know they're teenagers and high school is a massive part of their lives, but I fell in love with Skins because they partied. Not because they went to school.
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    [4]Feb 15, 2011
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    they're getting more childish than being pre-adults. how pathetic
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    can't act. at all.
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    [6]Feb 17, 2011
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    I for one really like the new cast. I like that there's a metalhead in the gang(not superindie like every other character since the start imo..), and enjoyed his episode. So far, for me, this cast just seems happier. Alot of my friends just stopped watching about half way through last season cause it just got too crazy, and they just stopped enjoying it, and I dont blame them. But I'm looking forward to what this season could bring, and I don't think that skins HAS to be about a bunch of crazy drugged up kids who party all the time, we've seen that for four seasons now, and although I like the partying, i don't blame them for trying something a little new, especially since they just pushed it too far the last time around..

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    [7]Feb 18, 2011
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    I actually like them. Go figure. I think everyone is being way too critical of the new cast and expecting way too much from them. The series has finally branched out and tried something different in many ways. For a start they are trying to be more realistic, the storylines although exagerrated are still believable; apart from Rich going deaf but I think that was supposed to be metaphoric or something like that. They've also toned down the drugs and partying largely because that's not actually how all teenagers go on, they dabble and drink and do some drugs but not every day all the time. Then there is the fact that there is no connection to the previous series at all, they have nothing to go on. No Effy to keep viewers happy. This time they are trying for a whole new and original cast and to be honest folks, they aren't that bad.

    Fair enough they are stereotypical but I think there are plenty of Richs in the world, as there are Minis and Nicks. I like the writing currently as it is actually focussing on character development. The first episode wasn't great but from then it's moved from strength to strength. Mini, although clearly a manipulative pain in the rear, still has an insecure and human centre. I think her walk of shame at the end of the episode was pretty much heartbreaking. I think they've tried to make it so people can relate to these characters better this time around which is great. JJ was the only really relateable character in the previous series but I think all the new cast have levels of humanity to them. The previous cast I didn't connect with and their whole dynamic and characterisation was not believable at all. But that's just my opinion. I like this lighter and realistic tone.

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