Skins (UK)

Season 6 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2012 on E4

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  • This series is a major improvement on the last!

    I've never been Franky's biggest fan, and so I was a little wary about what this would be like. I actually really enjoyed it. Last series, Franky was pretty annoying, with her annoying useless advice to everyone and her stupid feelings for Matty. Oh, and Dakota Blue Richards couldn't play her particularly well either. In this episode, she actually did pretty well. She was convincing for the majority of the episode, and I even sympathised with in some bits.

    I'm glad they used Franky's grief and guilt to explain why she was so drawn to Luke, and it was a lot more effective than the premier. She couldn't handle the pressure of college, and her friends so she goes to Luke. Actually makes sense. I like Franky's dads - they're funny, and I'm glad they handled the whole adopted side of things. Franky's family is different, and that's great to see. The various arguments with them were done well - perhaps Franky pushing one her dads into the counter was a little OTT but it did what it needed to.

    What do I think of Luke? He's a prick, but he's quite a good character for the episode and seems to have good chemistry with Franky. An obvious bad influence as well - it's quite clever how Franky slowly becomes more erratic and violent the more time she spends with him. Also; the way he gradually becomes more controlling and nasty was very well done. The sex scenes were quite shocking, considering how innocent Franky was in series 5 BUT it needed to be explored, and I liked it.

    The scene at college really showed how bad of influence Luke really was on Franky - from confronting Mini in quite a threatening manner, to telling Nick to piss off, Franky was definitely rebelling. Speaking of Nick, him being in love with Franky sure came out of no where. Yes, he looked at her in the premier BUT that's it. I mean, where was the development? Luckily, I did quite like it. There scenes were maybe the highlights of the episode. The one in the park was funny while the one where Nick gets Franky away from a pretty nasty bar brawl was brilliantly intense. Franky's strange and almost insane reaction to Nick's reveal that he loves her was a shining moment for Dakota Blue Richards.

    That's when it all went downhill. Luke completely controls Franky and basically forces sex on her. Or at least in a pretty vicious way. Then Franky shows lots of character development and strength when she leaves Luke and goes home. I'm glad to see Luke dumped by Franky BUT I'm pretty sure he'll be back. And that ending scene with Nick and Franky was...interesting. I do quite like them together but Franky said they were just mates, and Nick saying 'What are you doing to me, Franky?' after she'd left was strange. Are they going to get together? Does that mean Nick kissing Alex in the trailer means nothing?

    Other; Franky seeing Grace actually worked really well. As did the therapy scene where Franky let go of her guilt and said sorry to Grace. So yeah, another great episode. I can't believe how much this series has improved over the last. I mean the quality is so brilliant. I really hope it isn't the last series, but I think it is. That makes me sad. Mini's episode next week looks awesome. She's probably my favourite character so I can't wait.