Skins (UK)

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2009 on E4
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Freddie has always been the black sheep of his family, and is growing more and more sick of this. But when Freddie's sister Karen signs up for a reality TV show, he is forced into acting like a perfect family for the cameras.

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  • Directors and set designers playing the upper hand this season.

    One thing that has hooked the most about this season, is the beautiful scenery some of the most touching scenes are shot in. Freddie running to find Effy, and then swimming to her will go down as the most beautifully directed scene sequence in Skins history.

    They have chemistry. Effy and Freddie that is. They're both so fu@ked up in their own ways that makes them perfect for each other. The pain and toture they both endure in their own lives creates the perfect enviroment for passion, and that's exactly what these two radiate when they're together. Fiery passion. Fiery passion shooting out of their beautifully colored eyes.

    In this epsiode we explore the daily life and troubles of Freddie. The boy who seems to have lost it all. A slutty sister, who uses their mother's death as a way to get ahead in a sex music competition. A father that takes away his one place for escapism, to give to his sister. A best friend that has slept with his sister and the girl he's inlove with.

    Yes, viewers will deffinately sympathise with Freddie's character in this heartbreaking, well shot and at times, exiting episode.moreless
  • The rock Freddie...

    First of all, as usual this episode was beautiful, I've been loving this season more and more, and after this episode Freddie finaly has a personality

    Freddie's episode, I was eargerly awaiting for this episode since Freddie up until now has not done much, heck he's been just appearing throughout the show without ever making himself heard. So his episode had to bring something new.

    Now, after the episode I really like Freddie, he's a thinker, not a "do-er", all around him is falling apart and he just thinks, tries to be correct, tries to figure what to do in order to change things. Now the problem is, he thinks too much, he's too emotive so to speak, he doesn't get up and fight for what he wants, and I kind of like that his character is like that, not everyone is Cook, some people are simply more closed off, less active, it's great that the writer's introduced Freddie this way.

    By the end, Freddie discovers he needs to start doing something with his life and begins to fight back, this was what we were all expecting throughout the episode, and finally it happened. I can't wait to see more character development on Freddie, I still want him to burst out more, to fight more, to become what he wishes.

    This episode is very centered around Freddie, so most of the other characters didn't get much screentime. Let's review the ones that did.

    Cook, in one word, AMAZING, I love this character, he's so freakin' himself (can't really find a better comparison). It was nice to see that he couldn't hit Freddie, it kind of makes him a little more human, of course by the end, he goes and bangs Effy showing off to Freddie, but that's him, he won't say no to sex, Freddie knows that. That final scene was pretty much expected.

    Effy, I simply love her, she's so absolutely awesome, she likes Freddie but she knows that she will destroy him eventually, that's just the way she is. So she decides to destroy all of Freddie's love for her by screwing around. Freddie is supposed to be a "weak" character so either he get's stronger or he's crushed.

    To end, I didn't like the water scene, it was weak on Effy's character, and I believe it would have had much more impact if Freddie crossed the entire river, got up on that wooden thingy, kissed her and leave. I think it would make a stronger impression on Effy, I really didn't like her throwing herself into the water as well.

    Well... let's wait for Naomi's episode, it should be a blast.moreless
  • Make Me A Sex Bomb Written by Ben Schiffer Directed by Charles Martin

    I think this was another strong episode. I'm glad that previous episodes had made Freddie more sympathetic, though this episode would've done the trick.

    So he's lost his mother and his father and sister are too interested in themselves to care. Too bad. Asking your brother if he thinks you're sexy though - Karen, are you demented?

    Karen started off being quite annoying in this episode. Using her mum's death as a tool to gain public sympathy was tasteless and I can understand Freddie's anger, though pulling down her pants might have been taking it too far.

    So Karen and Cook did the nasty once? Yuck. Not even my own body weight in alcohol would make Cook look feasibly attractive. Karen was probably ashamed that she went near him, hence her not telling Freddie anything about it.

    Cook also proved his nastiness by getting everyone not to vote for her as well. What a prince. Then he kissed Freddie - that was certainly very leftfield.

    The Effy segment of this episode didn't add much. She rejected Cook one minute, only to sleep with him the next, though I did love her dressing down of him earlier in the episode.

    Anthea and Jim certainly know how argue the place down, don't they? Loved Jim trying to explain to Freddie about women, though Anthea was particularly nasty to the lad at the end.

    No-one else really seemed to have much to do in this episode. Emily and Katie didn't discuss the events of the last episode, Naomi slagged off Hamlet and Pandora just didn't understand it.

    I did love the references to Anwar and seeing Josie in the episode and I didn't mind Javine and Scott Mills appearing too.moreless
  • Freddie...

    When I saw the trailer for this episode last week, I really wasn't excited. It was better than I expected (I had really low expectations) but still nothing amazing. Freddie's character is my least favourite of the new gang, and obviously the least developed. Although this episode explained why he is sort of the way he is, I still do not feel for his character at all. He just seems dull. He came through for his sister in the end, sure, but he still treated his family so badly. Cook is unlikable, but his character really drives the show and creates drama. Freddie doesn't seem to bring anything to the show. He only seems like he's there as another corner on the love triangle.

    Hopefully his character grows on me, but so far I much prefer the rest of the group (even those who haven't had their backstories explored yet). His character has a lot of potential but at the moment, I'm bored of him. The highlight of the episode was definitely the confrontation between Freddie and Cook, and anything with Effy.moreless
  • Freddie's family make for a sad bunch but also the most interesting new family this series

    Last week, although being Pandora's episode, was also a way to develop Effy as a character. Her development of being more open and not just the spacey, hardish to like character partly follows through in her character here, but as usual it's the boys that overshadow the girls once again. This is Freddie's episode and pretty much no-one else in the main cast gets a look in.

    Turns out he's not just the boring one for no reason. He's not a happy kid is Freddie since his Mum died, he just does nothing but skate around. His sister is in the final of a low rent late night pervy talent show. Where as his dad supports her, he thinks its unfair to his Mums memory that Karen, his sister, uses her death as a story to play up to the camera. Personally I think he is partly right here but its clear to a certain extent that she's dealing in her own way. Later on when he kicks off at her and his dad slaps him you don't feel sorry for Freddie, in fact he needed that to a certain extent and it reflects in him supporting his sister. This family in particular is an interesting dynamic and unlike say Pandora's which is played for laughs all the way.

    The comedy in this episode varied in quality, as it was mainly serious it jarred in some cases. Unlike Pandora last week the Skins style mania is almost entirely left at the door with just a little creeping through the letterbox occasionally. One thing I don't like too much is the portrayal of the teachers so far and that doesn't stop here with the english lit teacher making a puppet out of her hand to discuss Hamlet. Dreadful, although I liked Naomi's line about Hamlet, or was it Freddie. What sort of Pub quiz was that as well? The lude lyrics in the Sexxbomb talent show ranged from funny to downright odd though. It was clear Karen could do much better than this show but I suppose you sometimes have to aim for the lower echelons to start as a reality tv star sometimes. Lets hope she doesn't give it up just because Cook made her lose by getting everyone in the Pub to vote against her.

    It's a shame that because of her parents current breakup that Effy will resist getting together with Freddie despite their clear (even clearer this episode) attraction. With the loss of his den in the shed and the breakdown of the friendship between him and Cook he really needs somebody, JJ may eventually stand-up for himself but that doesn't look like happenneing at least till his own episode. He really needs to be on Freddie's side and not a sheep to Cook.

    Lastly just mentioning J.J. nice fire breathing trick, more in line with that surprise please.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Cook enters the shed and starts pounding the punching bag, he says that he got in a fight with a skinny Asian guy called Anwar, an obvious reference to Anwar from the first two seasons, the second such reference to the previous cast.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Freddie: We'd be good together. Don't you think?
      Effy: No.
      Freddie: Why?
      Effy: Because I'll break your heart.
      Freddie: Maybe I'll break yours.
      Effy: Nobody breaks my heart and anyway, why would I want that?

    • Josie: I'm not sure that's right. There's no wanking in Hamlet.
      Naomi: Mmm, yeah, there is. Loads. Only they call it "soliloquising".
      Cook: Nice one, blondie. She's funny.

    • Cook: After all that I fancy a spunk. Are you coming, Eff? You soon will be.
      Effy: I'd sooner fuck JJ.

    • Karen: Do you think I look hot?
      Freddie: Don't be fucking twisted, you're my sister.

    • Jim: (walking in on Effy and Freddie) Who the buggering tits is this!?
      Effy: Unbelieveable.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Thomas does not appear in this episode.

    • Music In This Episode:
      "A Little More" by The Early Years.
      "Sexxbombz Theme Tune" by Fat Segal.
      "Juicing Down" by Timothy Victor.
      "Tension Music" by Fat Segal.
      "Bankrobber" by The Clash.
      "Voodoo Chile" by Jimi Hendrix.
      "At Death A Proclamation" by Phosphorescent.
      "In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country" by Boards of Canada.
      "It's A Wonderful Life" by Sparklehorse.
      "Le Ciel Dans Une Chambre" by Carla Bruni.
      "This Room" by Notwist.
      "Gone Under The Sea" by Electrelane.
      "Now That I Know" by Devendra Banhart.
      "Untitled" (Freddie Being Sick Ambient Composition) by Fat Segal.
      "Darlin' Don't" by Stephen Fretwell.
      "I Am A Fully Grown Man (And I Will Lay Down in the Grass)" by Phosphorescent.
      "Rim Licking" by Fat Segal.
      "Ass2Ass" by Timothy Victor.
      "Love Reign Over Me" by David Holmes.