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Skins (UK)

Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2010 on E4
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Episode Summary

Freddie and Effy use the Stonem house as a private place to drink, dance and have sex. Freddie is worried that he's failing his college work. Effy begins to act strangely, switching between depression and delusion and always drinking alcohol. After arguing with his dad and seeking advice from his grandfather, Freddie tries to fix things with Effy but on a day out, she once again becomes delusional and gets lost. Later Freddie finds Effy locked in the bathroom, unconcious with her wrists cut. He later burns Effy's newspaper cuttings and takes his frustration out on Cook. Cook becomes unusually compassionate and talks to Freddie about Effy, putting aside his own feelings for her.moreless

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  • Heavy would be an understatement, but also quite depressing...

    This episode should have been called Freddie and Effie, instead of just Freddie, like they did with Maxie and Tony. Effy's erratic behaviour worries Freddie. She immerses herself in pills and drinks until Freddie puts a stop to it. We find out how Freddie's mother died and witness the nervous breakdown of Effy who flees her home and gets lost in a fiesta crowd, only to be saved by Katie. Effy tries to take her own life which breaks Freddie in Cooke's arms.

    Intense. Deffinately darker than the previous few, although the series as a whole has been more intense than the last. We find out alot more about Freddie, and Effy. Yet there's still a mystery to what is actually wrong with her. So this "thing" Effy puts on wasn't actually a rebellious act to stay grounded and on top of her own "cool." She was actually sick.

    Brilliant performances, however, some of the dialogue felt a bit cheesy, and made me cringe a little. Like when Effy was at the park and started to freak out about the demons that were coming for her. It just felt too made up. Also it was quite depressing. I mean Skins usually execute their darker episodes with more of a silver lining, or ray of light that becomes clear near to end, a message, leaving viewers emotinally satisfied, like the "Cassie" episode in season 1, but no, this one just burnt me down.

    Nonetheless, still entertaining, and I am really exited about watching the next episode.moreless
  • Intense, emotional and revealing. I didn't think Effy was going to get this bad...

    That was a dark episode. The darkest yet. That's saying a lot since the last four episodes haven't been kittens and rainbows. I loved it. Freddie was so much more believable as a character and showed much needed emotion. His desperate race to help Effy was painful to watch, in a good way.

    Effy really has hit rock bottom though, becoming so paranoid and freaked out all the time and not wanting to be around people. It was haunting to see her unravel and the ending was shocking. Seeing Freddie rush to get Effy out of the bathroom was so intense...then when he found her on the floor...I mean I didn't think she'd hit such a low.

    We also got so much more development on how Freddie's mother died, the fact that she committed suicide explained a lot about Freddie. The ending scene with Freddie breaking down with Cook summed up the episode - intense, emotional and revealing. It did have some lights bits with Mr.Love played by Will Young. I thought it was funny with Michael Jackson song titles but to be honest it felt out of place in such a dark episode. I have no idea what Effy will do next...or Freddie for that matter. With only three episodes left I guess we'll have the answers soon enough...can't wait and wish it was more than an 8 episode series.moreless
  • This episode really blowed my mind...Love Freffy even more now.

    I really loved this episode, really dark but also really good. I´ve always liked the pairing of Freddy and Effy, they really do have chemistry and their scenes were totally awesome...they were able to show us the emotion, sadness and anger within them. Poor Effy, she has always been a bit odd but I never thought she would be as vulnerable.

    Freddie handling all these situations and his family was an improvement for his character. I wanted to see more Panda, Thomas or JJ but it was good.

    The final scene with Freddie and Cook had a lot of meaning and it was very well done. Freddie was really hurt but it also meant that Cook finally realized that Freddie needs to save Effy and that no one else can but him.moreless
  • The Only Way Is Up

    If it wasn't for the minimum word count my review of this episode would simply have said "Oh dear".

    This was a dreadful episode. Badly acted, badly written, rushed and without the gravitas to qualify it as a drama or the humour to make it entertaining.

    I'm not the greatest fan of Effy or Freddie, in Season 3 when you put them together the lack of chemistry was horrendous but Cook was normally around to save me from falling asleep. Now with no Cook you're left with 2 actors who don't have the ability or chemistry to carry off the most basic of scenes, let alone something as complicated as suicide and mental illness. To be fair to the 2 leads, they can't take all the blame for this episode. Effy's decent into madness came out of nowhere and had to be crammed into 50 minutes of clichéd sub-Hollyoaks nonsense. The result was an abomination for a series in which I've come to expect a really high standard of acting and writing.moreless
Klariza Clayton

Klariza Clayton


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Morwenna Banks

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Karen: Freddie, where have you been? I was in the middle of doing your hair!
      Freddie: Not now Karen.
      Karen: But if this style goes to shit, I'll fail my feathering module.
      Freddie: Aww... not right now.
      Karen: But I never see you any more. When are you done with that fuckathon?
      Freddie: Oh, you want to sponsor me! That good, 'cos we're saving a polar bear.
      Karen: I want to cut your fucking hair!

    • Mr. Love: Fredrick.
      Freddie: It's Freddie.
      Mr. Love: Why don't you sit down, Fredrick?

    • Mr. Love: (referring to the Michael Jackon poster in his wall) What would Michael say?
      Freddie: Pardon?
      Mr. Love: Michael. What would he say?
      Freddie: I'm... bad?
      Mr. Love: Yes. And what else?
      Freddie: Beat it?
      Mr. Love: No. He'd say "wanna be startin' somethin'". Okay?

    • Freddie: Where's Josie?
      Mr. Love: She's had a small breakdown. I don't blame her, I mean look... bean bags.

    • Freddie: Okay. So what do you do when you can't take anyone's shit because I might really fuck things up and you don't know what to do or what's happening you just know that something really fucking bad is going down.
      Mr. Love: Just... (turns to his Michael Jackson poster and stares at it for a while before turning back to Freddie) No. I think, and I'm not sure... I think you've got me there.

    • Freddie's Grandad: That Violet wants me to witness her will. Think she's up for a shag.
      Freddie: Grandad!
      Freddie's Grandad: Get it when you can.

    • Cook: What the fuck's up with her?
      Freddie: Nothing, everything's...
      Cook: Tits up?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Naomi and Emily do not appear in this episode.

    • Music In This Episode:
      The Bug feat. Warrior Queen - Poison Dart
      Pedro - Fear and Resilience (Dangermouse Remix)
      Segal - Moonchild I
      Stina Nordenstam - Fireworks
      Sparklehorse - Hey, Joe
      Segal - Moonchild II
      Bass Clef - Heart Break Soca Cascade
      Pixies - Tony's Theme
      Segal - Explorer I
      Bonnie Prince Billy - Ebb Tide
      Segal - Explorer II
      Bass Clef - Kiss Me
      Segal - Carnivalesque
      Hope Sandoval - Charlotte
      Segal - Explorer III
      Band of Skulls - Honest


    • The answer phone message that Anthea leaves for Effy she mentions Aldo, who is both Effy and Anthea's love interest in Skins: The Novel.

    • During their conversation, Mr. Love and Freddie both quote Michael Jackson song lyrics; Freddie says "I'm bad" and "Beat it" from Bad and Beat It respectively and Mr. Love says "gotta be starting somethin'" from Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'.