Skins (UK)

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2009 on E4
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JJ is close to breaking point. The rift forming between his friends is affecting him drastically, and he has deduced Effy as the cause. With everything becoming too much, and a difficult decision to be made, who will be a true friend when he needs one the most?moreless

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  • First time I've cried this season.

    I was searching for this generation's Cassie. Just like Cassie, J.J seems lost in a world that really isn't his. His autism sets him apart from his peers, like Cassie's bullimia did with her. His longing for love feels genuine. His pain feels real. He's almost representing the viewers with his emotions. His emotions towards everything. His need to fit in. His sadness over the fall outs of his friends. His need for love, and sex. Even though he just dosen't quite "fit in" the category of normal, he builds a deep connection everyone that's watching.

    J.J certainley achieves alot this episode. Outs Emily to Katie, after finding Katie in bed with Freddie. Finds Pandora cheating on Thomas with Cooke. Yells at Cooke. Tells Effy to back off, after confessing he loved her, and then sleeps with Emily.

    It's funny how much you can achieve when you "ask" for things.

    The final scene had me in tears. JJ's mother was truely the symbol of light through the tunnel. Seeing JJ smile shined a light in her eyes that made the tears fall from mine. The build up of all the angst and anger JJ had, exploded into emotion with that final scene.

    Beautiful, just beautiful.moreless
  • Another great episode and excellent acting by Ollie Barbieri (JJ).

    It's funny to see how a character like JJ had so much influence at the whole group on this episode. A dysfunctional, obsessive-compulsive, but certainly very reserved guy, came out to be a very important link between all of them.

    Just by telling the truth, he would make people closer or stepping away from each other, make people love him or hating even both at the same time... That's the thing I liked most of this episode.

    All the previous events had more influence on him than any of the other characters, even if we didn't noticed it. That's why he was getting worse. The fact that he unintentionally always tells the truth, got him a new ally (Emily) and this was the start of his improvement as a person, to finally tell his friends what he wanted and not just live according to what they wanted him to live.

    So, JJ is probably the link to gather again all of these once friends, and results are just starting to show.

    Some of his wishes finally came through, but what most made me think was his mother reaction to Emily, during the breakfast. I couldn't really understand if that was a sign of relief, for her kid finally starting to show his "normal" side, or was she worried for the fact that she might see his son getting away from her, he's just not anymore a 10 year old? What do you think?

    His drugs had more effect on Freddie and Thomas than Cook. He just got high, Freddie and Thomas got truth and it hurt them. Let's see what will come of this.

    Final note: solid props for Ollie Barbieri (JJ). He certainly had a great performance. Hope we count with many more of him.moreless
  • Between Friends Written by Bryan Elsley Directed by Charles Martin

    As someone who has liked JJ more than either Freddie or Cook, I was looking forward to this episode and it didn't disappoint.

    From what I could tell, JJ does have some form of autism but the episode itself didn't specify what it was. We found out that he could be prone to rages and given that his mum is depressed, he didn't have much of a support system.

    Emily didn't also specify as to why she she needed counselling herself but I loved that she encouraged to ask for what he wanted while outing herself in the process.

    Freddie and Katie might have had more of an effective if we had seen them interacting more in the season so I didn't really care. Katie's reaction about learning that Emily was gay was interesting. Hopefully we'll get some brilliant moments between the two of them next week.

    As friends go though, Freddie and Cook are crap ones. Both of them expect JJ to deal with their problems and choose between them, yet neither one of them made the effort to see or even ask what was bothering him in this episode. So Cook and Pandora are sleeping together? Why? Is it just because Cook can't handle Effy not loving him or is just a compulsive wedge of sleaze to boot? I loved the truth telling moments and Thomas' comment on Cook not deserving friends was true.

    JJ and Effy's scene was made of win. I liked that she confessed the full extent of her parents impending divorce to JJ and I liked that she wanted to be his friend. That being said, can Effy just make a decision between Cook and Freddie and stick with it?

    Effy and Naomi scenes together were also a highlight of the night. Both could twig how the other really felt about either Freddie or Emily without feeling the need to judge the other.

    As for Emily and JJ sleeping with each other. It didn't bother. I'm not saying that Emily needed to give him a sympathy shag but it didn't annoy me and Emily more or less said that she was still gay It was a one time only offer and who knows, perhaps JJ will get a girfriend later on in the series.moreless
  • Great episode!

    In my opinion the best episode of this new season, at least until now. JJ is revealed as a very complex character, with so many issues because of his mental state. But we can realize that actually he is the normal one between all his friends fighting to each other. His nice and kind personality is shown in this crazy world full of drugs and bad things, and at the end of the day he is still the cute guy trying to fix problems just because he believes in true friendship and love. And we can see that this is still possible. The very last scene, when jj is having breakfast with Emily and his mother, let us know that after all there is still hope and that good things always happen, dispite the fights and the hate. In the end we just have not to worry, as the doctor says.moreless
  • And I thought Emily's episode was as good as it could get.

    J.J. is so much more complex than had previously been revealed. His two best friends constantly take the spotlight, ignoring J.J.'s needs, ruffling his hair, and treating him almost like he is lucky to have them as friends because he is the shy, pimply, insecure one. In this episode we learn that although J.J. is seeing a therapist and taking more pills than ANYONE should, he actually is more stable than Cook or Freddy. As J.J. addresses his issues head on (by Emily's advice) he comes to a sudden realization that he is the normal one, and his issues are more of a reflection of his friend's numerous issues and their selfishness. I agree that the therapy scenes were quite hilarious, though highly exaggerated. "What do we say about worrying?" "Just don't do it." The worst psychological advice ever from a "professional" who barely listens and gives out pills like they are candy. The best part of the episode by far, is the interaction between J.J. and Emily, who have revealed themselves to be, in my opinion, the sweetest, smartest, and most lovable characters in the show. How can you blame J.J. for thinking he needs so many pills when everyone around him treats him like he is screwed up or worthless? J.J. comes home to his mother passed out with a bottle of wine after reading endless pamphlets on just about every psychological disorder, trying to figure out which one caused her son to be so "unusual." Who really has problems? The passed out, drunk mother, or the sober son who doesn't feel the need to use any substances to be happy?

    With the help of the amazingly cute and genuine Emily (rather than the therapist), J.J. seems to find a lot more self-worth and stability despite the madness surrounding his social life. I am undecided about Emily sleeping with J.J. I thought it was a bit... degrading to her character. I was happy that she was finally secure enough to use the word gay when describing herself, but right after this she sleeps with somebody she obviously has no sexual attraction to. It seemed like a blow to her dignity. I do realize that it was sweet of her to give J.J. something that she knew he deserved, but it didn't seem fair to her character.

    The final scene was quite touching, and I think that it was revealing. J.J. turned out to be the one in his family who woke up happy, secure, and with good company, and rather than his mother making him "ok", he helped to ease his mother's own anxiety.

    This episode was my favorite, and as the season goes on the cast proves themselves to be every bit as good as the last, and in my opinion even better.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Freddie's shed still appears to be the 'boys den' it was at the start of the series, but it was previously turned in to Karen's dance studio.

    • We see where Cook lives for the first time in the series. He appears to have moved into the very same apartment room that Chris lived in after his mother left him in Series 1 as "Chris Loves Fish" can be seen written under the light switch.

    • J.J. weighs 11 stones and 3 ounces.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Cook: Freddie, she loves you, you know.
      Freddie: What?
      Cook: She loves you. Only she can't stand it. Can't stand the love, so she fucks me instead.
      Freddie: What's he saying?
      JJ: Oh, God.
      Freddie: What?
      JJ: Shit. I think you're gonna get the truth, Freds.
      Freddie: Cook?
      Cook: So I'm pissed off, yeah? She's taking the piss. And it's hurting me, cos Cook needs the love, too. Cookie's got nothing.

    • Naomi: Oh, my God!
      Effy: No.
      Naomi: Oh, that's fucked up.
      Effy: No.
      Naomi: You love him?
      Effy: No!
      Naomi: Oh, yes! You love the lips! Oh, my God. Go on, lie to me. I want to see this.

    • JJ: Please leave them alone, Effy.
      Effy: Who?
      JJ: I don't mean to be rude but, Cook, Freddie and me, they're the only friends I've ever had, and, well, you've basically ruined everything, and... and I'd like you to stop now, please.

    • Emily: This is a once only charity event you understand.
      JJ: I got you. Because you're gay.
      Emily: Yes, I'm gay.

    • Effy: Come on, JJ. Don't be pathetic, it's easy. Just tell me something true. Tell me. Tell me now.
      JJ: I love you.
      Effy: Well, everybody loves me.
      JJ: Well, that's a relief.

    • JJ: (regarding the psych ward) I don't usually see people I know in here.
      Emily: Why not?
      JJ: Because normal people don't come here.

    • Psychiatrist: Your friends don't like you?
      JJ: I'm pretty sure of it.
      Psychiatrist: And why is that?
      JJ: Because if they liked me, maybe they'd listen to me occasionally, instead of fighting all the time and hating each other.
      Psychiatrist: I'm sure they don't hate you.
      JJ: I didn't say they hated me. They hate each other.

  • NOTES (1)