Skins (UK)

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2008 on E4
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During exam revision, Maxxie gets a new boyfriend as Jal tries to come to terms with her secret pregnancy. However, Chris also has a deadly secret…

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  • Jal

    A very good episode of Skins tonight, we got great interactions between all the characters and definitely a shocking and sad discovery about Chris. I loved how everything tied in though with his brother dying of the same disease, and it affecting Cassie all throughout.

    Meanwhile the viewers think that Jal is the only one with the problems, because of the pregnancy. This was way better than last year's "Jal" episode, and I've really come to like her character almost more than anyone.

    The scene with her mom was definitely intense, as was the hospital scene, looking forward in seeing what's next, and I'm perplexed at the fact that the next episode is Cassie-centric. I really think Skins is going to have a huge payoff, and I can't wait for it.moreless
  • An episode lacking the magic of skins.

    Jal finds herself having to make a decision about her pregnancy and also about telling the people around her. The last few installments of Skins for me have not been too impressive. The series seems to have lost something. So when sitting down to this episode I was not hoping for much. Jal being one of the more boring characters and is now finding herself in such a clichéd over used storyline. Jal like all Skins episodes starts off very strong the first 15 minutes introduces all the shows main characters. The scene in the college is a really nice part with Maxxie seemingly getting a boyfriend (lets see more of James). This episode does become very tedious with Jal coming off unsympathetic in some parts. The saving graces are the supporting cast in the form of Chris and Cassie, both offer some great comedy and dramatic moments. The episode also features some very touching moments between Jal and her family. The ending is also very moving and saves this episode falling flat. Jal is a slow burning episode you might find it difficult to sit though, You should try though as it has some really moving moments running through it.moreless
  • Bit dull, but there are saving graces.

    I didn't really like the Jal episode in series 1, and this one is similiar to that. Bit too slow, and not terribly interesting either.

    However Jal's interaction with her family saved it, and of course, the ending.

    I believe the pregnancy thing is a bit cliché, So giving it a whole episode worthy debate is a bit dull. Its just the usual I want the baby/Or not kind of thing. However, the ending with Chris having the same problem as his brother was truly shocking and touching. Im afriad this is foreshadowing his death, which would be a bummer since while Chris isn't my very favourite, he's one of the funniest characters on the show.moreless
  • WTF!! Excellent episode!! Maybe the best of the series!!

    What was this episode?!?! Just fantastic! I always wonder why Chris' brother died...I didnt like what I found out!!

    What is the most nerve-wracking is there's a possibility Chris die, considering the entire cast will change on season 3!!

    I was waiting for this episode since Chris'

    I was sure that Michelle would be top busy to listen to Jal...and her father's reaction was expected!

    Ohhh I cant stop thinking if Chris will be alright or not!! How could his mom leave him, knowing about his condition?? And how could Jal's mom just leave her and her brothers?? They're are equal in this point!

    Now there is another fact fot Jal to think about keeping the baby or not...I'm mean, Chris' disease may pass to the baby...that's risky!

    hahahah in one of my reviews or on the topics (I dont remember), I said Maxxie should get a boyfriend! I got it right! Cassie is scaring me!! That girl is soooo crazy!

    I think the girls speak spanish better than me! (I'm brazilian lol)

    Funny thing, they were counting the days until their exams and I'm doing it too! I have a big exam Saturday, I know what are they feeling! lol

    I cant wait for the next episode...I know its Monday but I have to wait for the portuguese subtitle...I'll probably watch on Saturday!!moreless
  • Sunflower Written by Daniel Kuluuya Directed by Simon Massey

    You have got to be kidding me. This was ... it made me cry dammit. Jal and Chris have become two of my favourite characters throughout this season and this episode tore me to bits. Seriously no episode of this show has provoked that strong of a reaction from me.

    Jal's pregnant. The one plot I didn't want to watch but thanks to the writing and Larissa Wilson (who's just brilliant), I cared more than I would've had this been any other show.

    Her indecision about either having an abortion or keeping the baby was nicely emphasised. Jal didn't want to make a decision or tell Chris because it would make things all too real. I get that but she did need to make a decision.

    Chris' sudden health problems came out of nowhere but Joe Dempsie is another actor who's been consistently brilliant this season. I really don't want to see anything bad happen to Chris. I'm a Chris/Jal shipper.

    As for that song - Low's Sunflower. Loved it. Totally makes the scenes and kick started my sadness of this episode.

    Jal's family stuff was interesting. Her brothers and Donald are still idiots but funny ones. It was sweet that Ace and Lytton did try to comfort her. Ronnie was harsh but he was a little right about her future prospects. The thing with her mum was a bit too ambiguous. What did she do that Ronnie won't forgive her?

    Cassie really annoyed me in this episode. She was quite dismissive with Jal and almost blamed her for Chris, which irritated me. I love the girl but the crypticness was just plain cruel.

    Michelle and Tony are back - couldn't care less. Was amused with Michelle refusing to speak in English. Tony was rather sweet and Anwar and Posh Kenneth were moderately funny. Cassie and Sid - yeah I'm happy they're back together and I liked the confrontation with Cassie/Michelle. Maxxie and James, not bad but Sketch doesn't get to speak.

    Overall the best episode of the season. I'm looking forward to and dreading the last two episodes.moreless
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