Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on E4

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    Weakest installment yet with scenes that dragged on for what it seemed to be ages and hardly any development or hardly any interactions with other character. I liked the Sid/Jal conversations, and Sid getting caught by the Mad Hatter dude was pretty unexpected, and I commend this show for that, but the pacing was just off tonight.

    Some scenes bored me to tears, and some other scenes, I found myself interested in. This was far from a "bad" episode of Skins, but it still was a weak episode overall. And what was with the strange kiss scene at the hospital?

    Michelle is just incredibly annoying, and I'm dreading her episode, she's clearly insecure, and the way she is in general just bothers me. My favorite characters are Sid & Cassie, and we only got one line from Cassie tonight. Disappointing installment overall, definitely expected more.
  • absolutely boring

    this episode is the worst so far it never had any action or drame until the end when mad tw@tter smashed her clarenette off the wall that finally shut her mouth then jal`s dad bought her a new 1 and that was even worse y put jal on all she does is moan and complain about things even if it`s got nothing to do wid her she needs to know when to keep her massive nose out. y cant angie the teacher be on more she is fit chris should be buzzin after shaggin her i wud shag her every night and day
  • The clarinet girl

    A somewhat lacking episode in acting, charactaristics and most of all, good comedy writing. But even so, I liked it.

    After watching the 'Cassie' episode I was afraid I wasn't going to like the others nearly as much, because I love the character so and haven't fallen inlove with any other just yet. The third episode is about Jal, she plays the clarinet which isn't exactly exciting, but I like her character, she's kinda sweet but diva-ish in a good way. I loved her scenes with Sid, they were easily the best, especially when they went shopping.

    What really dragged it down for me was Jal's family, she has two brothers that can't rap and a father who's boinking some bimbo. The whole screwed-up family thing didn't work for her character, they just were not interesting. The whole party storyline was forced and the crazy Madison character is really LAME, I hope they killed him off. Another thing this episode lacked were the other characters, they barely got any screen time and the screen time they got didn't do much for them. I hated the fact that Cassie was barely in any scenes, her character is still my favorite so they should feature her more, they better not put her into the background in the next couple of episodes. The episode was far from impressive, but kept me awake till the end.
  • Time to learn about Jal

    Jal is the level headed character of the show, who enjoys playing classical music, which is hard to do for her since she comes from a family of famous rappers/rnb or hip hop artists. Since she one of the characters that doesn't heavily get involved with the story lines, this episode is not the most entertaining to watch. In this episode we learn that Jal is almost a bit like Sid in the terms of their relationship with their best friends. Jal claims that all Sid does is hang out with Tony, however Jal so far to this point seems to always hang out with Michelle. Besides learning about Jal and that she is trying out for the Young Musician of the Year, we learn that Tony isn't the great boy friend he appears to be, as Jal spots him kissing a blonde at the club they are at. Sid is also involved a fair bit in the episode, with him admitting he loves Michelle.
  • Quite good and funny.

    Yeah, I didn't really have a idea what the clarinet girl's name was, even though she was one of my favourite characters. Jal, a diamond in the rough. It may not seem like she has problems, as she is a pretty girl, has top grades and just got a place on the National Young Musicians Awards thing. But her dad isn't so good, even though he is a record producer and they are well off and quite rich. She gets pissed off with her best mate; Tony's girlfriend Michelle as it seems she doesn't have enough time for her and is more interested in giving her boyfriend head rather than going dress shopping with Jal for her Music Concert thing. Her two brothers are annoying her at home with their rapping and very loud practises that limit Jal to practise her clarinet and she is angry with them. But it doesn't last for long as they join forces to drive out their dad's new girlfriend, who is meant to remix one of her so-called songs for her but obviously they're sleeping together. While her dad holds a showcase, Jal lightens up as Michelle gives her a makeover for the event. The boys seemed to like it even Maxxie, the gay one! After it finishes a bartender guy who tried to chat up Jal before at the showcase invites Jal and Sid to a bar. They go, but on their way Mad Tw@**** comes along with his big moustache and warns and tries to scare Sid with huge success. Yup, the bartender is working for Mad Tw@****. Jal's brothers and friend try to help at the end but get their arses whupped and end up in hospital. But all is kind of sorted at the end as Mad Tw@**** gets kidnapped by bouncers or hitmen of some kind. You kind of suspect Jal's dad for it, which is good.
  • Clarinet Girl Written by Bryan Elsley Directed by Adam Smith

    Jal - Outside of Sid and Cassie, she's becoming one of my favourite characters of the series and like her father, the only one with actual musical talent to brag about as well. Her snarky attitude, underlying layer of vulnerability make her as endearing as hell and daddy issues on display are nicely dealt with as well.

    Jal's family/her Dad's girlfriend - The brothers are twits, funny but ultimately twits and her father's girlfriend has the amoeba of a one year old. I don't know whether her or Jal's brother/doltish friend's atttempts of being street was more embarrassing because both were that terrible to watch. Her Dad's got some demons that I wouldn't mind seeing more of and he clearly cares for her upon dealing with Mad **** himself.

    Sid/Mad **** - The face off with poor Jal's clarinet caught in the crossfire. Luckily though Mad **** picked the wrong girl's clarinet to smash. I'm kind of hoping that plot has been dealyt with now and Sid can concentrate on other things like noticing Cassie, forgetting Michelle and eating more cookies in front of Jal.

    Tony/Michelle/Abigail - The dullest triangle between three of the most vapid characters on the series, maybe i'll care more in further episodes but now I'd rather not. Michelle kissed Sid to make Tony jealous and it failed miserably like it would because Tony didn't notice and even if he did he would never view Sid as a threat.

    Cassie/Anwar/Maxxie/Chris - Not much going on except the lads leering Jal and Cassie's unsuccessful attempts of wooing Sid. Seriously Sid you could do worse.

    Not as good as the previous episode but it works nicely no less.
  • Whos Jal? We know now...

    This week the focus is taken away from the main group and to young musiion of the year Jal, and I must admit I'd never noticed her before this week, however it was a good stioryline and I like the fact that this show does develop the other characers so strongly, like Jals mad music teacher and her dad and family, like the week before with Cassies parents. It was an overall "nice" storyline and not unenjoyable just not like the two weeks before and in a way it was nice to see things from a different perspective. Overall it was enjoyable.
  • Jal's episode....

    I really enjoyed this episode because it was nice to see what Jal is like... I feel bad for her because of her dad and her mum... her dad is really inconsiderate! The only thing that I really hated about this episode was that white guy... (the one who wanted to be black) and how he called Jal a gash...... seriously... if anyone who reads this calls girls gashes STOP! It's really really.... unnecessary!!! I know boys who call girls gashes and it just ain't cool!

    Anyway back to Skins.... Jal is AMAZING at the clarinet.... like seriously! And her teacher is really really weird! Toni is such a prick Sid was a dick with the whole blowing off Cassie! And Mad Tw*tter (does it not annoy people how we can't type his full name because censors it???) is now annoying me! And I can't believe he broke Jal's clarinet!

    Can't wait till next week... I hope that Michelle finds out about Toni and that posh girl...
  • This episode was about the character Jal. It shows some of her family problems. she is also trying to practice!

    I really liked this episode. It really kept you entertained until the end. i wasn't sure about Jal, but now i think she is a good character. Sid was great in this episode, i can't wait till his episode. My only fault with this episode was that Cassie was not in it that much, infact she was only in it for about 1 minute, but it was still brill anyway.
    Can't wait till Chris's episode next week, and hope to see more of Cassie!
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