Skins (UK)

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2010 on E4
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While trying desperately to keep her family together, Katie receives some shocking medical news. Meanwhile, Emily is out of control and angry at everyone.

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  • Who would've thought a bigger dose of Katie is what I needed to finally like her.

    The writers are really working on getting their disliked characters some love. First Cooke, and now Katie. I really wasn't expecting her to get her own episode to be honest. It just seemed that with all the hate Katie was getting last season, it just wouldn't happen; but it did. Come to think of it, it's quite odd Naomi and Pandora didn't get one instead of her. But I'm glad she did. The writers gave us a chance to see another side of Katie. A brighter side that finally shined through a dark period of her life.

    Speaking of periods, Katie gets told she'll never have hers' again, meaning she's unable concieve. Her day worsens when she finds out her family's losing their house due to unpaid bills her dad was reponsible for, forcing the Fitches to stay at Naomi's house, where they witness Emily's wild breakdown.

    Deffinately unexpected. The party scene where Katie punched that girl was just fantastic, and the fact that Britney Spears was playing the background made me love it even more.

    A great addition to a well thoughtout season.moreless
  • A different side to Katie - I loved it.

    I loved this episode so much. Katie has always been the 'horrible' one of the group so it was great to see a new side to her. I was glad that they didn't get Katie pregnant because the news that she can't have children made her more human. You felt sorry for her.

    Even the way she comforted James through her parents fighting showed that she has a heart. Loved the hen night when she punched that idiot of a bridesmaid. Also the Effy/Katie conversation was really interesting, will they become friends?

    I predicted that they'd have to run to Naomi for help but it was such a good idea. Loved when Katie said they'd lost their house and Naomi replied with 'How careless'. Emily showed her wild/horrible side and it was pretty intense. Loved that scene though and can't wait to see what happens between Emily and Naomi.

    I actually really liked the bath scene with Thomas and Katie. Once again she showed more nice qualities and a friendship was formed, it was a nice but funny scene. What I loved about this one was that it ended happily. Katie hugging and comforting Emily was a brilliant moment.

    The ending itself was great because we got an emotional scene between Katie and her mum and then the Fitch family seemed to be restored. After the previous three not so happy endings it was really good that it ended that way.

    I probably haven't mentioned half the things I loved about this episode. Katie was developed hugely and we got loads of the Fitch family. Next week has me really intrigued...I thought it was gonna be a happy one but apparently Freddie and Effy aren't so happy. Can't wait already...moreless
  • used to hate her and think she was the worst one now possibly my fave character!

    used to hate her now possibly my fave character! definatley my favorite episode of the series so far :) good for katies character aswell i think she will be a lot more liked after this one. also great line from katie at the hen do "i'm katie f***ing fitch, who the f*** are you" and then when her and emily put their differences aside at the end and the whole family go back to the house, a great part to the episode. She has pizzzzazz! sad about her doctors trip though but i think that showed the vulnerable katie that we so rarely get to see. overall was a good one.moreless
  • I'm Katie f***ing Fitch, who the f**k are you?

    Episode 4...was awesome. I really enjoyed it. It was nice to see more of Katie, because I've never thought she got much screen time but I'm glad she got an episode to herself.

    I liked pretty much everything about the episode, it was moving seeing her reacting to bad news, and having to be there for her familt.

    A pleasant surprise was Effy, actually being nice to her...I like the 'new' Effy, some people may not but I think it's nice to see her grow up.

    Katie is NOT somebody to mess with either, that punch was brilliant! haha. So it's fair to say, I like season 4 now that I've seen more... :)moreless

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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Jenna: (to Katie) When your dad and I got married, we had nothing. We spent years working and saving so that you kids could have the best of everything. For what? It's all gone. I never thought we'd split up. But then I never thought we'd be evicted from our home, than my daughter would be a... so rebellious.

    • Katie: I'm Katie fucking Fitch! Who the fuck are you!?

    • Katie: Why are you being nice to me?
      Effy: Life's too short.
      Katie: You are such a fucking cliche.

    • Katie: So what's it like?
      Effy: What's what like?
      Katie: Love.
      Effy: Great. It's really lovely.
      Katie: That sounded convincing.
      Effy: It's fine. Nothing's ever perfect, you know?
      Katie: I thought it could be. I wanted the perfect boyfriend, perfect marriage, perfect everything.
      Effy: What's changed?
      Katie: Me. I don't know who I am any more.

    • Bailiff: (leaning in through the cat flap to talk to James) Alright my lover. You gonna open up? I got sweeties!
      James: (kicking the cat flap) Paedo!

    • Rob: (to the bailiffs) Could you just read out your court order just so I know you're not, y'know... cunts.

    • Naomi: (sarcastically) Another fun day at Mrs. and Mrs. Campbell's.

    • Katie: I don't smoke.
      Effy: What you scared of?
      Katie: Er... cancer!

    • Naomi: No lesbian digs?
      Katie: That I can't promise.

    • Katie: Good morning, Naomi. You're looking sexy. Have you heard of a shower?
      Naomi: What do you want?
      Katie: This is difficult, okay? Look, we've lost our house.
      Naomi: Oh, that was careless. So what?
      Katie: We need somewhere to stay. Your house is pretty empty at the moment.
      Naomi: You're having a fucking laugh.
      Katie: Yes, Naomi. I'm kidding that my parents have no money, no house and are about to split up.
      Naomi: I'm sorry, but it's not my problem.
      Katie: But it is, because it's Emily's problem. She's your girlfriend. That makes it your problem.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Cook and Pandora do not appear in this episode.

    • Music In This Episode:
      Bodyrox featuring Luciana - Pretty Young Things
      Sally Fletcher - Bridal Chorus
      Ettes - Red in Tooth and Claw
      Christine Aguilera - Save Me From Myself
      Atomic Kitten - Ladies Night
      The Trammps - Disco Inferno
      Virus Syndicate - Talk 2 Frank
      Britney Spears - Do Something
      Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground
      Rachel Goodrich - The Black Hole
      Micachu & The Shapes - Wrong
      Zomby - Spliffed Dub
      Manchester Orchestra - The Only One
      zZz - Ecstasy
      Tilly & The Wall - I Always Knew
      Bag - Gloria Cycles
      Broken Records - A Promise

    • According to the bailiffs, this episode is set on 17th February 2010.