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Season 3 Episode 9

Katie And Emily

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on E4
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Katie And Emily
What a difference a party makes. Since their disaster in the forest, the twins' lives have descended into chaos. Katie is refusing to leave the house and must face her lack of control, while Emily is struggling with her feelings for Naomi. With the college ball approaching, a showdown is imminent.moreless

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  • Emily <3

    Emily and Katie deal with their problems in a less than a lady like manner. The Fitch family are hostile to Naomi, while Katie tries to save her reputation and "de-gay" Emily, by going to the love ball with J.J and Freddie.

    This leads to disastrous results when Naomi shows up, and Katie attacks her, only to then get attacked by Emily. Emily then tells Katie, she's not her, she's a person, and she loves Naomi. Katie finally accepts her sister's desires sparking love in Pandora and Thomas's hearts.

    It's alot lighter than the previous episodes. It's interesting seeing those two extremely close sisters dealing with obviously sensitive issues. It's never easy to watch if you've been in similar situations, but Skins makes it so humerous at some points. This show has perfect the art of comic relief.

    One thing I didn't like was how cheap and empty the Love Ball looked. We've seen how many students their school has. Couldn't they have atleast gotten a bigger hall or something? And with the abcense of party man Cooke and It girl Effie, it felt a little empty. Nonetheless it was entertaining.

    Another good episode.moreless
  • The Twins episode doesn't disappoint, Emily stands out as one of the best characters of the season. Brilliant.

    I've been looking forward to this episode since we first saw the twins back in the premier - it really didn't disappoint. Emily has been one of the best characters in season three and things didn't change here. I love how she does stand up to people and doesn't take crap. She's interesting and seems like a generally nice girl. Then we have Katie...who has Emily puts it, is just a b*tch. Does she get this from her mother? I think so after the mums controlling conversation with Naomi. The mother came across as someone who favoured Katie and really couldn't accept Emily. The dad however was alright but slightly annoying too. Little brother James was funny at times.

    The episode stood out because we were watching the relationship of these two girls and we finally saw a bit of bonding. From the 'twin language' to their dislike of their brother it was great to see this side to the sisters. But the arguments between the pair really stood out, very real and well written. The opening scene was done really well despite it being obvious (for me anyway) that it was Emily.

    Naomi gives into temptation again and they end up running off. This scene was really powerful with Emily storming off telling Naomi that 'they were still holding hands through a cat flap' nice to see it mentioned but really well acted by both too. Then comes the sweet Thomas who is so good to Emily...really good scene with a bond between them.

    Then came Emily coming out to her family...which was sadly a bit of a joke. Poor Emily watched on as Katie tried to say it was a lie and her dad laughed thinking it was a well played joke. Her mother looked concerned which made me dislike her even more. Once again it was done really well and it just engrossed you.

    The shopping scene was fun, loved Pandora's appearance. Her comments about 'Go girls' and 'not surfing and turfing boys' were as usual, really funny and well delivered. JJ and Emily are great as friends but she was very snappish with him here...enjoyable still. Freddie says he's sorry again...and gives Katie the next step in her plan to ruin the Naomi/Emily relationship.

    Katie proved she is no doubt self-centred and controlling with her remark about Emily having to ask her permission, what a cow. Loved the scene when Naomi walked out of class, but then Katie goes and ruins it all. Poor Naomi...liked the 'why are you so mean?' comment from her. JJ panicking about the ball was funny.

    The ball itself was brilliant. Pandora and Doug dancing was an episode highlight, hilarious but sweet too with Thomas watching. Loved when Naomi arrived...her comments to all of them were great but felt sad for her and Emily. The two fights were long overdue especially the last one. Wish Naomi hit her a bit harder.

    Emily finally cracks here and attacks her sister. All I can say is, go Emily! Katie deserved every bit of what got (including Effys self defence, which it obviously was) and it was about time someone put her in her place. The final scene was a fitting end with Emily telling g Katie that she's her own person and that she loves Naomi. Did the evil twin get the message? It seemed so but you can't be sure.

    Adding to the episode was two happy endings we've all been waiting for. Panda and Thomas make up in a sweet scene and Emily and Naomi leave the ball together...Naomi admits she loves her too. Loved this ending.

    I admit I missed Effy in this episode, she is a powerful character for the show. I did NOT miss Cook. My only concern is that of the finale...this seemed a bit like a conclusion for Naomi/Emily, Pandora/Thomas...which I think would be a mistake. I just hoper next week doesn't turn into another out of character Cook episode - that would just put a bad note on a season that's been just as enjoyable as the first two.

    So this was an excellent episode, I just hope the finale lives up to the rest of the season. Please include everyone and don't shove Cook down our throats...sorry if theres two of this review...moreless
  • What-an-episode! Easily the best this season

    Wow. I still prefer Tony, Sid and Co but the new skins cast is putting up a great fight! They go from strength to strength with each episode and now the characters have all been sufficiently developed, i think they could give the original cast a run for their money in the second series. I personally can't wait after this episode!

    It was just a perfect episode of skins. No "forced" humour this time around (a common feature this season). Everything was in context, rather than over the top, and i think that made it all the more funnier. The twins family is bloody hilarious and yet fairly realistic. It definately helped that Emily & Katie are sisters in real life as their on-screen chemistry was superb.

    I found Pandora & Thomas absolutely adorable here too. And the fact that the episode was so good even without much screen time for characters such as herself, Cook and Effy just shows how much potential there is for next season.

    What can i say, i was gripped from the first scene! Brilliant stuffmoreless
  • Thank you

    Dear god, I'm simply overwhelmed by this 3rd season of Skins. I wasn't expecting much since I got really attached to the previous cast but damn is this season freakin' cool or what?

    This episode was more like a love story (finally a more or less happy ending) between Emily and Naomi, with of course Katie playing a big role in the middle.

    I just love the twins father, he makes one hell of a comedy relief during the episode, his scene with Freddie and J.J. when they arrive at the twins place is so cool, especially his evil smile :)

    Emily, I love seing her evolve, I thought she would never make a stand for herself, either with her sister as well with Naomi, and this episode made her do it with both of them. It was simply beautiful, so very well writen, so awesome.

    I have no words, I'm really excited for the series finale next week, if it's half of what I think it will be, then it will be awesome.

    Well I don't know what to write more, I have so many emotions running through me about the episode, but it's rather hard to explain them in mere words.

    Once again, a beautiful work of art by the authors of skins, congratulations and thank you so much for this beautiful serie.moreless
  • What A Difference A Party Makes Written by Malcolm Campbell And Bryan Elsley Directed by Charles Martin

    With a bit of tweaking (and maybe an extra ten minutes), the episode probably could've been the finale. It certainly felt like one.

    I'm a twin myself but a lot of the stuff Katie and Emily go through I can't really relate. Mainly because I have a twin sister and from an early age we both always had our own individual identities and mostly did things separately.

    Katie's feeling pretty humiliated from the way things went down with Effy and Freddie and I can understand why. I don't entirely feel that bad for her because she was victimless in the whole situation.

    The girls' parents and little brother were pretty interesting. I'm glad that the mother actually believed Emily when she was coming out and the brother certainly believed. Loved Rob, the father threatening to hunt down JJ and Freddie if the girls virginity didn't remain intact.

    Emily and Naomi's relationship has been the real driving force of the season and I bet the writers are more than aware of it really. It's more focused on that Thomas/Pandora or the Katie/Freddie/Effy/Cook quadrangle and obviously all the better.

    It's good that we got a turning point in this episode. Emily got fed up with Naomi wanting to keep things private and had a brilliant conversation with Thomas at the bus stop.

    Katie herself even made the error of sticking her nose into Emily's love life by using the JJ thing against Naomi. Now Katie can dissapprove of Emily's choices in partners, whether it's JJ or Naomi but it's none of her business at the end of the day. I loved watching Emily remind Katie that she was stupid enough to get involved with Freddie, who was seriously boring in this episode.

    Naomi's conversation with Mrs Fitch would've been a good moment to tell her that she was in love with Emily but she held back. The ball scene certainly was another highlight of the episode. Katie, Emily and Naomi all got their moments to shine and while there was a part of me that did feel for Katie, it was high she realised that Emily was a person in her own right. Too bad it took a very public occassion for the point to be drilled home.

    I didn't actually miss Effy and Cook in this episode, despite the relentless mentions of the former but Freddie and JJ were underused here. Arguably so were Thomas and Pandora and while their reunion seemed rushed, I thought it was sweet.

    Now that Emily and Naomi are a couple, what will happen next? I don't expect smooth sailing but I'd prefer not Sid/Cassie dysfunctions in Season 4 either.

    Music wise, I really loved Andre Herman Dune's version of "Smalltown Boy" during the bus stop scene with Emily and Thomas.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Katie is pinching her brother's ear to try to get him to reveal what's in Emily's secret chest, the shots behind the brother show a pink rubber band and a watch on her right wrist. The shots from behind Katie, however, show that her wrist is bare.

    • At the start of the exam, Emily writes Katie's name on the paper. However, when JJ passes a note to her, the paper doesn't have a name on it.

    • According to the poster, the date of the college ball was June 30th 2009. However, before the ball Emily's phone was dated July 10th; ten days after the ball would have been held.

    • Kaya Scodelario (Effy) and Jack O'Connell (James Cook) do not appear in this episode.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Naomi: Some party.
      Emily: Yeah.
      Naomi: Eventful. I love you too.
      Emily: I know.

    • Emily: Katie, I can't stand this. I'm a person, I'm not you.
      Katie: I know.
      Emily: You have to understand Katie, I love you and I'll never really leave you, but I can't fix this. I like girls, no I like a girl. No, I love her, okay? (points to Naomi) I love her.

    • (Naomi and Katie scrap over Emily)
      Katie: She's my sister, you're just a slut.
      Naomi: Oh it takes one to know one, doesn't it?
      Katie: Oh go fuck yourself, Naomi.
      Naomi: You just needed to blab about JJ. You just loved doing it, didn't you Katie?
      Katie: She deserved it.
      Emily: What did I deserve, Katie?

    • Naomi: Why are so horrible?
      Katie: Because I love her more than you ever can. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got dresses to buy for a ball. You won't be there because if you are ...

    • Mr Fitch: You've been fighting with a girl? That's not very lady-like.
      Emily: No, dad, I've been making love to a girl. Okay? Everybody satisfied?

    • Emily: What do you do if someone you love lets you down? Really fucks you over.
      Thomas: You must try to stop loving them.
      Emily: And is that possible?
      Thomas: No. I don't think so.
      Emily: I'm gay Thomas.
      Thomas: It's fine. Shall I call a taxi because I don't think this bus is going to come soon and besides, my feet are extremely cold.

    • Naomi: I hope you're gonna finish the job and dump Freddie for her as well.
      Emily: Ugh, that's over. Katie knows it.
      Naomi: Yeah, it was an eventful barbeque. Adultery makes a party go with such a swing.
      Emily: It's not funny. Effy hurt her.
      Naomi: Like I said, eventful.

    • Emily: (quickly getting dressed) I'm not your fucking experiment! Where are my fucking... (growls in frustration) my fucking shoes! Oh fuck it! Keep them. (stops getting dressed and turns to face Naomi) I'm tired, so sick and tired of it. Still holding hands through a cat flap aren't we? Have fun in Cyprus.

    • (Emily and Naomi are in bed)
      Emily: (stroking Naomi's skin) Naomi? I wanna tell people.
      Naomi: That you're gay?
      Emily: I wanna tell people about us. (long pause) Come to the college ball with me, like we're together.
      Naomi: (sighs) I don't want to do that.

    • Katie: (twisting James' ear) What's in the box James!?
      James: (pained) It's a secret! (Katie twists his ear some more) Argh!
      Katie: I'm waiting!
      James: Okay, okay! (Katie lets go of his ear, he rubs it) Fannies! It's full of fannies!

    • Naomi: I think I'm going away for the summer.
      Emily: Oh.
      Naomi: Spain, Cyprus perhaps. By myself. Spend some time by myself, y'know? Do some thinking, by... (clears throat) myself.
      Emily: About what?
      Naomi: Let's just be friends... ok?
      Emily: We say that don't we?
      Naomi: Yeah... Have a good summmer.
      (Naomi turns and starts walking away)
      Emily: (shrugs) I'll miss you.
      (Naomi stops, takes deep breath, turns and ealks back to Emily quickly, pushes her aganist the locker and kisses her)
      Naomi: (in between kisses) I can't stand it, I can't.

    • Naomi: (checking Emily out) You should dress up more often.
      Emily: (laughs) They're Katie's.
      Naomi: (smiles) Yeah, you look nice! From the neck down.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Effy and Cook do not appear in this episode.

    • Music In This Episode:
      "Beautiful, Dirty Rich" by Lady Gaga.
      "Diver Revive" by Fat Segal.
      "Brown Eyes" by Lady Gaga.
      "Sleepy Head" by Passion Pit.
      "Smalltown Boy" by Andre Herman Dune.
      "Music for 18 Musicians" by Steve Reich.
      "Little Garcons" by Born Ruffians.
      "Alcohol" by Millionaires.
      "Better Things" by Passion Pit.
      "It's Obvious" by Au Pairs.
      "Radio Cure" by Wilco.
      "Red, Yellow and Blue" by Born Ruffians.
      "Meddle" by Little Boots.
      "Warning Mass Murder" by Louis La Roche.
      "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins.
      "Mirrorball" by Elbow.
      "That's Not My Name" by Ting Tings.
      "All I Want Is You" by Glen Campbell.
      "It's My Own Heart That Makes Me Cry" by Glasvegas.