Skins (UK)

Season 6 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2012 on E4
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Liv struggles to understand and maintain her friendships. She meddles in Alex's affairs and then gets into a spat with Mini and Franky all over again.

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  • Liv is angry, and alone! SPOILERS.

    An interesting episode, and one that seems to end Grace's death storyline. Or does it?

    Liv's anger and aggression has been building up and it made total sense in this episode. It was actually really satisfying to see her let out all her frustrations.

    I didn't really know what to make of the lump on Liv's side that was giving her so much pain. It was a relatable storyline of not knowing what to do about something which I liked, but the fact that it turned out to be in her head was a little too odd for me. I know that they were trying to say that it was the pain/grief from Grace's death but still I would've preferred if it was something real related to stress. HOWEVER, I did really liked Liv's scene with the receptionist, the one at the end was particularly emotional with Liv breaking down about Grace.

    What really stood out in the episode was Liv's conversations with different people. A very sweet one with her sister Maud about death, and Grace. I thought Maud was great comic relief in the episode and their sister bond was very believable. Liv's talk with Doug was very insightful, and again sweet. Doug reached out to her, and is quitting Roundview. Sad times. I love Doug and if this is his last episode on the show, that's a big goodbye. But it was a lovely way to see him go. Loved the Cassie reference as well.

    What about that school confrontation between Liv and Franky? I liked it. I was glad to see someone actually give Franky a piece of her mind. She isn't blameless in this whole thing and her attitude sucks. I didn't like Franky at all in the episode - I HATED how she talked about Nick as if it was just sex. That completely takes away from Nick's episodes two weeks ago. The writers really don't want people to like her. Matty's back. Eh, don't really care. Amusing scene with him and Alex meeting each other - naked. But I don't care about Matty, or his feelings for Franky.

    What about Mini? I loved her. She's my favourite character on the show and I liked how she wasn't totally anti-Liv throughout. Loved the exchange at school with the teddy-bear. It was just nice to see that friendship again. As for the fight scene at the end, very intense. But Mini somewhat deserved it because she was just pushing Liv away, again. So Liv finally knows that she's sleeping with Alo, and is pregnant. Was very dramatic to see a bloody Mini crying out for Liv - almost feeling guilty. Wonder how their friendship will be left when the shows over?

    Rich really has changed. He's distracting himself from Grace - and literally seems like a different person. I liked that Liv confronted him and that he wanted to help her. The ending scene at the graveyard was a nice, almost conclusive end to the Grace storyline. Seeing the grave pretty much proves she's definitely dead. And the conversation Liv had with her seemed quite final too. And when Liv saw her across the straight and she waved goodbye. That was sad, and I almost hope that is the end of it all. I mean it would be interesting to see Grace return, but do we need it? I don't think so.

    So, what's to come? Mini and Franky's shared episode next week. Looks great and I do like the concept of them both hiding from their problems. But how will things end for everyone? Mini may name the baby Grace? (STUPID AND CLICHED) Matty and Nick will fight over Franky, she'll want to be alone. Liv and Mini will hopefully make up. Rich will kill himself? I really hope not...but I'm kind of thinking that way. And he jumps in water in the promo. Alo will man up and help look after the baby? Looking forward to the final two episodes.moreless

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