Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 6

Maxxie and Anwar

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 2007 on E4
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Maxxie and Anwar
On the school trip to Russia, Tony tries to seduce Maxxie, but they are seen by Michelle. Meanwhile, Anwar gets a girl but falls out with Maxxie over religion and sexuality. Anwar gets in hot water with the girl's husband. He is saved by Maxxie but their friendship is slow to recover.moreless

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  • Maxxie and Anwar

    So, Skins has been really good as of late, and I didn't think I was going to like this episode, but I certainly did. This show is one of the raciest, edgiest high school shows I have ever seen. Unrealistic? Yes. Ridiculous? Maybe so, but this still manages to be wildly entertaining, not to mention, all the characters are easily to get in too, because of their complexity.

    Did anyone expect Tony kissing Maxxie? Man, that kid is wild, but I liked the message, no labels is a good thing, now that homosexuality is such a controversial topic. Michelle seeing Tony & Maxxie was kind of predictable, but the plot definitely thickened. Jal & Michelle go out on the town, and Anwar "saves" a Russian girl with the help of Sid, pretty entertaining.

    Lets not forget the most eventful occurrence: Chris & Angie "hook up." I wasn't that in to their relationship at first, but I'm looking forward in seeing what this will bring for the show. Great episode!moreless
  • Great episode! Probably my favourite so far from the series.

    Was a great episode of 'Skins' which seems to get better and better as the show continues, therefore I hope next weeks episode lives up to this one. The episode was fantastic, fully of drama, comedy and even bits that were a bit disturbing. The only shame was that Cassie wasn't in it, although I imagine she will appear more in next weeks episode. This episode was slightly different that others prior to this, in that it focused on two major characters than one. However I feel the linking of both the characters was necessary for the plot and showed how two different worlds can cause a disruption in a friendship.moreless
  • Lots of laughs here.

    This was without a doubt the best episode of the series to date. The whole idea to have a trip to Russia is great. Lots of laughs here, and barely any drama. Which is good. Over the top comedy instead of over the top drama. The only reason it doesn't get a perfect 10 is the really useless addition of religious "drama". I mean, i absolutely agree with Maxxie that religion doesn't mean anything. But this was way too sketchy and out of place considering the rest of the episode.

    Tony is obviously the most screwed up character almost in a literal sense. So his big "scene" in the end wasn't much of a surprise. It was quite funny too.

    All considered, hilarious episode, and shows what the show should be about.moreless
  • Here we learn about the unsung heroes, Anwur and Maxxie.

    In this episode we learn about two characters that we do not know much about. Until this this episode we know that Anwur is a Muslim and Maxxie is a homo sexual, and the two are best friends with each other. What happens in this episode is that the History class which includes all the Skins cast except for Cassie goes on a field trip to Russia. While in Russia, Anwur and Maxxie argue over their friendship, because Muslims aren't meant to like gays. This means that two don't room together. Sid moves into Anwurs where the two notice a hot Russian babe from their window. They both go on a adventure to try and see the Russian girl who flirts with Anwur. Anwur eventually sleeps with the Russian girl, losing his virginity. Maxxie on the other hand has to bunk with Tony, who wants to experiment his sexuality with Maxxie by giving him oral. Unfortunately for Tony, his girlfriend Michelle catches Tony in the act. While all this is happening, Chris who has had a crush on his Psychology teacher, gets to fulfill his dream and sleep with her.moreless
  • "My Little Poney Get Whacked Up Big Time"

    I love this tv series and it just keeps getting better and better. This episode just made me laugh and laugh, the whole trip to Russia was just a great idea. The whole Chris/Teacher thing is just so funny. The producers are not afraid to explore many subjects and the whole gay topic was done well exploring many viewpoints both cultural and religious. All the things they get upto on this school trip and all the drama. Brings back the days of when i was at boarding school and all the crazy stuff that we got up to and all the insane school trips. Cant wait for the next episode.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In this episode, Tony reads a book called "Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit" by Jeanette Winteron. Like all of Tony's reading, this is relevant to the characters and plot as the book explores the conflict a girl faces with her religious community as she realises she is gay thus linking it to Anwar and Maxxie's relationship.

    • On the plane after Tom asks who's with him, an old man put his hand up who, in his close up shot, was sitting by the window, but in the group shots he was sat by the aisle.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Sid: (posing as Anka in her bed) Every time. Every f**king time. "Buy bags of weed, Sidney." "Oh, yes sir." "Shove a bag of pills up your ass, Sidney." "Oh, right away." "Come help me save some random bint." "Oh, could I?" What have we learned, Sidney? Your friends are sh*theads.

    • (Anwar gets out of the Russian interrogation room)
      Anwar: Now what?
      Angie: Walk on.
      Anwar: Fine. It's just that they look so disappointed that I'm not a terrorist.

    • Anwar: What?! You speak English!?
      Anka: I learned from like so the best american show ever.. how you doin'?
      Anwar: Horny.

    • Angie: I don't have sex with my 17-year-old students!
      Chris: How old are they normally?

    • Michelle: Have you got something to tell me?
      Tony: Umm... I don't know... I like your hair? No... Your top's nice... I love you? Any of those?

    • Jal: This is awful, let's go.
      Michelle: J, I have never left a bar without being chatted up in my life, I'm not about to break that record now.

    • Tom: I'm trip leader. If anyone's going to be anally searched, it should be me.

    • Tony: (on propositioning Maxxie) We're in Russia, I want to try something new!
      Maxxie: I'm not a hobby Tony; you're not taking up canoeing here!
      Tony: I've been canoeing.
      Maxxie: What about Michelle?
      Tony: She loves canoeing!

    • Angie: You don't want to look at the girl with boobs?
      Chris: Nah... I prefer Welsh women.

  • NOTES (5)

    • It seems probable that this episode was filmed in Lithuania, due to a sticker on a van and the presence of famous Lithuanian actor, Gediminas Storpirstis.

    • The online Channel 4 connected mini-episode for "Maxxie and Anwar" features the Skins gang's encounter with a famous porn star as Chris tries to scrape together £700 for the Russia trip.

    • This episode is unique in focusing on two characters, Maxxie and Anwar. The title of each episode of Skins displays the main character of the episode, yet Maxxie and Anwar explores both characters, and their friendship.

    • Music In This Episode:
      "The Crane Wife 3" by The Decemberists.
      "Broken Boy Soldiers" by The Raconteurs.
      "Positive Tension" by Bloc Party.
      "Man of God" by Neil Diamond.
      "Get Your Snack On" by Amon Tobin.
      "Gadje Sirba" by A Hawk and a Hacksaw (Reworked).
      A Russian folk song, "Kalinka", is sung by Michelle, Jal and the soldiers in the bar.

    • Cassie, Abigail and Effy do not appear in this episode.