Skins (UK)

Season 1 Episode 6

Maxxie and Anwar

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 2007 on E4

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  • Maxxie and Anwar

    So, Skins has been really good as of late, and I didn't think I was going to like this episode, but I certainly did. This show is one of the raciest, edgiest high school shows I have ever seen. Unrealistic? Yes. Ridiculous? Maybe so, but this still manages to be wildly entertaining, not to mention, all the characters are easily to get in too, because of their complexity.

    Did anyone expect Tony kissing Maxxie? Man, that kid is wild, but I liked the message, no labels is a good thing, now that homosexuality is such a controversial topic. Michelle seeing Tony & Maxxie was kind of predictable, but the plot definitely thickened. Jal & Michelle go out on the town, and Anwar "saves" a Russian girl with the help of Sid, pretty entertaining.

    Lets not forget the most eventful occurrence: Chris & Angie "hook up." I wasn't that in to their relationship at first, but I'm looking forward in seeing what this will bring for the show. Great episode!
  • Great episode! Probably my favourite so far from the series.

    Was a great episode of 'Skins' which seems to get better and better as the show continues, therefore I hope next weeks episode lives up to this one. The episode was fantastic, fully of drama, comedy and even bits that were a bit disturbing. The only shame was that Cassie wasn't in it, although I imagine she will appear more in next weeks episode. This episode was slightly different that others prior to this, in that it focused on two major characters than one. However I feel the linking of both the characters was necessary for the plot and showed how two different worlds can cause a disruption in a friendship.
  • Lots of laughs here.

    This was without a doubt the best episode of the series to date. The whole idea to have a trip to Russia is great. Lots of laughs here, and barely any drama. Which is good. Over the top comedy instead of over the top drama. The only reason it doesn't get a perfect 10 is the really useless addition of religious "drama". I mean, i absolutely agree with Maxxie that religion doesn't mean anything. But this was way too sketchy and out of place considering the rest of the episode.

    Tony is obviously the most screwed up character almost in a literal sense. So his big "scene" in the end wasn't much of a surprise. It was quite funny too.

    All considered, hilarious episode, and shows what the show should be about.
  • Here we learn about the unsung heroes, Anwur and Maxxie.

    In this episode we learn about two characters that we do not know much about. Until this this episode we know that Anwur is a Muslim and Maxxie is a homo sexual, and the two are best friends with each other. What happens in this episode is that the History class which includes all the Skins cast except for Cassie goes on a field trip to Russia. While in Russia, Anwur and Maxxie argue over their friendship, because Muslims aren't meant to like gays. This means that two don't room together. Sid moves into Anwurs where the two notice a hot Russian babe from their window. They both go on a adventure to try and see the Russian girl who flirts with Anwur. Anwur eventually sleeps with the Russian girl, losing his virginity. Maxxie on the other hand has to bunk with Tony, who wants to experiment his sexuality with Maxxie by giving him oral. Unfortunately for Tony, his girlfriend Michelle catches Tony in the act. While all this is happening, Chris who has had a crush on his Psychology teacher, gets to fulfill his dream and sleep with her.
  • "My Little Poney Get Whacked Up Big Time"

    I love this tv series and it just keeps getting better and better. This episode just made me laugh and laugh, the whole trip to Russia was just a great idea. The whole Chris/Teacher thing is just so funny. The producers are not afraid to explore many subjects and the whole gay topic was done well exploring many viewpoints both cultural and religious. All the things they get upto on this school trip and all the drama. Brings back the days of when i was at boarding school and all the crazy stuff that we got up to and all the insane school trips. Cant wait for the next episode.
  • A trip to russia brings comedy and drama.

    Great. This show is brill. All the characters are good in there own way. The tony maxxie thing was weird but funny. Sid and Anwar were great. chris and Angie finally do something, good for that. Michelle is so stupid to not dump tony. Next weeks looks brillant, Michelle punches Tony !!!!
  • Sexual And Religious Politics Written by Ben Schiffer And Simon Amstell Directed by Chris Clough

    First off I missed this on Thursday and have only caught in on YouTube today.

    Maxxie/Tony - We finally get some guy on guy action and it's all down to another headtrip from Tony. Damn that guy needs a gagging order and pretty fast before he offends anyone else for his own amusement. The episode helps dimensionalise Maxxie a bit more than usual and the exploration into his and Anwar's religious beliefs and sexuality is certainly compelling enough but at the same time they both (Anwar especially) shouldn't be bound by old customs in order to remain friends, right?

    Anwar/Russian Girl/Oafish Hubby - Is it me or did Maxxie come off as more interesting in this one than Anwar? Anwar finally got his cherry popped and that was alright and I even liked him for wanting to save his woman but I still thought he behaved badly even after Maxxie tried to save his life. Being Muslim doesn't have to mean being homophobic either.

    Cassie/Abigail - Both girls had legitimate reasons to not feature in these episodes but while I couldn't care less about Abigail, I was a little disappointed that Cassie wasn't mentioned by either Jal or Sid, never mind her not actually appearing in the episode.

    Tom - I was trying to wonder why I never really cared about his character and this episode confirmed why - he's like an embarrassing Dad in every sense possible from his lame and offensive seduction techniques to the pathetic way he tries to speak teen lingo. Just stop it!

    Kenneth - Like Abigail and Tom, Kenneth is another character I couldn't care less about and thanks to this pretty uninspired second feature I will him and Abby getting their own episodes, assuming they do.

    Chris/Angie - I really know I shouldn't but there's a part of me that likes these two together. Chris is so sweet with her and although their relationship is wrong and pretty unhealthy it was the most healthiest one in this episode in all fairness. Angie won't stay away from Chris either.

    Jal/Michelle - The best comedy of the entire episode and an interesting exploration as to why these two are friends. Essnetially as friends go, in a lot of ways both of them are good for the other. The bit with the Russian soldiers was a riot too. And no, Michelle, it's safe to say your boyfriend isn't gay.

    Sid - It felt like the writers bactracked with him this week being a doormat for both Tony and Anwar. I'm hoping the dyanamic really changes next week for him.

    A good effort from Simon Amstell but I think both Maxxie and Anwar were entitled to seperate episode and some of the Russian antics felt a bit too contrived.
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